Astral Pet Store Chapter 151

Chapter 151: The Problem Of Mental Retardation Guarantee 1


Xu Yingxue was surprised and suspicious. The address of a title-level strongman was easily asked by someone?

Xu Kuang saw her disbelief, and was somewhat dissatisfied. He said things quickly, and proudly said: "Sister, it's not my bragging. I said it earlier, gold always shines. Talents like your brother and me will get some sooner or later. The famous teacher with real eyesight is interested, I just asked him casually and said, what does this mean? It shows that he is very optimistic about me, and maybe he wants to accept me as an apprentice!"

After listening to his narration, Xu Yingxue was a little surprised, but did not expect such a process. It seems that Xu Kuangtao did not ask, but that the other party did not intend to hide.

Seeing Xu Kuang's pride, she frowned slightly and said angrily: "Don't be too proud first, wait until tomorrow to meet, be respectful, if the other party really wants to accept you as a disciple, then you will make a lot of money."

Xu Kuang twitched his lips, thinking of course, but the surface said lightly: "Sister, this is my own sense, what makes you big or not, don't look down on me too much, he really wants to accept me As a disciple, I have to think about it!"

Xu Yingxue rolled his eyes and looked at his previous excitement. He knew that he was talking nonsense here, and he was too lazy to take it down. He said, "Tomorrow I will go with you to save you from talking, and the ghetto is a bit chaotic, just in case. Nothing is wrong."

"Sister, how old I am, who is my opponent in the slums, but I am an academy..."

"Okay, eat your fruit."



the other side.

Inside a petty pet shop.

After Su Ping finished talking with Xu Kuang, he continued to visit the student's page and selected some strong learning goals.

After just instructing Xu Kuang on a few questions, he gained 500,000. Su Ping felt that he seemed to have found a new way to make money.

It is too easy and convenient to directly guide online without going to the door.

Moreover, it can also take care of the business in the store without affecting your own cultivation. It is a triumph!

However, this also has a disadvantage, that is, most of the students are more inclined to teach on the ground. After all, online dictation is far less detailed than the instructor's personal drill, which can be understood at a glance.

In this way, Su Ping can only find those who are eager to go to school to catch the thulium... to reach a deal.

Soon, the messages of the students quickly turned over, Su Ping suddenly opened his eyes, and in the recruitment message of a student, he saw several friendly words: urgent, online, etc.!

Hey, business is here.

Su Ping glanced at the other party's overall information again. When he saw what the other party wanted to learn, which happened to be the area of the field he understood, he immediately sent a pop-up window and a message without hesitation.



Somewhere in a villa room in the base city of Longjiang, a woman is sitting cross-legged on a soft sofa cushion, surrounded by star power, surrounding her wonderful and proud posture, she is practicing.

Suddenly, a cue came from the computer speaker in front of her.

She slowly opened her eyes, suspended the practice method, slowly received the power, and then looked at the prompt that popped up under the screen.

"[Longjiang First Handsome] sent you a message."


Xie Yuexuan raised her eyebrows slightly. Who is this?

Although strange, but the pop-up window is a tutor online, could it be a virtual nickname from a tutor?

She thought of the hiring message she had just hung up, moved her mood and opened the pop-up window.

The first handsome in Longjiang:

Hello, do you need guidance?

Xie Yuexuan glanced at the message sent by the other party, as she expected, it was a mentor.

But when she saw the other party's name, she suddenly froze, golden border?

This is... title-level tutor? !

She sat upright all of a sudden, her eyes widened slightly, a little surprised.

Doesn't it mean that the title-level mentor is the treasure of this website, so you can't easily guide it?

Why did you take the initiative to find yourself?

When she was surprised, she couldn't help but secretly raise her hand and click on the other person's head to view the detailed information of the title tutor.

Teaching resume...


Registration time

Just a few days ago?

not yet

Approved? !

When I saw the red prompt at the end, Xie Yuexuan was stunned. The surprise in my heart suddenly seemed to be wiped out by cold water. I calmed down suddenly. An uninspected titled tutor took the initiative to find the door. This feeling...how to say a little Not strange.

However, although this feels like a scammer, she did not arbitrarily classify the other party as a scammer. After all, maybe it is a real title-level mentor who has just registered and has not had time to review it?

