Astral Pet Store Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Its Owner Is A Genius

The whole audience was in an uproar!

Zhang Xiao actually lost two games in a row!

What's more, Zhang Xiao sent out the precious beasts such as the magic dragon dog and the rock rhinoceros. One need not say much about a king's blood, and the other is a moderately beast with similar attributes. It is the fourth-order strength from adulthood!

These two beasts were actually defeated by a cheap low-level thunderbolt rat!

"That's the Thunder system's favorite skill, is it the afterimage of Lei Ying?"

"My God, can a thunder-light mouse actually use such advanced pet skills?"

"It's terrible, it's a rat king!"

Many students at the scene recognized the "Lei Ying's afterimage", which inevitably shocked them.

"Won again..."

Looking at the Leiguang mouse who was bouncing back and forth, Su Yanying suddenly seemed like a dream, all this was too unreal.


Zhang Xiao was extremely embarrassed when he heard the exclamation of the audience.

If it is said that he is belittle the enemy in the first game, then the rock rhinoceros sent by the attribute in the second game is still defeated.

It's so ugly that a thunder-light rat is crushed by him!

"If it weren't for the Starry Sky Yero Beast, it wasn't brought, and it would never be the case today!" Zhang Xiao looked cold and stared at Su Yanying in the distance, making him lose such a big face. Qiu he remembered!

"Next, please send the third game of the beast."

The referee announced aloud that after looking at the thunder mouse in Su Yanying's arms, this little thing was so amazing, the talent was so jealous, if there were no accidents, the two major pet skills were enough to crush the low-level pets Beast.

"Humph!" Zhang Xiao snorted coldly and turned to step down without sending his third beast.

He admits defeat.

Although he also has a pet that is stronger than the dragon dog, as the trump card in the preliminary round, the gap with the dragon dog is not big.

Moreover, he has no way to solve the "Lei Ying afterimage" of the Lightning Mouse for the time being.

He still has many opponents, and losing this point is not a big problem for him to pass the preliminary round. There is no need to fight to the end now, as a waystone for others.

As Zhang Xiao left the court, there was a burst of cheers.

It's just that there is more coquettishness in the cheers.

Everyone didn't expect that they would cheer for a low-cost thunder mouse in such a solemn and magnificent game. In addition to being amazed, it was a bit funny.


Su Yanying saw Zhang Xiao's back view and was startled, and the audience's warm cheers told her that all this was true.

she was

Nothing was done, so I won.

It was by lying in the arms that the Lightning Mouse that originally intended to break the contract lay and won.

"Lei Duan, Lei Ying's afterimage..." Su Yanying looked at the Leiguang rat rubbing in his arms, feeling too fantasy, so powerful and daunting, it appeared on a Leiguang rat at the same time. .

Why didn't you realize that it has such a high fighting talent?

It was just sent out for foster care for a while, and now it's like changing a person. No, it should be a mouse.

Thinking of fostering, Su Yanying suddenly stunned, the confusion in her eyes disappeared. If you think about it, is it all related to the pet shop she fostered?

However, that is just a very common pet shop, is it unlikely?


"It's an eye-opener today!"

"Yeah, let us see a magical battle."

On the audience leader's seat, several powerful figures stared at the ending battle, their faces full of amazement and smiles.

"I heard some stories before, I heard that some low-level beasts are extremely talented, they have realized extremely rare pet skills, and even beat the high-level beasts. I always thought that this was just a nonsense. I didnt expect it to actually exist. This possibility..." exclaimed the burly figure.

The woman with red hair next to her nodded and said, "This Leiguang mouse has two great pet skills. It is no coincidence. It should be trained by its owner. I can only say that its owner is a genius!"

"Is that the girl over there? Hehe, interesting, confident enough to even give the basic increase of the Lightning Mouse, it seems that we may not have seen the true strength of this Lightning Mouse."

"Haha, you think too much, but it's not easy to train a low-level thunder rat to this level. I'm curious. She has the skill, why not train other high-end pets, is there anything in it? The strange reason?"

"Deputy Dong, this little girl has to pay attention."

"That's natural. Such talents will never be missed by our school!"



It's getting late.

Taohuaxi Street, a little naughty pet shop.

When Su Ping woke up again, the sky outside was completely dark, and he fell asleep directly into the night.

After getting up and turning on the light, the incandescent light was dazzling. Su Ping blocked it for a while before gradually squinting to adapt, and then he felt his stomach growling.

He just remembered that he hadn't eaten lunch yet.

However, besides being hungry, Su Ping felt that his energy was back and he was full of energy.

I looked at the time, it was already over ten o'clock in the evening, and it was time to close the store as usual.

Of course, this is not the case with other beast shops. Some shops even operate overnight, and two people take turns to replace them, but these are good businesses, and where the former Su Ping was willing to stay in this small shop Stop work early and go home to play games comfortably.

When Su Ping first arrived, it was naturally not bad for the original owners rules, let alone panic. "

Find the key, turn off the lights, lock the door, all in one go.

Su Ping rode his bicycle and headed north.

Half an hour later, Su Ping returned to his home.

"came back."

Mother Li Qingru was sitting in the living room watching TV, saw Su Ping who opened the door and changed shoes, immediately put the TV sound down, turned around and asked, "How is the business in the store today?"

Su Ping looked at her, apparently concerned.

"Okay..." Su Ping vaguely said that he couldn't say he slept all afternoon.

"Come on, don't be discouraged. As long as you take care of the beasts of every guest, there will naturally be more and more favorable reviews, and the business will gradually get better."

Li Qingru was afraid of his frustration and taught him while comforting. After Su Ping put on his shoes and entered the living room, he stood up and said, "Hungry, I'll go to give you hot dishes first, or wait for your sister to come back and eat together?"

"She hasn't returned yet?" Su Ping was surprised.

In the past, Su Lingyue had already had a good meal at home.

"You forgot, your sister has a game in the college today, so she will come back later." Li Qingru was a little bit angry. She also knew about the relationship between the brother and sister, which was both helpless and a headache.

The child is too old to take.


Su Ping showed little interest and said, "I'm hungry, let's eat first."

Although he wanted to reconcile with his sister, he could not be too wronged. He was hungry and had to eat before talking, and he felt that even if he waited for the other person to come back and eat together, the other party might not appreciate it.

"Mom, I'm back."

Unexpectedly, as soon as Su Ping's voice fell, the door was opened, and Su Lingyue walked in. She glared at Su Ping, and apparently Su Ping's words were heard by her.

After putting on her shoes, she went directly to the living room and met Su Ping standing in the aisle. She rolled her eyes and said, "Blink!"

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