Astral Pet Store Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Suppress

Not waiting for Su Ping to raise his hand to block, just about to touch the sharp claws on Su Ping's shoulder, suddenly clicked, bent and broken!

At the same time, the body of the Wing King Beast slammed and planted **** the ground, lying in front of the Su plane. His body was suppressed by an indescribable terrorist force and could not move.

The Wing King Beast did not struggle and resist. The brutal bloodthirsty color in his eyes was long gone. A pair of dark golden pupils looked at Su Ping in horror.

In its eyes, Su Ping at this moment seemed to hold up the gods and spirits, and he couldn't reach it. The horror from his body made it almost collapse, the five internal organs tremble, and he was going crazy!

Soon, on the Wing King Beast, there was an unpleasant stench, and it was actually incontinence!

This sudden change made the youth and many students behind stunned.

Seeing the wing king beast trembling like a chaff on the ground, the youth and many students widened their eyes in amazement.

Was the majestic Winged King Beast a moment ago, trembling in front of Su Plane in a blink of an eye?

And the **** is still scared?

They have not seen Su Ping shot!

If it were not for the fierce appearance of this winged king beast, they all suspected that this was a premeditated touch porcelain!

Su Ping's eyes flashed with surprise, but in a flash, he realized that it was the system's hand.

In this shop, any attempt to attack his presence will be suppressed by the system.

Before that, Fan Yujing spoke badly to him and shot at random, but his arm was broken.

The Wing King Beast at this moment is even more miserable, because it is bloodthirsty and killing intention, not only the claws are scrapped, but also suppressed.

The horror breath that enveloped the Wing King Beast can only be sensed by Su Ping and Wing King Beast. This is a breath of **** and demon.

Seeing this unbearable appearance of the Winged King Beast, Su Ping estimates that even if it is not scared, it will leave a huge psychological shadow.

The young man looked at his Wing King Beast incredulously. The latter's brutal and brutal, he knew best, even he had a headache to domesticate. But I didn't expect that this unbelievable wing king beast would have such an embarrassing time.

Through the consciousness transmitted through the contract, the youth felt only deep fear.

This fear was so strong that even he was about to be infected, raising awe and fear for Su Ping.

How is this going?

He was a little ignorant.

The claws of the Wing King Beast are broken inexplicably, and inexplicably in fear.

From beginning to end, he never saw Su Ping shot.

Or does Su Ping's shooting speed exceed his visual capture?

Thinking of this, he felt even more incredible.

The Su Ping in front of me, it seems to be about twenty. It is already very difficult to defeat his Wing King Beast at this age. It can be defeated in an instant, and he can't see the speed of his shot?

What kind of strength should this be? !

After being shocked, many students in the back also turned to look at Su Ping's eyes, full of shock.

This is the strength of the higher mentor?

Instantly defeated the Winged King Beast, without any shot, let this fierce beast prostrate and tremble!

Such a strength cannot be achieved by even a high-level professional pet master!

To say that Su Ping is an eighth-order master of war pets... An eighteen-year-old master of war pets? ! !

Through the resume of the college's official website, they knew Su Ping's age, and they felt even more incredible.

Too young and terrifying!

Facing the many customers who became silent for a moment, Su Ping recovered from his thoughts and glanced at the trembling wing king beast on the ground. From the intense fear, he knew that the other party had been scared.

He asked the system in his heart, "How to deal with this?"

The system said indifferently: "If you read the first offense, you will be slightly punished. Since the guest has paid, please host to continue to cultivate."

Su Ping understood that, bent over to grab the wings of the Wing King Beast on the ground, and dragged it to the beast room in the shop.

The young man saw that Su Ping had started his own beast again, opened his mouth, and wanted to say something, but the words came to a halt, and when he wanted to speak again, Su Ping's back had entered the back of the shop.

After throwing the Wing King Beast into the cultivation space, Su Ping returned to the store.

Seeing Su Ping coming out again, the youth quickly asked: "Old, boss, what's wrong with my Wing King Beast?"

Su Ping gave him a strange look, "Isn't it to be cultivated, of course, it is stored first, and I will cultivate it for you."

"Ah? Uh?"

The youth was stunned, but Su Ping would continue to cultivate. The Winged King Beast offended Su Ping and was also severely educated.

In the face of this young shopkeeper, he dared not be as casual as before. Su Ping alone did not speak a word and his body did not move, so he suppressed the Wing King Beast. He knew that the latter was an extremely terrible powerhouse.

At this age, he has such strength. This genius is not something he can easily provoke.

"I have offended many people before, I hope the boss will forgive me." The youth immediately apologized.

Su Ping didn't think he offended himself, it was his beast, he did not intend it, otherwise the system would have suppressed him, "Nothing, you don't have to worry about anything, just a slight punishment, etc. After nurturing, it will be returned to you."

The youth was relieved and quickly said: "Then thank the boss."

Su Ping waved his hand and said, "There are other services, don't let it go."

The youth was stunned for a moment, a little dumb, and immediately retreated aside.

His eyes peeked deep into the shop, but the door was closed and nothing could be seen. He was a little curious in his heart, but he didnt dare to step forward and look at this shabby little shop, which was not in his eyes at the moment. It is dangerous in Tiger Cave of Longtan.

"Boss, then I'll go first." The youth saw no useful information and was polite to Su Ping.

Su Ping said "Oh" and ignored it. He was busy recording the name and contact information of the customer behind the other party.

The young man smiled bitterly and said nothing more. He turned and walked away quickly. When he walked to a distant street, he looked back at this place again and wrote down the name of the pet shop.


A strange beast shop with a scary young boss.

He secretly labeled him and turned away.

"Mr. Su, you are so amazing!"

"The fifth-order wing king beast, this is the beast of the ninth-order bloodline, very proud, actually said that the second kill is the second kill, I didn't see you shot!"

"Yeah, this winged king beast is scared and paralyzed."

After the youth left, many of the trainees in the back recovered and their eyes glowed with excitement. Before they heard the rumors, they still had some unbelief. They felt that Su Ping was just a beast, and most of them were from a large consortium.

But unexpectedly, Su Ping's own strength is even more terrifying.

The traces of feces and urine on the ground are still there. Although the smell is unpleasant, it also stimulates many students.

At the same age, Su Ping could suppress the Wing King Beast without moving, but they didn't even have the courage to fight the Wing King Beast. This gap is too big!

Under the tree outside the shop.

Su Lingyue was secretly staring at this scene while standing in the shadow. She was almost scared and screamed when the Wing King Beast shot. It was not that she was afraid of the Wing King Beasts power, but she did not dare to see the Wing King Beast being seriously injured. Su Ping.

But the reversal in the back made her unbelievable.

This is Su Ping's strength?

This is the fighting power this guy has been hiding? !

Her face changed, and she felt that it was too unreal.

She knew that Su Ping might be very strong. After all, she was mixed with the senior mentor of the college, but she didn't expect that she still underestimated Su Ping. Such strength, even without borrowing the power of the beast, far exceeded her.

Such a strong Su Ping cannot be cultivated overnight.

It can be seen that Su Ping woke up very early.

But he hasn't shown it, and has been letting her play tricks and bullying...

Suddenly her eyes were slightly reddish, her silver teeth clenched her lower lip, a complex and unspeakable feeling that made her throat tighten, and there was an indescribable feeling.


Huh, something was delayed, a little later, make up for tomorrow tomorrow~~

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