Astral Pet Store Chapter 145

Chapter 145: It's Just A Child Guaranteed 2

At this moment, the defensive energy barrier outside the battlefield has been opened.

The transparent energy barrier rises without affecting the sight of the audience, and surrounds the battlefield. Only the top is unobstructed. The energy attack can only leak from the top and will not affect the audience.

On the field, Fei Yanbo saw the purgatory candle dragon beast summoned by Su Ping. Although he was amazed by the majestic posture of the purgatory candle dragon beast, he was relieved in his heart and sneered slightly. Want to play against his Purple Shadow Demon Fox?

court death!

However, he did not dare to relax. After all, there is Su Ping, the suspected title-level existence behind him. Su Ping's huge increase to the beast may be a key variable!


Fei Yanbo raised his hand, and his fingers flicked like a piano playing in the sky. After a burst of energy increase, the star pattern was ejected. It automatically flew to the purple shadow demon fox behind him, hitting a star power fluctuation.

Every star pattern fell on the Purple Shadow Demon Fox, which made the Purple Shadow Demon Fox's momentum surge.

In addition to the basic strength, blast, perception, and solidity, there are four special effects such as energy resistance increase and bloodthirst increase.

For example, the bloodthirst increase, which is a high-order increase, especially in the face of the dragon pet, is extremely effective and can make the general beast violent and ignore the oppression of the dragon beast.

This is a must-have increase for high-level pet masters!

Otherwise, as soon as the enemy pulls out the dragon beast, Longwei alone will frighten his beloved beast, and his strength is greatly reduced, so there is no need to fight down.

Su Ping just quietly watched the other party superimpose the star pattern on the beast without any action.

Give the increase?


First of all, his four basic growth skills can only reach the fourth order. After all, the time he learned is too short. For the fourth-order increase, for the purgatory candle dragon beast, it is better than nothing.


Su Ping has always disliked his beast.

The same is true in the place of cultivation.

Don't want to lose? Then rely on yourself.

Unless he encounters an extremely strong opponent who can't beat him with a little increase, Su Ping will increase the increase, but under normal circumstances, he will let the beast fight with his own ability, which also helps to become stronger faster.

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast feels his opponent's more and more powerful momentum, and a pair of dragon eyes erect pupils also emits an exciting bloodthirsty war intention!


It screamed, the red flame covered with blood became thicker, exuding endless blood and killing gas.

The purgatory candle dragon beast is originally a kind of extremely violent and fierce among the dragon beasts. It can be seen from the name. Just like the evil dragon that came out of the Shura purgatory, one body is enough to deter other monsters!

Cultivated by Su Ping, this purgatory candle dragon beast is more violent and bloodthirsty than the general purgatory candle dragon beast. It is full of strong anger and **** smell that cannot be separated.

Fei Yanbo gave Ziying Demon Fox the ability to increase after seeing that Su Ping didn't move, and was a little stunned. He heard the roar of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, his face changed slightly, and he was inexplicably frightened.

This dragon beast is so powerful!

However, the thought of its strength is only seventh-order, and the fear in his heart quickly calms down.

His face was cold, and he sneered at Su Ping, "I can give you another minute to release your pet's beasts, or else, the seventh-order dragon beast in your head is not worthy of my purple Shadow demon fox fighting!"

Su Ping raised an eyebrow.

He felt like the other party had misunderstood something.

Who said that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is the seventh order?

Is it an adult?

It is only bigger than the general purgatory candle dragon beast. Currently it has only the sixth rank and is just a child.

From adulthood, it must be cultivated for several more days!

However, he has always been too lazy to explain, pass the thought to the purgatory candle dragon beast, kill!

Now that the battle has started, he will not say anything, you are ready, I will take a stupid thing like that.

If there is no rule of "commencing the battle", according to his personality, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast will be killed directly when he drills out of the summoning space. The battle is a life-and-death fight. How can you wait for your preparation?


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast roared and received Su Ping's order. It was instantly released according to the unstoppable killing intention, and a raging flame filled the red dragon scales. The whole portrait turned into a flame-burning dragon, killing the Purple Shadow Demon Fox !

Seeing that Su Ping did not impose an increased star pattern, he let the beast attack, Fei Yanbo's face changed slightly, and his heart was angry. Is this a naked contempt of him?

But while angry, he also felt a little relieved in his heart. Since Su Ping did not intervene, this purgatory candle dragon beast is a challenge to him and the purple shadow demon fox!

Not to mention two fights and one fight, even if the Purple Shadow Demon Fox fights alone, he can defeat the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast!

