Astral Pet Store Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Put On The Agenda

After entering the growth period, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast suddenly increased to the fifth level!

When you reach adulthood, you will reach level 7!

This point is basically the same as other ninth-order dragon beasts, but the difference is that although it is the same-order dragon, the fighting power it exerts is very different!

The fifth-order purgatory candle dragon beast can easily defeat other sixth-order monster beasts. Even some fierce sixth-order demon monster monsters are difficult to take advantage of in front of it.

For dragon beasts, leapfrogging is the norm. If you can't leapfrogging, it is garbage!

In Su Ping's purgatory candle dragon beast, almost all of his short childhood was spent in the Dragon King heritage.

One-third of the time is spent in the Dragon Pillar, facing it is the attack of the Dragon King's remnant soul and the fright.

The remaining two-thirds of the time is to follow Su Ping and fight with a monster of different races in the dragon-scale land and fight!

Although it was born in a short time, it is only a dozen days and less than half a month in the cultivation field, but it has experienced hundreds of battles, and has died hundreds of times!

Compared with other growth beasts, its fighting experience is more than ten times more!

Even some adult dragons and beasts may not have rich combat experience. After all, most dragons and beasts have gone through a difficult period of childhood, and the road behind them is basically smooth.

This rich combat experience allows the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast to understand many combat skills and skills. It can easily defeat other fifth-order Infernal Candle Dragon Beasts, even the sixth-order Dragon Beasts!

If it is a monster with a common attribute, it can barely compete with the seventh-order monster, and if it wants to go, the seventh-order monster may not be able to retain it!

Su Ping discovered through his appraisal that the qualification of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast reached the inferior level.

To go further, it is middle and lower.

From the beginning of Chaos to the present day, among the many purgatory candle dragon beasts, it is quite outstanding to be able to rank inferior and superior.

In addition to the purgatory candle dragon beast, the purple and green dragon python and the dark dragon dog have also undergone great changes. The purple and green dragon python entering the growth period, the body is five or six meters long, and the rank has just entered the fourth rank.

As a fighting beast, compared to other beasts of the same rank, it is the weakest in the same rank, but the purple and green scorpion python is different. Even if it encounters a fifth-order median elemental monster, it can slay and defeat!

Its purple-green snake scales, in different extreme environments of dragon scale land, have trained amazing resistance, ordinary fire attacks, thunder attacks, poison attacks, etc., which can basically be easily resisted.

And its strange power is extremely amazing.

In addition to the physical tyranny, the fighting beast has a single ability, but the purple and green squirrel has exercised the physical strength to the extreme!

In order to hone it severely, Su Ping was the most cruel to it, and was often thrown into various extreme lethal environments, causing it to die more than four or five hundred times, the most deadly.

In such a short period of time, how many such deaths can be seen!

The dark dragon dog grew up from the beginning. After all, it evolved from the adult moon chaser. After seven or eight days of cultivation, its strength first broke through to the sixth order, but its real combat strength is comparable to the seventh-order devil. Beast.

The dark dragon dog alone, thrown in Fengshan College, is considered to be an overlord.

When it was dark, Su Ping called each other to let the owners of these beasts come to collect them tomorrow, and then closed the shop door and went home by bike.

After arriving home, Su Ping didn't see Su Lingyue. Through star force induction, he discovered that the other party was practicing in the upper room. It was rare today that he didn't come to provoke him proactively, nor did he come to investigate.

Su Ping estimates that she has seen the situation in the store, and she should know everything. If you know more, ask others, he will not say, so it is not interesting.

Su Ping was also very happy. When she saw her mother chatting about some of her daily neighborhood affairs at the dinner table, she knew that Su Lingyue had not told her about the things in the shop. Although she did not know the reason, she also let Su Ping was relieved.

This saves him from making stories with his mother.

After all, Li Qingru treated him well, and he couldn't be treated like Su Lingyue. If asked, he would have a headache when explaining it.

After dinner, Su Ping went upstairs and continued to practice.

An ordinary night passed.

The next day.

The brother and sister ate breakfast together and then parted ways.

Seeing Su Lingyue going to the college, Su Ping also thought that today is Monday. When he rides to the store, he finds that the long line at the door is gone, but not everyone is not there, or there are seven or eight people waiting here of.

"Mr. Su!"

Seeing Su Ping, seven or eight people quickly gathered around, seeming to be quite anxious.

Su Ping saw several familiar faces in it, but he couldn't remember the name, nodded, and went up to open the door.

"Lead the beast first," Su Ping said.

The five students immediately stood in a row and all knew Su Ping's rules.

"Mr. Su." The first one was Zhang Baoxing. After he reported the beast, he accosted: "Will you go to the college to teach today?"

After several students heard the words, they also looked at the probe.

Su Ping shook his head, "My class on Wednesday."

"Oh." A few students heard it with some regret, but they soon realized that they had heard about Su Ping's course information, but this was important information. If they were dropped to the first grade, it would definitely be breaking news.

After all, Su Ping's main courses are for the first grade.

Su Ping brought out their beasts one by one and gave them to them.

After passing the test, I saw the amazing progress of my beast. Several people were surprised and happy. After thanking Su Ping again and again, I took my beast and hurriedly sat on the taxi that had been called by the roadside. .

They came here to see the stitches and rushed to get them before the class in the college.

After sending away a few students, Su Ping collected the beasts to be cultivated by the other three students and earned 120,000 star coins.

After the students walked away, Su Ping turned around and entered the store. It was the same as before. First, he selected a group of pets to cultivate for the Shadow Doppelganger. In addition, he himself also entered the Dragon King Heritage.

After an hour of exercise, Su Ping returned to the store again and replaced the shadow avatar with a new batch of pets, while he himself sat in the store, poured a glass of water, and took a rest.

Shortly after Su Ping's rest, someone outside the shop came to the door.

Su Ping looked up and found that it was the youth who had previously cultivated the Wing King Beast.

Tang Lang was a little surprised to see the empty shop. If he didn't see Su Ping, who was drinking water, he thought he had found the wrong place, or the shop was sublet.

"Boss, why is there no business today?"

Su Ping raised an eyebrow, "Don't you know that class is today?"

Tang Lang was stunned for a moment, and I remembered that today was Monday. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes. He also asked the college for sick leave before he came free.

"Boss, can you cultivate me a beast again?" Tang Lang changed his courteous attitude and politely.

Su Ping nodded indifferently, "Give me the money first."

Seeing Su Ping agree, Tang Lang was pleasantly surprised, immediately took out 100,000, and then summoned his Wing King Beast.

"Boss, can you breed higher pets here?" Tang Lang asked cautiously while giving Wing King ** to Su Ping.

Although he knew the answer earlier, he still had a little hope. If Su Ping was willing to cultivate, he could give Su Ping his strongest favorite **.

"Not for now." Su Ping said.

Tang Lang's eyes flashed, "When will it be?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, why did he not want to be nurtured in his heart, but unfortunately he hadn't nurtured a medium-to-upper qualification beast, and he could not unlock it.

"It seems that the professional training task must be put on the agenda immediately." Su Ping said secretly, and said to the young man at the same time: "The date is temporarily fixed, at most within one month."

Tang Lang's eyes lit up within a month? If it is fast, wouldn't it be possible to catch up before the start of the Elite League?

The elite league will last for three months, and the various selection systems are extremely complicated. In the early stage, he will be able to pass with his own beasts. If he opens the cultivation of advanced beasts in the Suping store, he will be more confident to stand out. !

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