Astral Pet Store Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Denglongzhu

Sure enough, Su Ping deliberately did not say anything. After a while, the dragon king spirit soul continued to say: "Since Ru waits to promise, then be ready to accept my inheritance test!"

It's majestic, but it's a bit humorous.

At the next moment, Su Ping felt that the space was oscillating. The dragon, which had already turned into a dead bone, seemed to be resurrected. A spine-like dragon column broke out of the ground in front of Su Ping's eyes and slowly rose.

This dragon pillar is extremely large, like a pagoda, with nine sections in total and nine floors.

At the same time, a sound of the Dragon King's soul appeared in Su Ping's mind, letting him know the meaning of this dragon column.

Climb the Dragon Pillar and test your qualifications.

Longzhu has nine quarters, with nine being the extreme number. Climbing to the ninth quarter is regarded as the qualification for inheriting the pre-selection.

However, this is just a qualification. If you want to truly be inherited, you need to complete another test to purify the 109 dragon king scales on the dragon king and restore the dragon soul.

When the dragon king fell, he sealed his own soul in the 109 hardest dragon scales on the body. Each dragon scale was a small land, very huge, and it was polluted by turbid gas. A demon was born. All are defeated in order to purify the dragon scales.

When the dragon scales are all purified, the dragon soul is restored, and those who climbed the ninth dragon column will enter the real place of inheritance and accept the final inheritance test.


After knowing all the inheritance processes, Su Ping had to say that the test of the Dragon King's inheritance was too complicated.

Climbing the Nine Festival Dragon Column is fairly easy, just test the qualifications.

But purifying 109 dragon scales is an extremely tedious and vast project.

Speaking of dragon scales, it is as big as mountains and land, inhabiting all kinds of monsters and beasts, even the existence of king beast level is not lacking. If you want to completely purify, you must at least have the strength of a legendary war pet division.

"According to the system introduction, the dragon king in this heritage is a creature far beyond the king beast. Sure enough, the existence of this level cannot be inherited casually."

Su Ping sighed, but soon relieved.

Even if it can be easily inherited?

This is just an illusion. Even if you are all through customs, you will only get the exercise of inheritance test, and will not get any substantial reward.

In other words, it does not matter whether he passes the test or not, the process is the most important.

"bring it on."

Su Ping rallied, first to climb the nine-section dragon column to see.

There was a hole under the dragon column, and Su Ping led the four beasts into it.

In addition to the small skull, the moon-chasing dog was already terribly trembling, and his mouth full of teeth was received in the mouth, and he did not dare to show a little bit.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is also very afraid. After all, this is the inheritance of the Dragon King. There is a dragon power, and the dragon creature class is strict. Even if the upper dragon beast is a young pet, it can ride on the head of the lower dragon beast. Urine, the latter has no temper.

Ziqing's response was not much better. His body shrank, and he didn't dare to get too far from Su Ping. Relying on the power of the contract, he found a little sense of security in Su Ping.

After entering the dragon column.

Su Ping immediately felt that the surrounding Longwei was heavier, and it seemed that in the dark mound around, the evil dragon was glaring at himself with a head.

The psychological illusion caused by this coercion is extremely easy for people to turn around and run away.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and moved on.

In the Chaos Undead Realm, he has experienced too many things, and has seen too many ancient strong men. Those who exist, just pick out one, which is stronger than the master of this inheritance, this fallen dragon king is stronger than the too. Many times.

So that Su Ping felt almost nothing about Longwei in this heritage.

Go deep.

Su Ping saw a golden dragon suddenly appearing in the darkness, and roared at himself with his teeth open and clawed.

It is powerful and full of momentum.

The proud Inferno Candle Dragon Beast beside Su Ping was suddenly scared with scales all over his body, his body shivering, and a head shrunk under his wings. The short wings covered his head and body tightly, as if he wished to get into the ground.

The moon-chasing dog was even more embarrassed. On the spot, the dog's eyes rolled, and actually... the coma passed!

Ziqing Gun Python is not much better, scared by an excited spirit, the body quickly coiled into a ball, and the snake head is tightly coiled in the body, as if thinking that others would not see it.

Only the small skull, the scarlet color in the eye sockets, was perishable, and his head was tilted, as if blinking, without fear.

Su Ping saw that the three beasts around him were so unbearable and somewhat helpless. This golden dragon was obviously an illusion, and there was no real harm at all. Although the illusion contained a trace of the power of the dragon soul, it was quite like the dragon kings momentum, but also That's all.

