Astral Pet Store Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Give An Account Plus 2

Dong Mingsong raised his eyebrows slightly, and he completely disagreed with each other's claims.

"It's our college's job to let the instructor teach the students. You have thought a lot about Lao Zhou!"

He spoke lightly and said, "Moreover, as a senior instructor in our college, your students are rude and offended. Its okay to teach them a lesson. If our students are offensive to Director Fei, Director Fei will take lessons and I wont Say something."

Zhou Yunchan's face changed, but he didn't expect Dong Mingsong to be so protective of himself.

Fei Yanbo's face is also a little ugly, and his heart is angry, but Dong Mingsong is an eighth-order master of war pets after all, he dare not speak directly.

Luo Fengtian and others were bitter in their hearts. Their loss was clearly determined.

They also did not expect that what they had provoked was not a student, but a mentor, and they were still higher mentors like Director Fei!

Its unbelievable to see each others ages as they are.

But thinking of the strength displayed by the opponent and the terrifying Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, they barely accepted it.

Zhou Yunchan's face was gloomy and he said, "Old Dong, you can take care of your face, and I can understand it. However, you Fengshan College invited us to participate in the petting exchange of the college, but you sent a high-level mentor to wound our students in advance. Going out, Im afraid its more embarrassing than losing?"

Dong Mingsong stunned, his face changed.

If this matter is spread maliciously, there will indeed be greater negative news.

The audience was too lazy to explore the truth of the matter, but the appearance of the matter was indeed the higher mentor Su Ping, who beat the other participants.

This alone will blame countless people.

He was silent for a while, and said, "Well, he is still teaching. When he is finished, I will ask him to come and give you an explanation."

Seeing Dong Mingsong saying this, Zhou Yunchan's complexion gradually improved and said, "How long?"

"He is out of class at four, it's almost time." Dong Mingsong looked at the time and said.

When everyone heard him say this, they all nodded and waited patiently.

Soon, four o'clock passed.

Dong Mingsong immediately contacted Su Ping's newsletter.

"Hello, the user you contacted is temporarily unable to connect..."

Dong Mingsong froze for a moment, suddenly said: "He was just in class, it is estimated that the communication was closed."

Zhou Yunchan also nodded, which is understandable.

Dong Mingsong quickly contacted Feng Yanjing and asked him to immediately contact the tutor responsible for the order of the Suping venues and let the tutor inform Su Ping to come over immediately.

After a few minutes, Feng Yanjing sent a message back to Dong Mingsong, saying: "Vice principal, I contacted the venue, but the venue said that...Mr. Su has already gone by bike."


Dong Mingsong Petrochemical.

His communication was not very loud, but the room was full of pet masters. He had a keen sense of hearing, and naturally heard Feng Yanjing's slightly embarrassed voice. He looked at each other in silence, a little dumbfounded.

This TM's...

Hearing the word "cycling", Luo Fengtian and others knew that Su Ping was no doubt and smiled bitterly.

"This..." Dong Mingsong was a little embarrassed when he recovered, and said to Zhou Yunchen: "Lao Zhou, look at this..."

Zhou Yunchan's face twitched slightly. While they were waiting for a long time, the other party actually drove away and left them in a room. The most annoying thing was that the other party was not intentional, and they didn't even know that they released their pigeons. !

Zhou Yunchan said with a dark face: "Is there no other way of contact?"

Dong Mingsong knew that Su Ping had returned to his shop, but there was a big Buddha in that shop. How dare he take someone to the door to find Su Ping?

Moreover, taking the small arms of Zhou Yunchan and these people to bring them to find Su Ping to settle the bills is equivalent to pitting them. This is simply rubbing an egg against a rock!

After all, he still has a bit of friendship with Zhou Yunchan, shaking his head and saying, "No, maybe he will open the communication at night. Then I will let him contact you and apologize to you?"

Zhou Yunchan snorted coldly, apologizing for the communication?

"Even today, he will always come to the college tomorrow. Isn't this exchange game going to tomorrow? We are waiting for him here!" Zhou Yunchan said coldly.

Dong Mingsong coughed softly and said, "He has no class tomorrow and he will not come to the college."

Zhou Yunchan said angrily: "Then contact him and let him come!"

"Okay, just let him explain to you face to face. Let's go." Dong Mingsong was also a little helpless and should bear it.

Zhou Yunchan snorted and said: "Now take us to see the venue first. By the way, let me see what you know, Ye Hao, the annual champion of your college, what exactly is he doing."

Dong Mingsong heard the anger in his words, and smiled bitterly in his heart, knowing that he had transferred his anger to Ye Hao. It seems that this pet fight will be quite fierce...

