Astral Pet Store Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Credit

Su Ping looked up, and came in an old man in Tang suit, followed by a half-human bird and beast.

The bird and beast had red feathers like an ostrich, and their small heads were drooping, and they seemed to be in a state of insanity.

Su Ping's heart moved when he saw the bird and beast.

"Boss, do you have any peculiar pets and beasts, the more fragrant ones?" Fan Shangde saw Su Ping, who was very young behind the counter, stepped forward and asked.

"Fragrant spoiling?" Su Ping surprised, seeing the bird and beast's frustrated appearance, relieved: "Don't it like eating recently?"

Fan Shangde nodded, and said with some distress: "It started a few days ago, and suddenly it doesn't eat much. I don't know why. I sent it to the doctor and didn't diagnose anything."

Su Ping said he understood that he turned around and took a bottle of "Yan Zhu Guo" from the counter behind his back, saying, "It should be like this."

"Oh?" Fan Shangde saw that Su Ping was so confident, and took Yan Zhuguo's eyes, then stared at him, "What kind of pet is this, I never seem to hear it."

Su Ping also didn't know how to explain it. After all, he didn't know whether the nurturing plane that the system sent him existed in the past, or it still exists to this day. Perhaps it is an ancient thing.

However, in any case, he believes in systematic judgment.

"You can let it taste." Su Ping said.

Fan Shangde has also done a lot of research on pets and beasts, but he did not recognize what this thing is. However, he wanted to come to Suping as a regular pet shop. He should not sell anything that eats bad birds and beasts. He unscrewed the bottle cap. Pour two gently from the inside.

At the moment when the cap of his bottle was unscrewed, the flaming bird, who was originally looking down and frustrated, suddenly moved his feathers on his head, and then he looked up.

"Huh?" Seeing the beast's reaction, Fan Shangde was stunned and suddenly confident. He lowered his hands and sent two fruits to his mouth.

The firebird quickly pecked its head and pecked in two fruits. As soon as it was eaten, it screamed happily, its short wings flapped happily, and its eyes turned to the whole bottle of fruit on the counter, radiating a blazing glow .

Fan Shangde was stunned, a little surprised, this little guy has been losing his appetite for several days, and now he is so excited to eat, not enough?

Since it worked, Fan Shangde didn't think much, and immediately said to Su Ping: "Boss, what kind of pet is this, give me a few bottles first."

Su Ping saw that the Firebird was drooling, and he seemed to be unable to bear the initiative. He held the bottle quietly and moved it back to himself, saying, "This is Yan Zhuguo, Chi Zhuni's favorite. Food, this is the bottle in the store, one 130, and 34 inside, are you all?"

"Oh, a bottle of 130..." Fan Shangde thought about it, thinking that the price was still appropriate, and suddenly froze the next moment, "One grain?"

Su Ping nodded, "One grain!"

Fan Shangde was stunned, facing Su Ping's four eyes. When he saw Su Ping's serious and calm gaze, he was sure that his ears had not been misheard.

At this time, Yu Guang also saw other commodities behind the counter of Su Ping. When he saw their price, he was a little surprised. He didn't expect that the expensive one was not his own, and there were other more expensive ones!

From this point of view, it is not that Su Ping's temporary price increase deliberately slaughtered him.

"Is there anything special about you?" Fan Shangde quickly recovered and asked curiously.

Su Ping was a little surprised to see the other person's calm appearance, and said truthfully: "These effects of petting are different, but most of the effects have some help to improve the strength of the beast, and some have other benefits. Its not simply a pet, its definitely worth the money."

"Is it helpful for strength improvement?" Fan Shangde was very interested and pointed to the most expensive "Colorful Buddha Heart Leaf" in it, saying: "This price is 20,000, what is the use of this thing?"

"This can improve the understanding of the beast." Su Ping said.

"Improve perception?" Fan Shangde froze for a moment, his eyes flickered slightly, and he quickly received it back, and said to Su Ping, "Give me ten pieces of this rock Zhu Guo first, and wait for the food to come again."

Su Ping is a little surprised, has the order placed?

So to say... he made money?

Seeming to see the energy point beckoning towards himself, Su Ping felt a little turbulent, but showed that he was still very calm. He quickly calculated and said, "The price of 10 capsules is 1300. Your Chizhu bird just took two capsules. Its 260, for a total of 1560."

Fan Shangde nodded slightly and crossed the money to Su Ping, asking: "How long can these 10 capsules be eaten?"

Su Ping thought for a while and said, "If it's enough to fill it up...it won't necessarily be enough, but if you want to save a little, you can mix this rock fruit in other pets, so you can Ten meals for it."

"Uh..." Fan Shangde hadn't thought this thing was expensive. Now when he heard Su Ping say this, he suddenly felt a little bit of money.

Although he is not short of money, he has a meal of 1500...

"Thank you boss." Fan Shangde turned and left the Beast Shop. When he went out, he looked back at the shop's signboard-Xiao Naughty.


After sending away the guests, Su Ping immediately checked his account, and it was 1560!

In terms of conversion, this is 15.6 energy!

The mission he received to breed a beast, only needs 10 energy to hatch a beast, that is to say, he has the ability to complete the mission!

"Fortunately, the breeding plane selected this time is not desolate. If you choose a ruined world, and there are no pets or plants in it, that is the beginning of blood collapse..." Su Ping secretly rejoiced in his heart.



Azure Bay Garden.

A seemingly ordinary community, the buildings inside are also relatively old, some years.

Fan Shangde clasped his hands in both hands and was in a very good mood. He led the red cinnabar to the leisurely walk back to the community, met some old acquaintances along the way, took a pet or a spouse, and walked in the community park.

"Old virtue, come out and walk the silly bird again."

"You are walking your wife..."

"Bah, you only walk your wife!"

"Old German is still so old and unreasonable, go around..."

An old couple left quickly.

After finishing talking with the old acquaintances, Fan Shangde smiled and led Chi Zhuniao back to his small building, took out the key and opened the door.

Come to the elevator inside, take the elevator to the sixth floor.

He lives in 601.

As soon as he opened the door, Fan Shangde saw someone in the room. The most obvious evidence was that the stinky socks he had thrown at the door disappeared!

There are thieves?

Fan Shangde did not panic, but was very calm. After changing his shoes off at the entrance, he turned to the living room and immediately saw two figures sitting in the living room. In addition, there was a smell of cooking in the kitchen.

"Grandpa, you are back." Two young figures on the sofa stood up quickly.

One of the girls was lively and active. When she saw Fan Shangde, her eyes lit up and she ran over with cheering. "Grandpa, we have been waiting for you for a long time."

Fan Shangde smiled and touched the girl's head, "How come you have time to play today."

"Isn't it like grandpa?" The girl coquettishly.

"Hey, just count your sweet lips." Fan Shangde smiled.

The young man standing honestly on the sofa said with a smile: "Grandpa, last time did you not say that your Chizhu bird has no appetite recently, don't you like to eat? I bought some fire birds and beasts in the team. Something specially sent to you today."

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