Astral Pet Store Chapter 141

: One Day 2200 Monthly Tickets..

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

It can only be said, too fierce! !

Although I knew the bad news of double monthly tickets halfway, but there are more than a thousand copies of double tickets, which is so scary. Five or six hundred...

As a result...I have been so deliberate, but still caught off guard.

Press 200 to change one, and add ten more chapters! !

However, for the old man who has no manuscript, writing five a day is the limit. Staying up late will write six chapters, but it will affect the work and rest, and will not be updated normally tomorrow, so today is five.

Guaranteed two chapters, plus three more chapters.

A total of 15,000 words are about to be given to the liver!

This time it was very disheartening. I didn't use two thousand words to count together. ! !

After a day of madness, the monthly ticket in your hands should be almost the same, and it will gradually decrease in the future, and Laogu will still change every day tomorrow.

I believe it will be made up soon, eh!

In addition, today there is a [_Array] book friend ally leader reward, which is really shocking, joyful, sad and painful... or as usual, the lord leader rewards a chapter, which is counted first.

Well, I went to dinner and continue to walk tomorrow! !

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