Astral Pet Store Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Academy

"do not know?"

Hearing Su Ping's words, the inch-headed young man raised his eyebrows, his body flickered, and instantly moved to Su Ping's bicycle. His hands were inserted into the pockets of his trousers, but one foot stepped on Su Ping's bicycle front wheel.

The slight force exerted squeezed the steel wheels inside the front wheels, making a slight moan.

"Boy, this Ye Hao is your college's annual champion, will you not know? Are you fooling me?!" Cuntou youth looked at Su Ping with a bad look. If it was their college, he used his hot temper. , A punch has been given to Su Ping.

"Dai Yan, don't make trouble." A indifferent voice came from behind.

Cuntou's face changed slightly, and he seemed to be quite ashamed of the speaker. He frowned, withdrew his feet, and glared at Su Ping fiercely, "Boy, I will ask you to settle the account when I look back!"

Having said that, he also knows that they have come and gone in this line and most of the time they will not encounter this kid again.

Su Ping did not speak.

His gaze stayed on his front tires.

After a few seconds, he slowly raised his head, the indifference in his eyes was gone, a little cold.

Seeing Su Ping's gaze, Dai Yan, who was about to turn around and leave, raised a brow, "Boy, what are you..." Before he finished speaking, his body suddenly levitated.

But when it was only suspended within half a meter, it suddenly crashed to the ground and the ground shook slightly!

It was like a pair of invisible big hands, picking up his body very quickly and smashing it to the ground.

Dai Yan was caught off guard. When his body was suspended, he was just stunned and suddenly hit the ground with a shell-like speed. He didn't have time to protect it with star power.

Feeling severe pain in the spine of his back, he couldn't help coughing and immediately spit out a bit of blood.

Su Ping glanced indifferently, and was ready to leave by bicycle.

What he does is simple.

If you touch me, then I will touch you.

Very reasonable.

The sudden change immediately attracted the attention of seven other people. When they saw Dai Yan who suddenly fell on the ground and vomiting blood, his face changed. Dai Yan was not weak among them, but was instantly knocked down. Anymore? !


A chunky young man took a step and shouted in shock and anger.

Su Ping frowned and turned to look.

Seven people immediately surrounded them, and one of the young men quickly stepped forward and helped Dai Yan up.

Dai Yan felt a pain in his back fiercely, breathing lightly. He was angry and looked at Su Ping fiercely, "Boy, you are making a sneak attack!" He had not seen Su Ping shot before, apparently taking advantage of his lack of defense, Sneak at myself.

When seven people heard Dai Yan, they all looked at Su Ping. Although it was said that it was caused by a sneak attack, it was not easy to make Dai Yan like this. It can be seen that this ordinary teenager who rides a bicycle is not an ordinary student.

"Dai Yan, you are really embarrassing. We came here to compete in the academy. You have been beaten by other students before entering the academy. This is going to spread out. Our faces are all lost to you!" A burly figure Young people are unhappy.

Dai Yan glanced at him angrily, "How can I know that he is so mean and actually engage in a sneak attack!"

"Huh." The burly young man obviously doesn't accept this statement. Even if someone attacks, isn't it rubbish? However, he did not follow Dai Yan theory and said to Su Ping with his arms: "Boy, sign up, I will challenge you!"

When others saw him speaking, he didn't speak, but just looked at Su Ping lightly, as if he had seen him begging.

Su Ping heard the words of the burly young people before they realized that they came to compete in the academy, but this had nothing to do with him, and he had no curiosity.

The burly young man raised his eyebrows and sneered, "If you hit us, would you like to leave?"

The people standing in front of Su Ping apparently had no plans to move, and looked at Su Ping with a slightly mocking look.

Seeing this scene, Su Ping couldn't help but sigh secretly.

It's endless.

He loosened the handlebars in his palm and then got out of the car to support the bicycle tripod.

Then he turned his head and looked around the people who surrounded him, a total of eight people.

Among them, the most profound hidden energy of Xingli is a young man dressed in a white shirt and dressed casually but handsomely. Beside him, others seem to keep a distance from him consciously.

Su Ping seems to remember that it was this man who had previously spoken out to stop this inch-sized youth.

"If I defeat you, will you continue to challenge me in turn?" Su Ping's eyes turned back to the burly young man in front of him.

Hearing this, everyone was stunned, and a few people could not help laughing.

The burly youth did not expect that Su Ping would say such a sentence, he froze for a moment, sneered: "Boy, it's crazy, but this must be won first, and I hope you are arrogant and arrogant..."

The word "capital" was not finished, and Su Ping had interrupted his old lines impatiently, "You just answer me directly, yes or no?"

The burly young man's face rose red, and his neck and neck were slightly thicker. He thought that Dai Yan, a brainless guy, was already arrogant enough to be ignorant, and he didn't expect this kid to be more crazy!

"The people at Fengshan College are really interesting."

"Haha, I didn't expect Fengshan College to be such a person, so cute."

"The bear king is completely despised, you also have a bear king today."

"Boy, I'm optimistic about you, defeat the Bear King, and I will play with you then."

A few people around joked.

Su Ping frowned when she heard some boring words around her, turned her head to look at the young man in white shirt, and said seriously: "Is it so?"

Luo Fengtian was slightly surprised. Su Ping would ask himself. When he saw Su Ping's serious gaze, his casual mood suddenly sighed slightly, with a strange feeling.

"Yes." He frowned slightly.

Su Ping expected this, and sighed secretly in his heart, saying: "Then you go together, save trouble."

This sound is very soft, but amazing words!

The eight people were stunned and looked at Su Ping in amazement.

Go together?

They felt that Su Ping's previous words to the burly young man were already arrogant enough, but they didn't expect it to be crazy now!

Does this person know who they are?

There are eight of them, but they are the eight strongest in their college rankings!

Challenge them eight at the same time?


Too ignorant!

So stupid!

This is a mausoleum playing lantern, looking for shit! !

After the consternation, their faces were somewhat gloomy, and their eyes were full of anger.

When Su Ping's ignorance was only aimed at the burly young people, they could still go out and watch the play and laugh, but when they found that they were also looked down upon by ignorance, they could no longer endure such ignorance.

The injured Dai Yan looked at Su Ping strangely.

Actually provoke a madman?

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