Astral Pet Store Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Grain Collection

"The host is connected to the "Extraterrestrial Meteor Zone 1002""

"Twenty-four hours of connection time..."

"The host is in the novice protection month and has 30 free deaths!"

"The host gets novice space and the capacity is one cubic."

"The host has obtained three primary Eternal Flower and Grass Identification Techniques..."

"Please explore on your own..."

A series of system prompts came to mind. Su Ping opened his eyes immediately, and saw a desolate mountain forest with no signs of civilization in front of him. There were countless stars above his head, and he could look directly into the vast space.

Su Ping quickly glanced around and confirmed that there were no monsters, then he was slightly relieved, and then asked the system in his mind: "I just heard thirty free deaths? Isn't this unlimited?"

"Of course not." The system said indifferently: "Unlimited times are limited to the last novice mission. The host has completed the mission now and can't enjoy it anymore!

In addition, after the end of the novice protection month, the host will no longer receive free deaths, so please increase the host's strength as soon as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to walk in the future! "

Su Ping was stunned for a while, and said a little speechlessly: "According to this, what if there are no free deaths in the future? Is it really dead?"

He doesn't think that he will be able to live forever in a terrible place like Thunder Cloud World in the future!

"The host can use energy to buy the number of deaths, the price is one-tenth of the nurturing plane. When the number of deaths returns to zero, the host will be forced to send back to the main world." The system said.

"Can you buy it?" Su Ping suddenly felt relieved, so it was reasonable.


Suddenly, there was a violent roar in the distance, like thunder.

Su Ping was caught off guard and scared his body short. Then he saw the sky and clouds at the end of his sight, and the clouds were all dyed with a red burning color. It seems that a fierce battle is erupting under that sky!

"My God, such a loud roar, even the voice of the king beast is just that..." Su Ping slammed in a heart, without hesitation, turned and ran quickly to the other side of the jungle.

After running hundreds of meters,


A shriek suddenly sounded, Su Ping only had time to turn his head, and a grim and big mouth in the sight approached instantly.

The sight is black.

Without even feeling the pain, Su Ping knew that he was dead.

Moreover, he hadn't seen what he was killed by.

But what is certain is that his body must have been eaten by that thing.

"Is the nurturing plane of 1 point energy so terrifying, my Nima..." Su Ping was speechless, how long did he come in? It's such a good death, and it is a sudden death!

"I'm too weak..."

Su Ping feels exhausted. He is just an ordinary person. Some monsters who are good at lurking are hiding in a dark place. He can't even detect it, and he even voluntarily runs to the other's mouth...

"Resurrection in place / random resurrection?"

A prompt pops up in front of me.

Su Ping rolled his eyes. Although he did not know his current state of death and whether he still had a body, he still habitually raised his hand to point to the "random resurrection".

The incandescent light came from four sides like a tide, and the vision gradually became clear.

Soon, Su Ping saw the surroundings. This time it appeared on a desolate hillside with sparse weeds and no monsters.

"Wait, that's..."

Suddenly, Su Ping saw the rock piles in the distance shaking slightly, and when he looked closely, his hair suddenly stood up.

Where is this stone pile, clearly a rock-shaped python all over the body!

Panyan Snake

Attribute: Earthly Beast

Level: Eighth order

Combat strength: 8.1

Qualification: inferior

Ability to control: coiling, snake swallowing, mine spur, earth guard

When Su Ping looked around, the message of this python suddenly appeared in his mind. When he saw its level, Su Ping's pupils contracted slightly, which was actually an eighth-order beast!

However, this eighth-order Panyan snake's qualifications are extremely poor, refreshing Su Ping's lower cognitive limit, the combat power is barely reaching the eighth-order level, and it should be weaker in its class.


Su Ping turned around and wanted to leave, and kept meditating on "I can't see me".

At the moment of turning around, suddenly Yu Yu glanced at something, and his body stopped suddenly.

"Yan Zhu Guo?"

Su Ping looked at a plant at the edge of a rock at the edge of four or five meters. This is a small tree half a meter high with a string of fiery red fruits, like red raindrops, the size of a soybean, gently shaking with the wind.

He seems to have recognized this plant for a long time, and all kinds of information about it came to mind instantly, including the description of efficacy, growth cycle and so on.

And one of the messages that made Su Ping stop his body is that it is the favorite food of red cinnabar!

"Beast food?" Su Ping froze for a moment. He didn't expect that the food in front of him was a kind of beast food. Thanks to the system's ``Eternal Grass Appraisal Technique'', he would know that he did not miss it.


Su Ping's complexion changed slightly when he looked at the Panyan snake gently twisting his body in the distance.

But just after a moment of hesitation, Su Ping immediately made a decision. He suddenly rushed out from behind the rock and ran desperately to the Yan Zhuguo.

He rudely uprooted the whole cinnabar fruit, but the plant grew extremely strong. He used too much force, and his palms were pricked by the spikes on the rhizome. The pain was very painful.

"Do you earn storage space?" the system prompts.


Su Ping did not want to answer.

The Yan Zhu Guo in his hand suddenly disappeared out of thin air. At the same time, Su Ping felt that there was a void space in his mind, the face was very small, and the Yan Zhu Guo was suspended in it.

"Is this the storage space?" Su Ping glanced at him, relieved.


Suddenly, the surrounding ground trembles slightly.

Su Ping looked up and saw the Panyan snake in the distance raised his head, and the snake pupil stared at him closely.


Without saying anything, Su Ping turned around and ran, although he knew that the possibility of running away was extremely low.

After ten seconds.

"Resurrection in place / random resurrection?"

The system options appeared again in front of me. There was no suspense. Su Ping failed to escape. He was swallowed by the Panyan snake into the smelly mouth and squeezed alive in the body to die.

The whole body was torn apart, like an illusion.

Su Ping grinned slightly, still feeling like streaking in the cold wind at the moment, trembling instinctively.

"Fortunately, it's not a loss..." Su Ping comforted, at least a little food was picked. Although it hurts, this is life.

"There are 28 chances left. If you can collect a little food before each death like this, it is estimated that you can also store most of the storage space..." Su Ping thought secretly, looking forward.

"Randomly resurrected."

Su Ping made a choice.

The body regained consciousness once again, but as soon as he recovered, he felt the biting cold, looking around, he was soaked in water.

"Where is this random place?" Su Ping was stunned and turned his head to look. Several giant crocodile-like monsters slowly crawled up.


Without giving Su Ping a chance to struggle, his body was instantly knocked down and shredded.

"Resurrection in place / random resurrection?"




Death time after time, resurrection time after time.

Sometimes they were killed as soon as they were resurrected, and sometimes they encountered monsters after picking many strange beast fruits.

Soon, thirty free resurrection opportunities were used up.


When the dark vision returned to light, and the familiar environment in the store reflected in the sight, Su Ping felt a long-lost feeling, which was both relieved and somewhat regretful.

"The harvest this time should be quite rich." Su Ping was satisfied when he saw the pet food stuffed in the storage space in his mind, but in terms of quantity, it was very rich, but he didn't know the pricing of the system. How to judge.

"Will these beast grains be sold at a fixed price?" the system prompts.


Su Ping immediately agreed.

Soon, the pet food in the storage space disappeared out of thin air. Then, Su Ping saw bottles, pots, or things like bonsai appear on the shelves behind the counter of the store. Exceptions are all the beast food he used to pick.

"Ultra-flagging fish grass, priced at 380, one."

"Icefire Snakegrass, priced at 800, one plant."

"Yan Zhu Guo, price 130, one piece."


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