Astral Pet Store Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Burst

Red flame dog just ready to jump out of the summoning space, he saw a familiar face in front of him, his pupil shrank, his four claws hurriedly braked, and wanted to retract the space.

But the summoning space is controlled by the master's consciousness, but the red flame dog must not spit out its body and fell to the ground.

Seeing some embarrassed Chiyan dogs playing, Zhang Baoxing was a little embarrassed, and he was also wondering. When his Chiyan dog came to Suping, the reaction was a bit abnormal.

Su Ping glanced lightly at the ground, and a pair of dog eyes looked at his Chiyan dog begging for mercy. When the money had arrived, he had to be responsible for it.

"You should be familiar with the place, go by yourself." Su Ping's voice was conveyed to Chiyan Dog with thoughts.

Chi Yan dog's eyes shed two lines of tears, glanced back at his stupid master with a grudge, dragging his head and slowly walking towards the beast room deep in the shop.

Seeing that his pet was so excited, Zhang Baoxing was also very relieved, and it was indeed worth the money he raised.

"Next." Su Ping said.

The second-ranked teenager was immediately excited to take a step forward and said, "Boss, do you remember me, I have also nurtured before."

Su Ping glanced at him, "I don't remember."

Lu Pengfei was a little embarrassed. He was also a celebrity on the list of combat strengths in the college. He didn't expect to hit a wall here in Su Ping, but he soon didn't care. After all, Su Ping is a senior mentor of the college. The other party doesn't remember him, nor What a shameful thing.

"I nurtured the former Senhua deer." Lu Pengfei smiled.

He raised his hand to summon his own beast. Previously, his forest fantasy deer realized the control skills of the plant department here in Su Ping, which made him rise in the ranks of the college's combat power list, and his fame increased slightly. a lot of.

As soon as Sen Huan Lu appeared, he saw Su Ping's appearance, and immediately screamed. He shrank quickly behind Lu Pengfei and shivered.

Lu Pengfei was stunned. Seeing the appearance of Sen Huanlu, he was obviously afraid of shrinking.

However, he thinks it is normal. It must be Su Ping's cultivation method. It is a bit strict and makes Sen Huanlu suffer a little bit. But it is also because of this that he can realize the potential of Sen Huanlu and make it so excellent.

"Be good, don't be afraid." Lu Pengfei raised his hand and stroked, appeasing his beast.

Its okay to be bitter. How can you not be bitter if you want to become stronger?

Sen Huan Lu rushed to Lu Pengfei and seemed to be complaining, but he couldn't speak, and could only express anxiety and fear.

Lu Pengfei understood very well and continued to appease.

Su Ping saw that he had been delaying for a long time, and he glanced at Na Sen Huan Lu with another meaningful look.

Sen Huanlu also wanted to continue to persuade his master to leave this devil's cave, but when he saw Su Ping's gaze, his body suddenly shivered, and he came down honestly, only in the eyes of a pair of deer, revealing a bit of gray despair.

"Go inside and find a place." Su Ping said indifferently.

Sen Huan stunned his head, and slowly walked towards the beast room.

Seeing it finally settled down, Lu Pengfei was relieved in his heart, and cast an apologetic look at the people who were queuing behind, and immediately gave Su Ping money and let it aside.

Next is the third, fourth...

Most of the beasts who keep repeating themselves are scared when they see Su Ping. After all, Su Ping's cultivation methods have made them too impressed.

Those pets that were sent to the Suping shop for the first time are very novel and curious about everything around them, looking around.

The team lined up by the tree beside the roadside. When Su Ping charged the beast, a figure approached sneakily. It was Su Lingyue.

Seeing the long queue in the store, she doubted whether her eyes were wrong. She repeatedly looked at the little naughty signs on the store and confirmed that it was true, only to find that it was really her own store.

When did the business in the store become so popular?

Soon, she discovered that all those who came to the Suping shop were classmates from their college.

Thinking of what Su Ping taught yesterday, Su Lingyue had a trace in his eyes. Most of them were famous for teaching Su Ping, which attracted these people.

"Huh, isn't this Su Lingyue?"

When Su Lingyue's probe looked into the store, the students standing in line also recognized the sneaky figure, which was a little surprised.

After all, Su Lingyue is a first-year champion in the academy, and his reputation is quite high, and it is not surprising that he is recognized.

Su Lingyue was startled when she heard her classmates calling her name, and her hair was almost upright. She hurriedly compared to a shushing gesture. When she recovered, she felt embarrassed.

She coughed slightly, and took a straight posture, just as she was cold and arrogant when she was in the college, deliberately lowering her voice, and said indifferently: "I'm passing here, just take a look, what are you doing?"

"Don't you know?" A female student was surprised and said, "This is the pet shop opened by Master Su. I heard that Master Tu will also cultivate beasts. The lightning mouse of our classmate Su Yanying in our college is heard from here. Cultivated."

"Thunder Mouse? Breed?"

Su Lingyu was shocked.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping actually got involved with Lei Guangshu.

Suddenly, she thought of Su Ping and her mother who had previously acted like a spoiler and wanted to buy a thunder light mouse.

With a bang, her cheeks were flushed, feeling hot, and at the same time, she looked at the store fiercely and saw Su Ping who was charging. She was very hated. This guy must have been watching his own joke before!

However, after she was irritated, she also recovered, and the performance of the Lightning Mouse was extraordinary. How could it be possible to cultivate such a half-hanger like Su Ping, even if it was a mother who obtained the qualification certificate of a trainer.

"Did you make a mistake?" Su Lingyue questioned.

The girl shook her head and said, "Shouldn't you? Didn't you see that Lu Pengfei had also come in front? I heard that he had come several times."

"Lu Pengfei?" Su Lingyue glanced toward the front, a little impressed with the name, is a senior in the senior class, and has a bit of a place on the combat power list.

"Yeah, a lot of people have been here before, and if it doesn't work, they will definitely not come again." Another male student also said that they came in the first place, and they came in relatively backward. late.

Su Lingyue is a little strange. It is already incredible that Su Ping can become a senior mentor in their college. It is absolutely unbelievable to say that Su Ping can still be nurtured.

"I heard that there are top nurturing masters in Su's shop," said another boy.

Su Lingyue's eyes widened, and the top cultivation masters sat in their own stores?

Why doesn't she know?

Moreover, what can their family use to attract top nurturing masters?

She glanced at the probe in the store, full of doubts. If there is no top nurturing master sitting in the town, then the thing about the Lightning Mouse is fake, but if there is, it makes no sense.

She suddenly realized that she hadn't paid attention to her waste wood brother for a long time, and she didn't know him well.

"Student Su, would you like to line up, I'll let you." A boy came up and talked with a smile of self-confidence.

Su Lingyue glanced at her and shook her head, "No more."

After that, she was a few steps away from the long line, so that Su Ping would not look up inadvertently and saw her.

Time passed quickly, and in a flash, the long line shrank by more than half.

However, while the number of people continued to decrease, new trainees also came one after another. Today is the weekend, many trainees have their own rest, and some have time.

Su Lingyue stood under the tree on the side of the store door and looked directly at the situation inside. When she saw the endless stream of customers, she was a little excited in addition to being curious.

Thinking of so many customers, she should be able to make tens of thousands a day, and she was a little excited in her heart.

Soon, among the students behind, Su Lingyue saw some familiar faces, and Su Yanying, who was on the same stage as Su Ping in the exhibition game, also came.

The appearance of Su Yanying also made the atmosphere on the spot boiling. Some students who heard the rumor had a feeling that the rumor was confirmed when they saw Su Yanying's kiss, and their eyes were more eager and expectant.

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