Astral Pet Store Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Wasteland Assembly

In the shop.

In the evening, Su Ping came out of the Dragon King heritage again.

He threw the two beasts he fostered into the nurturing space and then sat in the shop to rest.

After continuous cultivation, the Dragon King inherited the dragon-scale land in the ground, and he has developed more than seventy pieces, with more than thirty remaining.

Su Ping feels that he should be able to develop completely after another day and night.

Now the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the Dark Dragon Dog, and the Purple and Green Dragon Python have all grown into adulthood, and their strength has exploded, allowing him to develop rapidly. If it is not a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder, he intends to change to other cultivation grounds.

This dragon king inherits the dragon scale land in the land, and the breeding effect of the three pet beasts is already very general.

"After all, it is a primary cultivation ground, and the highest degree of danger is also about the king beast." Su Ping secretly said, although the king beast is his irresistible existence at present, there are not many in the dragon scale land.

Moreover, just the deterrent stimulus of the king beast, it can not achieve the effect of high-speed growth.

After a short break, footsteps suddenly came from outside.

Then there was a knock on the door.

Su Ping spread the idea and found that it was Su Lingyue.

He went up to open the door and saw Su Lingyue standing at the door with a warm lunch box in his hand.

Su Ping still remembered what she said to her yesterday, saying: "Why didn't you see you in the morning?"

"There is a class today." Su Lingyue handed him the lunch box and looked into the dark shop. She still didn't see what she was expecting. Some regrets. She said to Su Ping: "Why don't you always turn on the light."

"Power saving."

Su Lingyue pouted, entered the store and said, "Is there any seat for you now?"

"There are a few." Su Ping said as he sat behind the counter with the lunch box and opened the lid.

After he nurtured the beasts, he would contact their owners to pick them up. Among them, the owners of a few beasts came in the afternoon, so they vacated seven or eight places.

Su Lingyue breathed a sigh of relief, watching him eat right, humming, some reluctantly said: "One hundred thousand, right?"


"Can you bargain?"


"How about ninety-nine thousand?"


Su Lingyue opened the communicator and reluctantly transferred money to Su Ping.

Su Ping deliberately glanced, and found that it was indeed one hundred thousand, and then nodded and said, "Leave black charcoal."

Su Lingyue opened the summoning space and summoned her main battle monster, the Phantom Flame Beast.

Phantom Flame Beast saw Su Ping, suddenly showing pointed little teeth, raised his head high, looked at him mockingly.

This foolish human has been teased many times by it.

Su Ping saw the Phantom Flame Beast, and a flash of light flashed in his eyes. He still remembered waking up on the first day and was scared to fall off the bed, when the nose bridge almost broke!

Now it finally fell into my hands.

The Phantom Flame Beast saw Su Ping's eyes and a slightly savvy wit, which made it inexplicably feel a chill. The cold hair all started slightly, but he quickly calmed down again, and there were doubts and ghosts in his heart. Is it an illusion?

"You have to take good care of the snowball, and don't call it black charcoal!"

"Uh huh."

Su Pingxiaoyin nodded.

"I'm going to the barren area the day after tomorrow, can I be nurtured by then?" Su Lingyue asked. Although she knew that the nurturing speed in the Suping shop was extremely fast, but it was of great importance, she asked.

Su Ping was surprised and said, "Are you going to the barren area the day after tomorrow?"

"Yeah, um? Also?" Su Lingyue just answered, suddenly stunned, and looked at Su Ping in doubt, "Are you going?"

Su Ping shook her head when she saw that she was leaking.

He is not a lie, he is in a secret area, strictly speaking not a wasteland.

"Why do you have to say that?" Su Lingyue saw him deny it, and he was dubious.

Su Pingdao: "I have a friend to go."


"You don't know what you said."

Su Ping did not entangle her more in this respect, saying: "Since you are going to the barren area, you should bring the original water treasure armor, and return it to me when you come back."

Su Lingyue glanced at him, thought for a while, and said, "Also."

She loved the original water treasure armor pole. In the previous exchange battle, she had seen the power of this thing. No matter how the opponent's fifth-order beast attacked, she could not hurt her in any way, and her defense ability was incredible. She didn't know this thing, where Su Ping got it from.

However, the shocks and changes that Su Ping brought to her these days, one after another, she slowly adapted.

