Astral Pet Store Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Mystery Opens First

Seeing their own beasts exhibiting skills that they have never used before, these trainees who came to Suping for the first time were stunned.

If they didn't feel the power of the contract, they all doubted whether their beast was transferred.

In just one day, have you realized new skills?

This is nurturing, it is simply a change of pets!

At this time, these students realized why some people heard Su Ping said such an outrageous nurturing effect, but didn't even test it, and thanked him and turned to leave.

They thought it was Su Ping's trust.

Unexpectedly, this nurturing effect was really so outrageous.

Is this the ability of top nurturing masters?

Ye Hao stood next to him, seeing the reactions of these students, his brows twitched slightly. If he read correctly, these people seemed to send their beasts to Su Ping. After only one day of cultivation, the earth-shaking changes have taken place?

Is the cultivation effect here really so good?

His face changed slightly when he thought of the rumor of the thunderbolt in the college.

Soon, after Su Ping sent away all the people who came to collect the beasts, he began to charge to register and receive new beasts.

It didn't take long for Ye Hao's turn.

"I want the best kind of cultivation." Ye Hao said, he wants the best.

money? That's just numbers.

Su Ping thought of the professional services that had not yet been opened, and sighed in his heart, saying: "For the time being, it is ordinary cultivation."

Ye Hao raised his eyebrows, "Then I want the best general nurturing."

Su Ping: "..."

"Ordinary cultivation is the same." Su Ping said again.

Ye Hao frowned, silent for a moment, and said, "Well, I'm cultivating a sixth-order wind-rage beast."

This is his deputy favorite, and is the favorite of the wind elements of the seventh-order lineage, and has not yet reached the peak period.

And his seventh-order silver snake thunder dragon beast was seriously injured yesterday and is still being treated.

Su Ping nodded, registered with him as usual, and collected money.

After Ye Hao entrusted the wind and fury to Su Ping, he appeased the mood of the wind and fury beast, and then turned and left here.

Su Ping continued to register and collect money. Time passed quickly, and in an instant, his cultivation space and foster care were saturated again.

Upon seeing this, Su Ping could only helplessly announce that it was full today.

The crowd lining up behind heard Su Ping's words, and immediately wailed.

Among them, the old customers have the most wailing noises, and some customers who come to Suping for the first time dont feel much. Anyway, they are here to join in the fun, mainly to get familiar with Su Ping and to get closer, right Cultivation does not care.

Su Pingping's team was separated, so he closed the door and continued to cultivate behind closed doors.

After cultivating into the afternoon, Su Ping once got out of the Dragon King heritage, and suddenly felt that there was a person standing at the door, with a strong breath and some familiarity.

He is a little surprised, is it a customer?

Su Ping opened the door and saw that he was familiar with the face, but not a customer.

"Uh, boss Su?"

Ye Chenshan was waiting at the door. He was shocked when he saw the shop door suddenly opened, and Han Mao stood up slightly. When he saw that the door was opened by Su Ping, he couldn't help but feel a little stunned.

He came here and knocked on the door, there was no response, and through induction, he found that there was no one in the store, Su Ping was not in the store. He tried to play Su Ping's communicator, and no one answered it, so he had to stay in front of the shop.

I thought Su Ping was going out and would come back from the outside, but I didn't expect to come out of the shop behind him in a blink of an eye.

Su Ping was surprised when he saw him. He suddenly thought of what he said last time, and he moved his heart and said, "The secret has opened?"

Ye Chenshan did not expect Su Ping to be so direct, even skipping the greetings, he choked slightly, and smiled bitterly: "Boss Su, don't come unharmed!"


Su Ping turned to enter the store and asked casually: "The star crack that was opened last time, was the development completed later?"

Ye Chenshan also walked into the store and said: "Boss Su laughed, how could a starry sky crack be developed so quickly, and the last time that starry sky crack was vast in area. The information collected so far has been tentatively advanced. The Star Zone is comparable to the A-level barren area. It is estimated that two or three years will be needed to open up. This is still a case of rapid progress."

Su Ping didn't know much about the deserted area, but asked casually. When he said this, he had a concept in his heart and nodded and said, "Are you acquaintances in other deserted areas?"

Ye Chenshan smiled and said: "Of course, our Beichen team has a very extensive network. Does boss Su want to go to other barren areas?"

Su Ping shook his head, "It's nothing, but it might trouble you and help me take care of someone."

