Astral Pet Store Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Su Ping Bottom 2

Faced with this simple question, Su Ping also adopted a simple answer.

For example, install the elephant in the refrigerator, how many steps?

"The fastest way to win is in three steps."

Su Ping typed: "The first step is to release the dark mist with the corpse soul beast, then cast the corpse roar, and then chant with the undead to disturb the mind of Yan Baoshi."

"In the second step, the corpse soul soul beast uses spirit spirits to attack the chaotic refinement of Yan storm lion, create illusion, and control the body."

"The third step is to control the corpse Luo soul beast to step forward, and punch the head of Yan Baoshi with a punch..."

After typing the last word, Su Ping took a drink from the glass next to him. This third step can actually be omitted, but the other party was able to ask such a question. He was a little worried that the other party did not understand what to do in the end, so he wrote it up.

Overall, the process is clear and complete.

Xie Yuexuan saw a few strings of text sent from the opposite side, and was about to get angry.

The word "fastest way to win" at the top made her almost unable to hold back. It seems that in addition to this method, the other party knows other methods. What kind of joke?

When she looked down with anger and patience, she suddenly didn't want to say anything.

that's it?

It's that simple?

You are killing pigs!

Moreover, the way the other party said is not only simple but also wrong!

Undead tribute? This is indeed the standard skill of the Zombie Soul Beast. It is a skill of the Undead Ghost Department. It is a spiritual attack and can disturb the consciousness of ordinary creatures.

However, this refers to ordinary creatures. In the face of the same-tempered tempering Yan Yan lion, this move is useless!

As for Soul Spirituality, she naturally also knows that this is the core ability of the corpse soul beast, and it is also a mental attack, but this skill is very dangerous to use. If the enemy's mental strength is higher than itself, it will hurt yourself, and even die on the spot. !

As for the final third step, she felt insulted!

If, as mentioned in the previous two steps, the soul spirit of the corpse soul beast works, then the fool also knows that it is time to go directly to kill the Yan Yan lion, is this a thing to say? !

"Pay money, if you have a question... half a million." Su Ping thought for a moment, and said a little guilty.

The question is a bit simple, is his offer a bit high?

However, after all, he is under the name of the title tutor. Although this is not a face-to-face guide, it is still a guide. Is it not too much to charge a half price?

Moreover, if the fee is too low, he is also afraid of disrupting the market, after all, is this a price increase?

Xie Yuexuan, who was about to make a direct complaint, saw Su Ping's ensuing news and suddenly ran away on the spot. Ignoring your energy? Still want to collect money? And he has a big appetite, and it costs 500,000 at a time? !

If her problem is really solved, she is willing to give one million, but to a liar, she is too much for fifty cents!

She rolled up her sleeves, gritted her teeth and typed: "Are you half a million? Too few!"

Su Ping stunned, you want less? But as soon as he said it, he was not good at repenting, he had to say: "Forget it, it's 500,000, it's the first benefit, it won't be so cheap."

I bother!

Xie Yuexuan couldn't help but scold swearing, his face was so angry that he couldn't hear the irony, but also welfare? And next time? !

Go to hell!

"How can that be done? Five hundred thousand is too few. I'll give you five million!" Her hand speed was as fast as an afterimage.

Su Ping was shocked, five million?

Is it so low?

Or is this question very precious? !

He was a little shaken.

Being a man is about credibility...

"This, five million...Also do it." Su Ping struck with difficulty.

Xie Yuexuan couldn't help laughing.

Its true to say 5 million!

Is this a liar or a fool?

She continued to type: "Okay, then report your communication account."

Su Ping wondered, why do you need a communication account for transferring money? Isnt it a bank account?

However, the other party had to transfer 5 million. He didn't ask much and sent his communication account.

Seeing that Su Pingzhen had sent his own communication account, Xie Yuexuan couldn't help laughing, and immediately took his own communicator, entered the communication number, and dialed it.


Su Ping was a little surprised to hear the communicator ringing. It was expected that most of them were called by the other party. After all, he was contacted as soon as he gave it.

He picked it up and saw it as a series of asterisks. The other party also set the caller's hidden information, and he could not see the other party's communication number. This is only possible with an extremely high-end communicator.