However, he was not nervous, but rather happy. Even if he lost the game, he was not afraid. As long as he could bring gains to the students, it would be the best trophy. After all, this kind of college exchange competition will not be lethal. When going to the barren area in the future, the monsters will not show mercy!



"Sister, okay, let's go catch the loach..."

Su Ping rides a bicycle and shuttles through the college, still humming a little song, but this time the direction is reversed, riding out of the college.

After the lectures are done, he can also go back and continue to cultivate the beast.

Soon, Su Ping returned to the store. The first thing he did when he came back was to pick out a new batch of pets*** to train the shadow avatar, and then throw the last batch of pets that the shadow avatar cultivated into the cultivation space. .

After doing this, Su Ping sat in the shop, while practicing basic growth skills, while waiting for business.

His current main customer is still a student of Fengshan. During the class at this moment, the business in the Suping shop has returned to a deserted state. It will only become popular after the student is out of school.

Su Ping practiced for a while and then stopped, taking advantage of this nobody's time, and continued to drill in the Dragon King heritage.

After spending a day at the Dragon King heritage, Su Ping made some progress. He returned to the store and it was already five o'clock, and the students came immediately.

He sat in the shop, opened the communicator, and continued to practice while waiting for the business to come.

Before long, the communicator rang suddenly.

Su Ping connected and heard Dong Mingsong's voice, wondering: "Vice President Dong? Is something wrong?"

Dong Mingsong at the other end of the communicator saw that it was finally connected, and he was relieved, not a good breath: "You are so kind to ask me something, you are in trouble today, do you know?" His tone is serious, it seems that Su Ping broke Catastrophe.

"I do not know."

Su Ping is puzzled.

Looking at his serious tone, Dong Mingsong didn't make Su Ping take it seriously. He was speechless and said, "What did you do at the gate of the college today, don't you have any points in your heart?!"

Su Ping said: "Someone is in the way, I let them give up, nothing to do."

Dong Mingsong almost spit out a nosebleed, "Give way? Did you call out the purgatory candle dragon beast to make way for you?!"

"This, I don't listen to people's words, so I had to let the beast communicate with them." Su Ping said.

Dong Mingsong smiled bitterly, but he also heard a slight unpleasant tone in Su Ping's tone. Think of Su Ping as a person who fought in a deserted area. How could his temperament really be so easy-going like anyone else.

He said: "These people were invited by me to sue the students in the pet-fighting competition. Now you are playing. The other party wants to give an explanation. Although I know it is not your fault, if this matter is passed on, it will inevitably affect the reputation of the college. Its a little negative, so if you have time tomorrow, its best to come to the college and give them a few words of politeness, so that they can get down the stairs."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and went to college again? Go back and forth, but it takes an hour.

"If you really want to explain, won't you finish it on your behalf, hard work, deputy principal." Su Ping laughed.

Dong Mingsong smiled bitterly, "If I could apologize for you, I would have said a long time, what a few words of apology, and it's not painful, but it's not embarrassing for the other person to ask you to come in person."

Su Ping is a little speechless, is this a small one, is it an old one?

There are so many broken things.

"I know, I'll take the time to go, right, otherwise how about you let them come to my shop?" Su Ping said temporarily.

Dong Mingsong was taken aback and quickly said: "If you can't do it, this kind of trivial matter will not cause such a big disturbance, you just need to come."

"nothing much."

"Really not, really."


After finishing the communication, Su Ping was helpless, and it seemed that he had to run again tomorrow.

At this time, trainees came one after another outside the store.

Su Ping packed his mood and stepped forward to get money...reception.

Some students came to collect pets, and some came to cultivate pets. Su Ping found that the students who came today seem to be a little small, and most of them are familiar faces of pets.

"Is there any activity at the Academy today?" Su Ping asked a student curiously. He thought of the pet-fighting exchange competition that Dong Mingsong said. Could it be that he participated in the exchange competition?

This boy was caught by Su Ping, and was somewhat flattered. He is an old customer in the Su Ping shop. He has been there three times. If his beast is a third-order, he only needs 10,000 for each incubation fee. Money comes so many times.

These three cultivations, every time he was surprised by the effect, and also made his own combat power surge, squeezed into the class power list.

He sneered at all the negative rumors about Su Ping's teaching in the college today, and felt that those who said this were fools.

However, he was quite a chicken thief and did not argue with others.

Everyone was affected by negative rumors, saying all kinds of bad things about Su Ping, even rejecting Su Ping's stores, thinking that it was a place for profit and fraud.

This makes him secretly steal while he is angry, which is a very contradictory mood.

The reason for stealing music is because the fewer people come to the Suping shop, then the time he queues up...... naturally decreases.

This is a good thing for him!

As a "faithful old fan", he could only silently watch others spurting Su Ping in tears, justifying a few words for Su Ping Xiao Xiao in the bottom of his heart.

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