"Oh?" Ye Chenshan was interested, but he didn't expect Su Ping to beg him for it. Looking at it this way, his relationship with Su Ping can be paid back. "If it's caring for someone, it might be limited to C and B. Abandoned area, if it is A-level abandoned area, we can do nothing."

Su Ping nodded, and also had a general understanding of their team's combat power. In the A-level desert area, they all need to be taken care of, and how can they take care of people.

He didn't continue to talk about it, after all, he couldn't determine which barren area Su Lingyue was going to.

"Tell me about the secret realm." Su Ping sat down and said.

Ye Chenshan was surprised when he saw that Su Ping had skipped this topic, but did not ask much. When he turned his words to the secret realm, his expression was also more serious. He said: "The secret realm officially opened at 9 am the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow morning At six o'clock, I will come to pick up boss Su. At that time, we will first leave the base city and go to the barren area, and then follow the sixth barren road from the pioneer to the secret location."

As soon as Su Ping heard this time, he knew that he had come to inform himself now that he had reserved time for himself to deal with chores.

He nodded and asked, "What we are going to enter is the secret realm of Longtai Mountain, right? What's inside?"

This time he was involved in danger personally and had to understand the details.

Ye Chenshan was already prepared and smiled slightly: "Boss Su seems not to log in frequently on the Pioneer website. I sent the detailed information in the secret territory to your Pioneer account by email last night. You can see it by logging in. To."

Su Ping froze, opened the webpage and logged on the pioneer website, and found that there was an email prompt.

He clicked in and found that there were many words of intelligence, but instead of looking closely, he turned to Ye Chenshan and said: "Last time you said that your team got a map of the treasure area. Is this map in the mail?"

Ye Chenshan coughed and said, "Boss Su, this map is currently confidential. It is only in the hands of the captain. I haven't got the complete map information. When you arrive tomorrow, when we go in together, the captain will put the map Openly, this is to prevent leakage, I hope boss Su will forgive me."

Su Ping raised an eyebrow, thought for a while, and said, "Also."

Seeing Su Ping agree, Ye Chenshan breathed a sigh of relief, and Su Ping asked again: "What good do I have?"

Ye Chenshan was surprised for a while, and the opening of the ordinary mystery will inevitably attract countless pioneers to go there. Seeing the meaning of Su Ping, he only wants to get benefits before he can go.

He was a little speechless, but thinking of Su Ping's indifferent reaction last time, he was already prepared in his heart. After all, the secret realm was opened, and Su Ping could also pass by themselves. When they asked Su Ping to help, it was naturally sufficient.

"This boss Su is at ease." Ye Chenshan said: "This time the treasure area, there are many secret treasures, in addition to the core secret treasure inside, the rest of the secret treasures, our captain said, boss Su can choose one first!

In addition, after the event is completed, boss Su will be compensated with one million pioneer achievements. What does boss Su think? "

Su Ping raised an eyebrow. Although the compensation for this merit was not less than one million yuan, it was also worth hunting down an eighth-order monster. The last time he hunted the corpse beast, he had already earned 1.6 million merits.

Later, I bought some materials for the cultivation of the golden black **** demon body, and the original water treasure armor, and most of them were deleted.

"If it fails, one million merits can't be less, if successful, two million merits!" Su Ping said directly.

One million is too little, so I will buy another original water treasure armor, and a little more, and exploring the secret realm is naturally more dangerous than the barren area, not to mention that they still go to the treasure hunt this time, purposeful, not reaching a certain depth The degree does not rest.

This is the same as seeing the danger when pioneering. It is two different things to turn around and withdraw, and the degree of danger is greatly increased.

Ye Chenshan's face changed slightly, and said: "Boss Su, there are a lot of merits for one million, you can still choose the secret treasure first!"

Su Ping said indifferently: "If it is not a core treasure, the general secret treasure is preferred, and that's it. Who knows if I finish picking, will there be better secret treasures behind? If it is a secret treasure other than the core treasure, when leaving the secret treasure, Take it out uniformly and let me choose, it's almost the same."

Ye Chenshan was dumb.

If this is the case, then Su Ping can get the best one besides the core treasure.

He obviously couldn't agree to this, and the other members of their team wouldn't agree. After all, Su Ping only came to help. After all, it was the outsiders in their team. How could they treat the outsiders favorably and let their players suffer?


The last day is doubled, and the monthly pass is tight. The monthly pass for this month will be added and replaced before the end of the month. It will never be left behind!

At present, I only owe a little more than a dozen changes. Maybe I will move my fingers a little, and I will make a more explosive, and I will make up half of it all at once.

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