"It's utterly ignorant!" Fei Yanbo sneered, and the anger in his heart was transmitted through his thoughts, so that the purple shadow demon fox could do his best without mercy!


The Purple Shadow Demon Fox felt the anger of the master, coupled with the stimulation of bloodthirst increase. The eyes containing purple qi rose to blood red, full of rage. After a rage, its body jumped suddenly and rushed towards the purgatory candle dragon beast.

So fast!

The Purple Shadow Demon Fox is worthy of the thunder beast. Although it has a huge body, it turns into a purple residual image as soon as it moves, and it instantly appears in front of the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Thunder break!

When the Purple Shadow Demon Fox shot, it was a high-level thunder skill.

This familiar Thunder Broke is not unfamiliar to the audience. I have seen it from the monster Lightning Mouse many times before, but this time I saw it from a high-level beast, and it is still full of consternation. This Thunder Broke is too gorgeous. Now!

Contrary to the short thunderbolt of the Thunderlight Mouse, a long thunderbolt is formed on each tail of the Purple Shadow Demon Fox, a total of seven! It looks like seven thunder swords, as its body dances flexibly, it suddenly slashes to the neck, arms, wings and wings of the purgatory candle dragon beast!

Gorgeous and powerful!

On the other side, the reaction of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast was equally rapid. At the moment when the shadow of the Purple Shadow Demon Fox fluttered, its dragon eyes fluttered with anger, the flames rose, and a roaring dragon yelled with a tremendous sound!

Dragon roar!

The most common deterrent technique for dragons!

But this dragon roar... but it is beyond the scope of pure deterrent technology and already has the characteristics of sonic skills!

The horrible sonic boom caused substantial destruction and decay. The purple shadow demon fox that had just arrived was still too late to shoot, and the purple fluff of the body was roared back and elongated. The entire face of the demon fox was like a strong wind of the twelfth level. After blowing, the mouth can't wrap the teeth.


A thunderbolt wrapped in purgatory flames, suddenly hit the purple shadow demon fox!

In addition to some extremely powerful dragon beasts, most dragon beasts can control various elemental abilities, which is the strength of dragon beasts.

The blood-stained pupil of the Purple Shadow Demon Fox shrank slightly, and felt a strong danger from the violent thunder fire. Although there was thunder in it, it was not pure thunder.


Its figure quickly backed away from the thunder fire.

Boom! !

The entire site was suddenly shocked, and the thunder fire fell on the ground, creating a huge crater of seven or eight meters. The pit was extremely black and violently heated.

Fei Yanbo's face changed drastically. He didn't expect that this purgatory candle dragon beast could release such a terrible skill. This Thunderfire seems to be a skill that mixes two different elements. Is this a mixed element?

He didn't have time to continue thinking, and let Purple Shadow Demon Fox shoot again.

Afterimage of Lei Ying!

Two purple shadow demon foxes appeared instantly on the ground!

It is also a high-level skill. Two large purple shadow demon foxes are extremely eye-catching.

Crazy dancing purple foxtails, like purple pythons, exude a terrifying breath.


At the next moment, two purple shadow demon foxes fired at the same time, stepping on the ground rumbling huge earthquake, and everyone sitting in the auditorium, although the chair had a shock absorption effect, but still felt a burst of bumps.

This battle is too fierce!

The two purple shadow demon foxes rushed to the purgatory candle dragon beast left and right, and the thunder-breaking skill reappeared. At the same time, lightning armor appeared on both purple shadow demon foxes, protecting their fangs and claws from being caught. The purgatory flame of the purgatory candle dragon beast burns.

This purgatory flame is different from the ordinary flame, it is extremely powerful, and it is extremely difficult to extinguish after being burned, like a tarsus maggot.

During the operation of the Purple Shadow Demon Fox, the flames of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast swept through and spread like a sea of fire, and when the flames spread and touched the moment of the two Purple Shadow Demon Foxes, it seemed to discern the real body of the Purple Shadow Demon Fox, roaring Suddenly rushed out.

Dragon dash!

A common melee skill for dragons.

Although common, it is also very practical, with great power, even a mountain can be easily broken.

In the bloodthirsty eyes of the purple shadow demon fox, there is a trace of shock, I dont know how the other party found out his true body, but since the purgatory candle dragon beast voluntarily rushed, it did not show weakness. Thunder broke, and at the same time, its mouth opened, and the violent thunder and lightning energy gathered in its mouth.


The thunderbolt was suddenly launched.

However, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast did not choose to avoid, but still slammed into it regardless.


The thunder cannon hit the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, and the body of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast also struck the Purple Shadow Demon Fox.


The guarantee is complete, continue today's sprint!

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