Regardless of whether it is true or false, she knows the effect after trying it, and she also knows the punishment of this website. Should anyone dare to fake it?

"Hello, Senior, are you willing to guide me?" Xie Yuexuan quickly entered.

Su Ping replied, typing: "I only provide online guidance, not face-to-face teaching. Of course, if the fee is charged, it can be slightly less."


Xie Yuexuan just about to knock the finger on the keyboard and stopped.

Only guide online?

What kind of tutor is this?

The look of suspicion inevitably appeared in her eyes, the other party's behavior was so strange.

"How much do you charge if you're online?" She thought about it and typed back directly. This time, her attitude was not as respectful as before, and she was very straightforward.

Su Ping thought slightly and entered, "How about 800,000?"


Xie Yuexuan sneered slightly.

If you move your finger online, you want to charge 800,000?

Really when money is waste paper, is it so profitable?

But she didnt directly refuse, thinking about her hardship to get stuck, think about it, and quickly entered: "I have reached the sixth-level bottleneck, but I have no way to break through to seventh-level, what experience can you teach? Next?"

She didn't even bother to type the word "senior".

If Su Ping can't answer, she will report directly.

After all, if Su Ping really is a title-level instructor, this kind of question is simply pediatrics, how can it not be answered?

Su Ping was surprised to see the other party's question, he only practiced to the fourth order, but not yet to the fifth order, and how can he understand the bottleneck problem of the sixth order to the seventh order. In other words, the sixth to the seventh order actually still Is there a bottleneck?

He scratched his head, thought about it, and entered, "This question doesn't seem to be a problem in your employment information, are you asking about pets?"

Xie Yuexuan froze for a moment, but did not expect that the other party could not really answer.

Such a simple question, do ordinary professional instructors understand?

Her face cooled down. She also knew a little about the tutor registration on this website. As long as she has a mentor qualification certificate, she can register, but does the level of the registered home tutor match her, you must wait for the website to review it. know.

In other words, even an ordinary mentor with a strength of less than 5th or 6th level can register a top-rated title instructor.

But obviously, this can't pass the audit, and the final result is the canceled mentor qualification certificate.

The situation at hand is obviously the case.

At the risk of being registered as a mentor's qualification certificate, come here to swindle money and deceive people?

She wanted to report directly, but when she saw Su Ping, she was angry and quickly hit the keyboard: "What is the pet beast, how can the seventh-order corpse Luo soul beast defeat the fire-cultivating Yan storm lion?"

After knocking the question over, she put her hands around her chest and looked at the window with a sneer.

The seventh-order corpse Luo soul beast, as well as the refining Yan storm lion, are all high-level pets, you are an ordinary mentor, don't get it, have you seen it?

Su Ping was a bit strange to see the question sent by the other party. "Why can't the corpse-soul beast be able to beat Yan storm lion, isn't it the same order?"

Xie Yuexuan just wanted to laugh, and quickly entered, "Of course it is of the same order."

This is the thorny problem she is currently facing, and also the title of the research paper sent by her teacher.

She has already graduated from university, participated in pioneering for a few years, and then continued her postgraduate examination, hoping to transfer herself from a simple pioneer to a higher level, for example, the level of power.

She didn't want to be a frontline soldier, but wanted to be a general!

If you want to be successful, in addition to relying on the merits accumulated by the pioneers, you need other conditions. For example, the postgraduate entrance exam is also one of the ways. The results of the postgraduate entrance exam will be recorded in her future merit archives and become a heavy burden on the merit medal. A corner!

"Same level?"

Su Ping is a little strange, and immediately thinks that it may be a difference in qualifications, "What is the ability of this corpse Luo soul beast and Yan Yan lion?"

Xie Yuexuan was disdainful, and his fibrous fingers quickly output, "all of which are standard on the book."

"Standard on the illustrated book?" Su Ping was surprised. The beast illustrated book collected on the federal illustrated book is available in standard, elite and special editions. For most people, the standard Mainly with the version.

The standard version of the beast is equivalent to the same family of pets.

The most normal one.

If it is lower than the standard version, it belongs to "low qualification".

In the qualification evaluation of the system, the standard version of the beast is inferior.

"If it comes standard, why wouldn't it win?" Su Ping wondered, it should be easy to suppress it. This is also a problem?

However, since the other party asked such a mentally retarded question, he had to type the answer.

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