In this way, a few small things actually scared paralyzed.

"It's just a flower in the greenhouse..." Su Ping shook his head, and he hadn't experienced any exercise, even the guts of the Lightning Mouse wouldn't be so embarrassed.

Su Ping simply didn't leave, kicking on the dog legs of the moon chaser.

The moon chaser suddenly sobered up, opened his eyes, and saw the grim golden dragon again.

With a thump, his neck crooked, his tongue slipped out of his mouth, and he fainted again.

Su Ping was a little speechless, and he continued to wake him up, and he didn't believe it.

After seven or eight consecutive coma, the moon chasing dog finally had a little ability to bear. When he woke up again, he barely comatose, but the dog's head was pulled down, and the lower eyebrows were lower.

Su Ping released the killing skill to it.

Soon, the moon dog's eyes turned red, roaring at the illusion of the golden dragon.

When the killing intention was over, it woke up, suddenly terrified with its tail retracted under its legs, screaming with its tail, like begging for mercy, the crotch of smelly urine spewed out.

"Promising thing." Su Ping hated that iron was not steel.

He didn't stay any longer because of the bad smell. He continued to go deeper, and saw a small hole in the top of the head at the end.

The structure inside this dragon column is a bit like a bamboo tube, and each layer has a diaphragm bone.

Su Ping put a few beasts along the hole and left the second floor, then he jumped up.

Just entering the second floor, Su Ping felt that the surrounding Longwei was stronger and several times stronger than the first floor. At the same time, there was a sound of learning from the darkness and a slight snoring sound, which seemed to be asleep An extremely scary dragon beast.

"Don't the Dragon Pillar test continue to increase the strength of Longwei?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows, feeling that the first floor did not encounter any danger. So simple, he came to the second floor?

He ignored the sound of snoring and scales, and whether he really had a dragon beast rest, he found the entrance to the third quarter and jumped up again.

As he entered the third floor, Su Ping took only the small skulls, let the other three remain on the second floor, shivered in the shadowy pressure, and exercised their guts.

At the third floor, Su Ping just appeared, and saw a golden dragon rushing towards himself. This golden dragon was relatively thin, and at first glance it was a cub, but it was also more than ten meters long, and looked majestic.

Su Ping thought it was an illusion, but suddenly noticed the energy fluctuations around him, and suddenly felt wrong, and immediately let the small skull fight against it.

When the small skull pulled out his sword, he immediately battled with the golden dragon, and it was difficult to distinguish.

"This is...energy body?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He didn't expect to move from the third floor onwards.

Soon, the small skull cut the golden dragon baby pet back and returned to Su Ping.

"The combat power of the seventh rank or so has such strength in childhood, and it really is a powerful bloodline in the dragon family." Su Ping nodded in his heart and continued to jump to the fourth floor.


Two hours later, Su Ping came out of the dragon column, followed by a few beasts.

"It seems that this inherited dragon column is calculated according to the strength of the entrant." Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, looking back at the dragon column, with his small skull qualification, he could only barely go to ninth in the end Section.

If his strength is improved by one order, the dragon soul strength encountered in the ninth quarter is estimated to be the level of the king beast.

Su Ping analyzed it, and according to the systematic evaluation, the qualification requirements of this dragon king passed down to the ninth section were middle and high.

From the beginning of the chaos to the middle class nowadays.

With the arrogance of this dragon king, it is clear that he will not just want to pick a person who is evaluated as a "middle-class qualification" as his successor.

It can only be said that the middle and upper grades evaluated by this system may have been regarded as a great talent for this declining dragon king, enough to be a great candidate for successor.

This is even true of the Dragon King's eyes, which are far beyond the king beast. Su Ping couldn't imagine, what kind of antagonism should be evaluated as a superb or superb creature in the eyes of the system!

After leaving the dragon column, Su Ping took advantage of the rest of the time and took a few beasts to explore the dragon scale.

The dragon scales are behind the dragon bones. Each dragon scale is extremely huge. There is a small town with different environments. Some are horrible, some are dreaded monsters, some are lava fires, and some are fire monsters. .

The scales of each scale are different from each other, but they are distinct and do not interfere with each other.

Su Ping found that here is not only a place of inheritance, but also a good comprehensive nurturing plane. You can choose different scaled land and cultivate beasts with corresponding attributes in it.

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