Astral Pet Store Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Longjiang First Handsome


Su Ping counted the last 0s, which was a little surprising. The price was quite good, and the requirements were not high. It was just a seventh-order advanced war pet master.

There is also an expert column above, all of which are eighth-order masters of war pets, with a prominent status.

The avatars of these master pets are all shiny silver, which is very conspicuous.

Their guidance cost has also doubled, with a minimum of 350,000 an hour and a high of over 400,000.

Su Ping casually clicked into several avatars, which contained some of their prominent deeds, as well as the number of times of guidance, and a record of the effectiveness of guidance.

After reading a few, Su Ping found that except for some prominent deeds and some scares, the guidance effect seems to be the same. This seems to be...I can do it if I go up?

Su Ping was a little tempted.

At this time, he saw the top faculty hall of fame.

He clicked in and saw that it was all a ninth-level title war pet master!

Their avatars are all golden borders, extremely shining!

In total... 12 titled pet masters!

Su Ping looked at their guidance costs and suddenly opened his mouth.

The minimum is a million start!

Moreover, the guidance of these titled pet masters is not calculated by the hour, but by the number of times.

One million at a time!

This money is too good to earn? !

Su Ping's mind quickly calculated it, and guided it dozens of times...it was tens of millions!

He immediately clicked in to check the details of these titled war pet masters. Soon, he found that most of the times of guidance of these title war pet masters were about one hundred times, and most of them were only a few hundred times.

One hundred times is one hundred million!

Hundreds of times is hundreds of millions!

Su Ping is a little amazed, but when I think about it, hundreds of millions of dollars sound a lot, but for this top character after the legendary war pet master, maybe it is just a little money.

After all, these title warlords respect the status and have a vast network of people. Not only are they strong enough, but they also use the strength of their own strengths to attract connections, run businesses, and some start large companies. Every day lying down is a lot of income.

As Su Ping knows, the richest man in the base city of Longjiang has a personal worth of 40 billion to 50 billion yuan, and the other party is a title war pet master.

Such a person is obviously not among the family teachers in front of him.

Su Ping looked at the guidance effect of these ninth-order title war pet masters and found that they were all OK.

Most of the instructions can make people understand, such as combat breakthroughs, or their own star power is improved, and some will also point out the fighting style of the beast to improve the fighting ability of the beast.

"It seems that I can do this kind of guidance..." Su Ping looked at the guidance effect of seven or eight titled pet masters, and by comparison, I felt that I could do it.

Thinking of this, he immediately registered as a tutor.

There are three levels of home teacher registration, seven, eight and nine.

Those below level 7 cannot register.

On the registration form, also fill in the tutor qualification number.

Su Ping did not expect that it would be so troublesome to register a personal tutor, but fortunately he had a mentor qualification certificate, which was handled by Dong Mingsong for him.

Su Ping took out his higher mentor's qualification certificate, and there was a serial number engraved by the war guidance education bureau. He quickly entered it, and then picked a nickname that suits his actual situation, then chose a good gender, handsome man... and finally chose Registered a ninth-order title war pet tutor.

In this way, he will be able to collect money at the charge level of the ninth-rank title pet master.

When the registration is completed, a prompt and explanation pops up again, which roughly means to remind the registrant to choose the level that matches his real strength. If he chooses a level higher than his own strength, the registration will be canceled when the website is reviewed. And never hired.

Currently, Su Ping is still under review.

However, he can also take orders during the audit period, but Su Ping will be severely punished if he is complained of by customers.

If it is fraudulent on the level of the tutor, not only will Su Ping's registered identity be cancelled, but also the Education Bureau will be contacted to cancel Su Ping's tutor status and be included in the black list of the Education Bureau.

Once the tutor status is cancelled, Su Ping will be unable to serve as a tutor at Fengshan College.

Even all colleges in the base city of Longjiang are not allowed to be mentors.

Such severe punishment also makes ordinary teachers and teachers dare not choose randomly.

Su Ping didn't care much about the punishment, he didn't care about his mentor status, and he felt that he wouldn't get bad reviews if he taught. After all, he also measured that the effects of his teaching should not be inferior to those. Titled the pet master.

As long as the effect is the same, does it really matter if you are the title warlord?

After the registration is completed, Su Ping enters the recruited student area and selects the students who are suitable for his teaching.

He is currently best at undead pets, other beasts, his opinions are relatively weak, and I dont intend to touch them for the time being, so as not to mistake children.


Xu Kuang was sitting in front of the computer in his room and was looking for his own home tutor online.

Soon it will be the Elite League, and he has recently stepped up to exercise for the final sprint.

Today is the weekend, the college is on holiday. For those scumbags, it is naturally worth cheering, but for him, it is a little bitter.

"There are really few mentors who can teach the undead department." Xu Kuang turned around and found no mentor who was good at the undead department. He frowned, and the few main beasts in his hand were all from the undead department.

Although these beasts look a bit miserable, their fighting power is extremely powerful.

He will cultivate this unpopular beast, not a mental illness... but purely feel that this alternative beast is cool to use!


Another advantage of using this unpopular beast is that the general war pets have limited knowledge of them. Once they play, they will lose a lot because they are not familiar with their skills!

However, the process of cultivating undead beasts is quite difficult and sad.

Repelled by the surrounding students, despised by the girls in the college, even the tutors in the class looked at him with a vague look.

If this is said, he doesn't care, and he doesn't bother to care, but what makes him unbearable most is that the knowledge of the undead beast is like the gold in the desert, all relying on scouring.

The instructor in the college has very limited teaching, and each time he consults alone, he can dig out some.

After all, the tutor is also reluctant to make a special lecture in the class, what organs and organs some undead pets like to eat, how to cultivate **** pictures.

Xu Kuang searched for a long time, and finally found among many expert mentors, a few expert mentors were involved in the pets of the undead.

For the time being, he took down the names of these experts, and when he turned around, he didn't find any better ones, and then he picked them.

"Ding Dong."

When Xu Kuang looked for a mentor with a gloomy face, suddenly a prompt appeared in a website chat window. He glanced down and said: "[Longjiang No. 1] titled mentor sent a message to you."

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