"Then I'll wear it first." Su Lingyue said, she was embarrassed to take such a treasure as her own, just thinking that Su Ping was sitting in the store every day, didn't go out much, and didn't encounter any danger. Accepted first.

Moreover, this time she went to the barren area for the first time. She was a place where many graduates of seniors struggled. In her heart, she was both yearning, anxious and tense. I didnt know what danger she would encounter. If she does, she has a deeper heart.

"You haven't graduated yet, why did you go to the barren area?" Su Ping asked suspiciously, he remembered that there were ten days before graduation.

Su Lingyue said: "The exchange competition is over and there will be no more activities in the back college, so the college recommends us the key top students to exercise in the barren areas."

"You guys?" Su Ping wondered, "Is there anyone else?"

"Of course." Su Lingyue was also a little speechless about Su Ping's words. Anyway, he was a senior instructor of the college. However, he didn't know anything about such a big arrangement.

"Besides me, there are also the first five of the second grade and the top ten of the third grade. There are 16 people in total. In our first grade, there are only two places, one is me and the other is defeated by me. Runner-up." Su Lingyue said, his face slightly proud.

This is a very honorable thing. When it was announced in the class, there was exclamation all around.

Su Ping broke his finger and said, "A total of seventeen people?"

Su Lingyue looked at him with weird eyes and no good air: "It was originally seventeen people, but Ye Hao, who was in the third grade, heard that he was going to secret training elsewhere, so he didn't join us."

Su Ping uttered a sigh and asked, "Are you going to a C-level barren area or a B-level barren area?"

Su Lingyue raised her eyebrows. She had only heard about it from the Qin tutor who valued herself recently. She didnt expect Su Ping to know that. She asked: "How do you know C and B? Have you been?"

Su Ping did not answer, but said: "You answer me first."

Su Lingyue bulged his mouth dryly and said in a dry way: "Of course it is a Grade C barren area, we are all students, and the Grade B barren area is so dangerous. Do you think you can go anywhere?"

Su Ping was relieved. If he went to the B-level barren area, even if he had the original water treasure armor, he was a little worried that this sister would not come back. After all, even the old pioneers like Ye Chenshan almost hung up last time. He was rescued by him.

"That's good."

Su Ping said, "Are you training in the barren area, or entering the star crack in the barren area?"

The barren area and the starry sky crack are two dangerous levels. The starry sky crack is divided into three levels: low, medium and high. Although most of the C-level barren areas are low-level starry sky cracks, after all, the main formation of the barren area is to escape from the starry sky crack The monster is out of control.

But there are some exceptions.

For example, the Starfield Rift they went to last time, although in the B-level barren area, the danger is comparable to the higher level of the A-level barren area.

"Do you still know the cracks in the starry sky?" Su Lingyue froze, feeling that Su Ping knew more than she did.

"Have you been to a deserted area?" Su Lingyue looked at him suspiciously. However, to say that Su Ping had been there, she didn't seem to see Su Ping's long time away from home. Its not uncommon for any internet cafe to go.

Su Ping looked at her and always asked herself, she was helpless and said, "You first say which barren area you are going to."

Su Lingyue looked at her strangely, but replied: "It's in the barren mountain area of Beipo near our base city."

Su Ping heard, this is an ordinary C-level barren area, nothing special.

"Follow the team in the barren area, don't run around by yourself, and don't chase after you see the monster running away." Su Ping taught: "In simple words, when you are in the forest, you can stay away from the water, see strange places, don't doubt Its my own illusion and stay alert."

Su Lingyue did not expect that she would be taught face-to-face by Su Ping, and she was very depressed.

She used to teach Su Ping, but now it's the other way round. She pouted and tried to argue, but thinking of Su Ping's strength now far exceeded her, she was silent.

When Su Ping finished speaking, she didn't care if she listened or not. Anyway, for this sister, he can help.

"Go home if you have nothing to do, and I'm full." Su Ping got up, ready to continue to exercise.

Su Lingyue looked at the lunch box of the CD, put it away, and comforted the snowball, and left. Before leaving, he told him again, "Help me take good care of it."

When Su Lingyue's figure went away, Su Ping closed the door and turned to look at the flaming flame beast lying lazily on the counter.

The Phantom Flame Beast is like a fat lazy cat, rolling slightly on the counter. It had long known that Su Ping was an acquaintance and was not nervous at all. His eyes glanced at him indifferently, although he did not frighten this stupid human being a few times. But it was still full of contempt for its embarrassed appearance.

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