Astral Pet Store Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Lower Lower

Su Ping was too lazy to argue with her. After hanging up his coat, he sat on the sofa in the living room and poured himself a glass of water.


The water had just poured, and a slender white hand was stretched out, and when he picked it up, he drank it, not who is Su Lingyue?

Seeing Su Ping looking, Su Lingyue raised an eyebrow, meaning that you have an opinion?

Su Ping glanced at the illusionary beast on her shoulders, who thought she was not well-intentioned, and felt that being a man should still be more generous, so she didn't care about her and took a glass from the side and poured another glass.

Su Lingyue snorted and threw his body on the other side of the sofa, stretched out comfortably. "Someone is very good today, it's not bad, the child can teach."

Su Ping ignored it, but looked at the Phantom Flame Beast in her arms.

Soon, a piece of identification information came to his mind:

Phantom Flame Beast

Attribute: Demon Beast

Level: Higher order

Combat strength: 4.6

Qualification: Inferior

Ability to control: Phantom Flame Shock, Hellfire Breath, Heartburn Phantom, Spirit Pierce, Phantom Roar

After reading this information, Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly.

Inferior qualifications?

This is a bit...

The Lightning Mouse he breeds can still be mixed with the middle and lower class, this is simply...

Noting Su Ping's eyes, Su Lingyue glanced at him, "What do you mean by your wretched eyes, my snowball is a very good Phantom Beast, basically invincible at the same level, even if you encounter a fourth-level pet? Beast, hum, whoever wins or loses is not necessarily!"

"Ha ha."

Su Ping was undecided.

This Phantom Flame Beast is currently a third-order superior, but its combat power has reached 4.6. According to the system's interpretation, the actual combat power reaches the fourth-order median level!

The ability to leapfrog is indeed outstanding.

But that's all.

You know, the Lightning Mouse he cultivated, but the first-level superior strength, but has a combat strength of 3.6!

If you reach the third-tier strength, it is estimated to be able to exert the level of combat power of the fifth to sixth rank, which is called terror!

However, even this kind of demon thunderbolt mouse is only the middle and lower qualifications in the eyes of the system.

From Su Ping's point of view, this illusionary flame beast still has a long way to go. It doesn't matter how good and amazing it is.

"Huh? What sneer?" Su Lingyue frowned and looked at Su Ping with a bad look.

Su Ping was a little speechless, "Can't you make people laugh?"

"But you are sneering."


"All right, what are you arguing about, come over and eat." Li Qingru passed the hot meal and said to the brothers and sisters: "Come and eat, don't watch TV here."

Seeing this, Su Ping was too lazy to get entangled with Su Lingyue and got up to wash his hands and eat.

The dinner was very sumptuous. Fish soup with braised pork, dried bean curd and a few vegetarian dishes. Suping's appetite was impressed. After washing his hands, he immediately sat down and ate.

Su Lingyue also came to the table holding a snowball.

Li Qingru gave Su Lingyue a bowl of rice and sat down and asked, "How is the game today, did you pass it?"

Su Lingyue picked up the chopsticks and raised the corner of her mouth slightly, but her expression was very indifferent: "Today is only a preliminary game, which is a little meaning to me. Besides, my opponent is just a freshman in the same class, there is nothing challenging, just use In the morning, I saved enough points for promotion, which is a pity..."

"What a pity?" Li Qingru was immediately worried.

"Unfortunately, I can't play against those brothers and sisters in the third grade, otherwise I will have a place in the finals." Su Lingyue was very sorry.

"Cough!" Su Ping almost choked, coughing hard.

Su Lingyue gave him a squint, "No one is robbing you, and eating so fast is not afraid of choking to die."

Su Pinglian even took two mouthfuls of fish soup before soothing. She ignored her and continued to bury her head to eat.