Su Ping was also relieved. After all, the only local tyrants who could ask for tutoring here.

"Hey." He connected, and his attitude was kind.

"Go to Nima stupid..." An angry girl roared from the other end of the communicator. After a series of swear words, there was a laughter again, and the communicator was hung up.

Su Ping is a bit messy in the wind.

what's going on?

The wrong person?

He shook his head, ignored it, and continued to look at the page.

"Scammers, goodbye!" A message was sent.

Later, Su Ping saw that the other party's head was dark, and it seemed that it had been offline, or...drew him black.

Really this person?

Su Ping glared, and then it came back, and he couldn't help being angry.

I gave a question in vain, and did not take the money without saying it, I was actually scolded!

Nima, don't let me know who you are!

He hated in his heart, and he glanced at it again. The more he looked, the more angry he turned off the website.

It seems that online guidance is not going to work. He made it so clear that the other party actually regarded him as a liar?

After turning off the computer, Su Ping also realized that most of his accounts had not been approved, so he was misunderstood. However, even if the account does not pass the review, can the other party not discern whether he said it is true or not?

Terrible ignorance!

Su Ping sat angrily in the store and decided to break the road or think of other ways to make money.

Anyway, with his current strength, there are many ways to make money.


Inside the villa room.

Xie Yuexuan hung up the communicator and couldn't help but fall down on the back bed and laughed, it was so enjoyable!

That's how the crooks should be treated!

Thinking of being scolded by herself, the other party could not return her mouth at all, her mouth could not help but be happy, and the curvature was raised.


The anger in her heart vented all at once.

After lying down for a while, she sat up again, her hips slipped along the edge of the bed onto the sofa cushion on the carpet below, and she sat in front of the computer again. This time she moved the mouse directly and clicked on the complaint interface.

She wants to complain to this person and completely cure!

Save this person from continuing to deceive others.

After the complaint was over, she was in a relaxed mood and closed the webpage.

At this time, her communicator suddenly sounded, and she was startled, instinctively thinking, is this a scammer?

But soon she was relieved. She set a hidden communication number, and the other party could not track her at all, otherwise she would not use her own communication device to dial.

After all, there are still many benefits to having money.

She picked up the communicator, and when she saw the name displayed above, her face suddenly changed, and she quickly took it in and said, "Teacher?"

A slightly majestic and generous voice came from across the road, saying: "Yue Xuan, is that problem solved?"

Xie Yuexuan's heart tightened, and he stuttered a little: "Old, teacher, I'm thinking, I'm getting clues."

"Well, within three days, give me as soon as possible."

"Good teacher."

"Come on, I'm very optimistic about your performance this time."

The communication ended quickly.

Xie Yuexuan's just straight waist board bent down suddenly. Thinking of the "three days" just said in the communicator, she couldn't help but numb her scalp and had some headaches. She fought many times in the battle venue with a virtual battle pet simulator. But they all failed, and tried various methods.

This is a very difficult subject.

The lion refining lion is from the fire department, and has natural restraint against the undead monsters. Although the intensity of restraint is not as powerful as the sacred department, it is also extremely terrible.

After she failed countless times, she also found another way, tried to use the Yan Yan lion to fight the automatic corpse Luo soul beast, and the result was an easy victory.

It can be seen that this is a natural suppression of the beast.

However, it is exactly the same, and there will be such a question. If it is a very easy question, how will it be handed over to her for postgraduate study?

With a sigh, she lay on the bed and continued to think...


In the shop.

Su Ping continued to practice while sitting in the shop, and was also planning other ways to make money.

The time gradually reached five o'clock, and it was time for Fengshan College to leave school.

The sky gradually entered dusk, and the sun shining west.

At this time, not only the school, but also the day when the average worker is off work.

There were gradually more people on the street, and noises also appeared. Soon, Suping shop rushed in a few figures. Su Ping looked up and saw the old faces.

"Mr. Su!"

Zhang Baoxing was the first to take the lead. He expected that Su Ping's business would be hot today, so he only sneaked out of the classroom during the last class, and came to the Su Ping store as quickly as possible.

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