Astral Pet Store Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Peer

Su Ping left the Shangcheng District in a taxi.

The driver would only send him to the border of Shangcheng District, and refused to enter the civilian area. Suping could only transfer another taxi.

He did not expect it to be difficult to enter the city, and so difficult to get out of the city.

Instead of going directly home, Su Ping went back to the shop first.

Nowadays, there is a lot of nurturing business accumulated in the store. If you have time, Su Ping must cultivate it quickly.

He even considered whether he would say hello to his family and sleep in the store directly?

If you use the shadow avatar to cultivate one night in the store, you can cultivate more than ten batches of beasts. When these beasts are nurtured, they will make room for more business.

Today, being a tutor back and forth was delayed for four or five hours. Su Ping thought it was heartbroken and regretful. At this time, he was able to cultivate another four or five batches of beasts, earning no less money than tutoring.

Moreover, the money can be turned into energy.

"It seems that the matter of being a tutor must be considered again." Su Ping secretly said.

After the cultivation of the Shadow Doppelganger started, Su Ping left the shop and rode home.

Just after arriving at home, Su Ping saw his mother sitting and watching TV, while waiting for herself.

"I'm back?" Li Qingru saw Su Ping and lost interest in continuing to watch TV. "I'll give you hot dishes."

Su Ping yelled and went to wash his hands.

When he sat at the table and waited for dinner, footsteps came from the stairs, Su Lingyue walked down with a tea cup, and seemed to be pouring water downstairs.

Su Lingyue glanced at Su Ping on the dining table and walked over with her tea cup on her own. She said, "Is it good to come back so late every day? Is the store a good business?"

Su Ping also replied casually, "Alright."

The corner of Su Lingyue's mouth is slightly pulled, is it okay? If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes today, she wouldn't believe what Su Ping said.

She glanced at Su Ping again. At 7pm, Su Ping left the store. She rode a battery car to chase. As a result, the taxi that Su Ping sat in directly entered Shangcheng District.

She did not have a residence permit for Shangcheng District, and did not carry any money on her body. She was stopped at the security check and could only go home in despair.

And now it's so late, Su Ping just came back, why did he go so long in the middle?

She was curious like a cat scratching her heart, but couldn't show it. After thinking about it, she said indifferently: "How much did you earn in the store today?"

Su Ping raised her eyebrows and looked at her strangely. Normally this guy never asks about things in the store. What is his crooked mind today?

"Not much, so just click on it." Su Ping perfunctory.


Su Lingyue was furious.

Today the people who lined up broke the threshold, and Su Ping actually said he didn't make much money?

Does he want to swallow?

The tooth sockets on both sides of Su Lingyue's cheeks were slightly clenched, and the cup handle in her hand was also under a sudden increase of force. Her surface was still very calm, and she said indifferently: "Yeah, I happen to be free tomorrow. Lets go to the store together."

"Are you free?" Su Ping froze for a moment, only to think that today is the weekend.

No wonder the business is so good.

Suddenly in his heart, he glanced at the old lady and suddenly noticed the clue. This guy... wouldn't he go to the store today?

Otherwise, how could she suddenly care about the income of the store?

Thinking of this possibility, Su Ping quickly determined, but he was not nervous and said indifferently: "Follow you."

The business of the store and how much he earns are his own. It is the result of the system working with him. The money earned goes into his pockets. He doesnt feel ashamed of his family. Even if he is known by Su Lingyue He has nothing to worry about the real income of the store.

Money is earned.

Its all his own.


Seeing that Su Ping looked fearless, Su Lingyu was stunned, and he was even more anxious. This guy didn't even get in.

However, she really couldn't help Su Ping. After all, the shop was handed over to Su Ping, and it was Su Ping's credit to earn the money. Of course, it was Su Ping's loss at a loss.

It seems that this matter should be told to mom?

Thinking of this, she dismissed the idea again.

During the day, Su Ping suppressed the winged king beast in the store, and was mixed with the status of senior mentor in their college... Such strength cannot be cultivated in vain, but accumulated by money!

Most of Su Ping's money was used to enhance his own strength.

It also counts in the right way.

"Could it be said that the purgatory candle dragon beast was also bought by him for his own money?"

The thought came to my mind, and Su Lingyue was startled. What level of dragon pet of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast could not be bought with money, not to mention that even if it was sold, it was also sky-high. The income of the store, even if you earn a hundred years, may not be able to buy the purgatory candle dragon beast.

She looked at Su Ping, feeling that there was a lot of secrets hidden in this guy, even she felt a little strange.

At this time, Li Qingru brought meals.

Seeing that Su Lingyue was also there, he said, "How come you have gone downstairs."

"I'll pour boiling water." Su Lingyue said casually.

"Is there a bottle of boiling water in your room?"