Li Qingru listened to Su Lingyue's words, and he was relieved, he didn't have a good air: "Your boy, you just got into this Xinglong Academy, and it's very difficult to make a debut among freshmen. Don't always compare with those old students. To save your body from being exhausted."

"Hmm, Mom said yes." Su Lingyue nodded again and again, her eyes smiling like crescents.

Su Ping coughed again.

Su Lingyue's murderous gaze looked at the past instantly.

Even without looking up, Su Ping can feel the two shining sharp eyes facing himself...

"I'm exhausted today, eat more." Li Qingru put Su Lingyue meat in the bowl.

"Well, mom also has something to eat." Su Lingyue smiled.

Su Ping quickly finished eating and continued to hold the second bowl.

"Speaking of it, something strange happened at the Academy's competition today. You wouldn't dare to believe it." Su Lingyue suddenly sighed.

Li Qingru was surprised and curious: "What strange things?"

"There is a senior school sister who seems to be one of the school's most famous characters. Today, she used a thunderbolt. She thought she was stupid, so guess what? Her thunderbolt actually won two consecutive games. And it was the dragon dog and the rock rhinoceros that defeated it!" Su Lingyue said with wide eyes, quite excited.

"Thunder Mouse?" Su Ping heard his ears erect.

On the other side, Li Qingru was dumbfounded and said, "Defeat the dragon dog and the rock rhinoceros? Are you wrong? Is it the Sky Lei Shou? Ah wrong, even the Sky Lei Shou cannot do it..."

She is a regular trainer, familiar with pets, knowing that this is impossible!

Seeing Li Qingru's puzzled eyes, Su Lingyue didn't sell Guanzi anymore, and said with a smile: "Don't be scared when you say that, this Thunder Light Mouse actually realized two high-level abilities, one is the seventh-order'Thunder Break' , The other is'Lei Ying's afterimage'! It is with these two high-level abilities that it easily defeated the dragon dog, and the rock rhinoceros failed to protect the owner and was defeated!"

Su Ping stunned.

Thunder break?

Afterimage of Lei Ying?

Is it really the one he nurtured?


Suddenly, Su Ping thought of the appearance of the owner of the Lightning Mouse. He was very young, and his age was not much different from that of Su Lingyue. In this way, it might indeed be a student.

The most important thing is that Su Ping feels that there should not be a second Thunder Lightning Mouse so terrible except for the demon Lightning Lightning Mouse he cultivated in this neighborhood, and it will happen to have the same ability.

"what a small world"

Su Ping murmured and smiled bitterly.

Unexpectedly, the owner of this little guy was in the same college as Su Lingyue.

"Two high-level abilities?" Li Qingru was frightened. "Is this Thunder Lighter's talent too strong?"

"Yeah, everyone was frightened." Su Lingyue felt the same way. "Its owner is really a genius. There are not many people I can admire from Su Lingyue. The school sister is barely one."

Su Ping thought back, glanced at her, he wanted to be known by you, this was nurtured by your brother, would you still like this attitude?

But thinking about this idea, even if he said it, the other party would not believe it, but most of the time would ridicule.

After dinner, Su Ping and Su Lingyue dispersed.

Su Ping went upstairs after taking a bath. She thought she had slept in the afternoon and would be very energetic at night. As a result, when she lay down, she felt sleepy and soon fell asleep.

Early the next morning.

Su Ping just woke up and saw a grimace appear in front of him again. With the psychological preparation for yesterday, he was frightened for a moment, then he recovered and glanced at Su Lingyue, who sneered outside the door, and got up and went downstairs .

After breakfast, Su Ping and Su Lingyue left, one to the college and the other to the store.

Last night, Su Ping was full of energy and energy. He decided to collect food today and earn energy as soon as possible!

When he arrived at the store, Su Ping first fed the moon dogs the previous dog food, then he closed the store door and meditation on the nurturing plane window in his heart.

Soon, the plane window emerged.

Su Ping picked a plane that only needed 1 point to transmit energy and chose to enter.

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