Astral Pet Store Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Su Ping's Dragon Roar

"Xu Kuang, who is this next to you?"

The girl who was drinking juice saw Su Ping behind Xu Kuang and asked in surprise.

Several of them are from the Ares College, and they happen to live in the same community, which is relatively familiar.

The two young people also noticed Su Ping at this time. His eyes moved slightly. The age of Su Ping was about the same as them. Could it be that they were new residents and classmates of the Ares College?

Seeing them mentioning Su Ping, Xu Kuang's face was slightly unnatural. He couldn't always say that Su Ping was the tutor he found online.

If this is said, there will be no need to confuse it afterwards, and it will not be laughed at when it reaches the college.

"It's a friend of mine, come and play." Xu Kuang vaguely scorned the past. As for the threat of Su Ping, he didn't mention it. He found a peer tutor and was beaten by others. This is even more shameful.


Hearing that it was not a newly moved tenant, several people also showed no interest in Su Ping and paid less attention to him.

There is also a small circle between them. To enter their circle, you must have at least the corresponding strength and background.

"You rest first, I will practice with my friends." Xu Kuang didn't want to stay longer, said casually.

"it is good."

"Go back to you again."

Several people should be together and continue to talk about the previous thing.

Seeing Xu Kuang was quite interesting, Su Ping was not satisfied with nonsense and was quite satisfied. He came to a battlefield with him.

This is a comprehensive battlefield with pools, small lava belts, grass forests, etc. It is suitable for most pets to exercise and fight.

After Xu Ping came in, he turned and inserted the card into the metal groove behind the door, entered the password, and closed the venue.

Then he walked straight towards the center of the field, summoning his beast while walking.

After several main beasts were summoned to his side, he also returned a lot of security in his heart, turned around, he looked somber, said to Su Ping at the door: "Aren't you saying you want to teach me, now teach me Look?"

Seeing his hatred all over his face, Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, "Not convinced?"

Xu Kuang didn't talk nonsense to Su Ping anymore, snarled, his thoughts passed on to several beasts, and attacked Su Ping!

Although previously suppressed by Su Ping's physical skill, it is not uncommon to be good at physical skill, knowing that pet beast fighting is king, after all, they are called war pet masters, not physical masters.


The first one to rush to Su Ping was the Soul Eater, which had grown to Tier 5. This is a pet of spiritual attack, eating devoured soul, and the appearance is a gray mist, but a variety of sadness came from the mist. Screaming, numbing scalp.

This strange and terrifying appearance is enough to deter many people.

After the Soul Eater, it is a swamp corpse beast, this is a pet of the sixth-order bloodline, but now it is close to the peak, and its strength is the fifth-order upper rank!

The swamp corpse-beast looks even more terrible, covered with something like rotten mud, but it is not real mud, but a part of the body's organization. At the moment, it is rapidly crawling on the ground, the body is like a huge humanoid, but yet There are some monsters.

On the ground where the limbs of corpses crawling in the swamp leave a foul-smelling stain, this is why the undead pets are disgusting.

Two fifth-order pet beasts attack at the same time, and one stays beside Xu Kuang to watch.

"Let you be arrogant!" Xu Kuang's eyes flashed with fierce killing intentions. Although he didn't intend to actually kill Su Ping, the heart in his heart that exuded murderous intentions was about to move.

Frequent contact with undead pets is impossible if it is not affected.

His emotional ups and downs are more intense than ordinary people.

Su Ping raised her eyebrows slightly when she saw the two cute little ones pounced on Zhang Yawu claws.

He shook his head and said: "The soul eater is good at mental attack, but you let it rush in front. At its current level, the high-intensity range of the spiritual attack is 50 meters. Just stay beside you and you The object of protection should be focused on. Are you planning to make it threaten your opponent at any risk?"

As he shook his head, Su Ping looked at the swamp corpse beast that caught his eyes, and couldnt help but sigh, "Its name shows its suitable combat environment. Even if there is no swamp, you shouldnt send it to attack on the sand, the ground The dry and hard gravel will seriously slow down its movement speed.

Moreover, countless beard tissues under its abdomen and under its limbs and claws will be destroyed by dry sand, which is a huge damage to it. "

While speaking, his body shook slightly, avoiding the swamping of the swamp corpse's tongue and claws.

Seeing the marsh crawling corpse continue to chase over, he was helpless, raised his hand, grabbed its slender arm covered with sludge tissue, his body turned, a powerful war body strength erupted in his arms, will be four or five The swamp reptile of the length of a meter was thrown out.

But his purpose of throwing out was not to attack, but toss it in a pool and let him rest.

At the same time, the Soul Eater enveloped Su Ping's body, and the sounds of countless ghosts crying and wolfing were enough to frighten the average person, especially the effect on girls was +1000%.


Su Ping's throat became slightly thicker, and suddenly opened his mouth.

A roar of Long Yin roared from his mouth!

This is not simply a roar, it contains star power, it is a sonic attack, and it also has the effect of several deterrents.

The fog of the Soul Eater's whole body rolled violently and fluctuated like waves. The body instantly left Su Ping and retracted a dozen meters. The ghostly crying wolf howling in the fog was also a lot quieter. It seemed to be frightened.

In the place where the dragon king inherited and cultivated, Su Ping always heard the dragon soul roaring, and even the moon chasers learned Long Yin, and he was naturally no exception.

Although it is difficult to issue a real dragon yin with the structure of a human throat, Su Ping tried to adjust and reform the throat with star power in the cultivation place.

Later, I found a way to do it, just fine-tune the throat knot, and it was effortless.

The throat of a general pet strategist is difficult to handle, but he cultivates gods and monsters, and his physical quality is not inferior to that of ordinary dragons and beasts. The strength of the throat is naturally the same.

This roar not only frightened the Soul Eater, but Xu Kuang in the distance also rounded his eyes in amazement.

What did he hear?

Long Yin growl?

A human actually roared like dragons and beasts? !

"It's time to stop playing." Su Pingzhen frowned slightly, and said to Xu Kuang in the distance.

At the same time, he also walked towards the other party.

Xu Kuang came back and saw Su Ping approaching, and his terrifying cold eyes flashed in his head, his hair was standing upright, only to feel a little regret, he should not lock the door of the venue, in case Su parallel murderous, he There is no escape.

"I, I'm wrong." Xu Kuang shivered.

He was full of killing intent, and he was already sober in cold water.

Su Ping didn't use beasts, but by his own power, he subdued his two undead pets. This kind of terror combat power can only be achieved by at least the advanced war pet master.

Although it is unbelievable that such a young man will become a master of advanced warfare, he dare not provoke Su Ping again.

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