Su Lingyue did not expect that Su Ping defeated herself, but his mother.

Yu Guang sensed the abominable glare projected from the side. She turned her head and snorted, saying, "I drank the boiling water in the room." After that, she didn't continue to sit and rose upstairs.

Li Qingru wondered: "Drink it? But I just gave you a full bottle."


Boom Boom Boom!

Su Lingyue went upstairs faster!

Su Ping saw the other person's fleeing back and suddenly knew that his shop had been known by the other party, but Su Ping did not know. Su Lingyue only knew that his business was good, but he did not know the true income of the store.

Shaking his head, Su Ping was too lazy to think about it. It didn't matter whether he knew it or not, he had no plans to hide anything, and it was difficult to hide it.

There are still a lot of meals left today. Su Pingfei almost finished eating, and greeted his mother and went upstairs.

Entering his room, Su Ping lay down and practiced as always.

"Recently, I have to consider the task of professional cultivation. Am I cultivating in the middle plane, or... I'm going to take it out and cultivate in the top plane?" Su Ping thought while practicing.

Cultivating in the middle plane saves money, but it takes time and has to be cultivated many times to meet the requirements.

Cultivating in the top plane is costly, but saves time and can be done in one go.

This is a dilemma. When he was very poor before, he naturally chose a medium nurturing plane, but nowadays there are so many shops and his own time becomes valuable.

In weighing his thoughts, Su Ping gradually fell asleep.

Early the next morning.

Su Ping woke up and saw Su Lingyue while eating breakfast downstairs.

"No wonder she didn't see her yesterday, it was estimated that she was followed." Knowing that it was the weekend, Su Ping immediately guessed that the other party was thinking carefully.

After eating a few bowls of rice porridge, Su Ping was ready to go out with steamed buns.

"I will go too." Su Lingyue immediately followed.

Su Ping raised her eyebrows, but didn't expect her to go.

"It's up to you." Su Ping didn't bother to tell her more, the more obstruction it would inspire the woman's curiosity. Anyway, in the shop, without his permission, the other party couldn't even enter the beast room and could not see anything. .

Su Lingyue went to the store with Su Ping today. She just wanted to take a look again. Is today's business the same as yesterday?

The two went out.

Su Lingyue still rode the battery car where her mother was shopping, and followed Su Ping in tandem.

By the door of the store, Su Ping saw the long queue at the door. The number of people today seems to be more than yesterday.

He frowned slightly, not many beasts were cultivated yesterday, but today he is afraid that the space for cultivation is not enough.

Seeing the long queue at the door, Su Lingyue was somewhat overjoyed, but did not expect that today's business is still so good, it seems that yesterday was not a special case.

When Su Ping came out of the store, the crowd immediately noticed Su Ping and immediately came over.

Su Ping has become accustomed to this kind of scene. He locked the bicycle, took out the key, and surrounded the crowd, unlocked the store door. Before he bent down, someone helped to pull up the roller shutter door.

Su Ping looked at the person who pulled the shutter door, and his face was somewhat familiar.

Nodded and thanked.

Su Ping entered the store and turned around: "Old rules, line up in the order they came. In addition, today come to the left of the platoon to get the beast, and to the right of the platoon that came over to cultivate."

When the crowd heard Su Ping's words, they immediately separated the two teams.

There are fewer people on the left, except for a few experienced people, most of them are puzzled.

When they were notified by Su Ping to pick up the beast, they thought they had heard it wrong. In just one day, Su Ping actually said that the beast has been nurtured?

Is there such a quick nurturing?

They have a feeling of being cheated. If there are not many other students around, Su Ping is under the name of the senior instructor of the college.

"Let the pet beast come first, make room, here is a little restless," Su Ping said.

The person waiting in line on the right to see Su Ping said that he wanted to make room, and he immediately understood that each one said no hurry or no hurry.

"Come, name, the beast that you cultivated before?" Su Ping began to ask.

At the top is a young man named Nie Zhan.

He came to Su Ping for the first time yesterday to cultivate beasts. His family conditions are average. One hundred thousand yuan is the money he has saved for a long time.

If Su Ping had not been identified as a high-level mentor, he would not have forgotten this determination.

Yesterday, when he heard Su Ping's notice coming over to collect the beast, he was stunned and frightened. If Su Ping could deal with it casually, he said that he had cultivated it. The water floated.

After tossing and turning all night without falling asleep, he climbed up before dawn and ran over, so he ranked first.

After waiting for several hours here, he was full of various ideological struggles in his mind, and his mood was getting worse. He even wanted to curse people. If he saw the students in the school who were increasing in the future, he planned to come directly and question Su. Ping, let him refund the money.

"Four-order rock leaf worm?" Su Ping saw the beast registered by the other party, nodded slightly, asked him to wait, and turned to get the beast inside.

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