Astral Pet Store Chapter 135

: In The New Month Get Involved

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

I found it just after writing, and it will be number one tomorrow.

This month, I didn't make a lot of monthly tickets list. Looking at the number of monthly tickets, it is now 2800, almost 2900.

It has been on the shelf for 19 days and counted around 150 votes per day.

In the new month, I want to rush through the monthly ticket list and engage in it, so that I don't have the passion to be lazy.

According to the number of votes for this month, in the new month, every additional 200 months of tickets will be on the top of the guarantee 2 and one more chapter!

Every 200 votes counts as a chapter...Is there a wolf heart! !

There are so many monthly tickets for this month, but nothing has been exchanged! !


It's about to be 2020 in science fiction. It's a little dreamy. The old is also old. It's almost eighteen in a blink of an eye, hey...



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