Astral Pet Store Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Final Preparation

"It's your master who brought you to your door, little fellow." Su Ping moved his wrist and smiled as he walked.

The flamboyant beast like a lazy cat hummed and turned his head to look at him with disdain, completely unable to understand what the stupid human being said in a joke.

Su Ping saw its reaction and smiled more intensely.

"Come, I will take you to play."

Su Ping picked it up from the counter and walked to the beast room.

The Phantom Flame beast patted Su Ping's hand with his paws and grunted, as if to say, don't touch me with your dirty hands.

However, although he didn't like being touched, it didn't struggle violently. Every time he scared Su Ping, he would get into Su Ping's bed and familiar with Su Ping's smell.

Su Ping brought up the cultivation list, selected the Dragon King heritage, and then selected a customer's beast from the cultivation space and brought it into the cultivation plane.

Before entering, it is natural to sign a temporary contract.

After signing the interim contract, the resistance of the Phantom Flame Beast to Su Ping was much weaker. I felt that this stupid human does not seem so obtrusive.

Entering the dragon king's heritage, laziness and disobedience of the illusionary beast naturally became Su Ping's key "care" object. It didn't take long before a burst of meowing screams and a dragon somewhere. Clouds rang through the land.

When one cultivation ended, Su Ping returned to the store.

The Phantom Flame Beast was teleported to Su Ping's feet. When he saw the surrounding environment returning to the previously familiar shop, he immediately lay prostrate on the ground, breathing heavily, feeling like he woke up from a nightmare.

Su Ping smiled slightly.


He held the Phantom Flame Beast and picked another pet beast and entered the Dragon King Heritage again.

The scream of sorrow also resounded again in the inheritance.

Once again, nurture until the next morning.

After a night of cultivating, the Phantom Flame Beast, which was supervised by Su Ping, has undergone earth-shaking changes. The first is a soft and fat body, which has been out of exercise, and his body has become slender, like a smart black cat.

In addition, a strand of red hair appeared in the hair on his body. Although this red hair was also there before, it was extremely sparse, like a few mixed hairs, but now it is a strand of hair, as bright as flames.

Su Ping has seen that with the appraisal technique, the combat power of Phantom Flame has soared from 4.9 to 6.5 directly!

Qualifications range from inferior to inferior, reaching inferior to intermediate, and it is estimated that after cultivating a few more times, you will be able to enter inferior to superior!

With such a combat power, Su Ping is also more at ease. In the C-level barren area, such combat power is enough to protect Su Lingyue's safety.

After the cultivation was completed, the ephemeral beasts temporary contract was automatically released, but it only glanced at Su Ping silently, then lowered its head, curled up on the ground, and behaved very calmly, or even a little melancholy.

When it was nurtured, it was thrown into the fire pit by Su Ping again and again, or when it was ordered to attack the monsters that it could not overcome, it was not that it had not tried to resist, but... after being beaten by Su Ping, it It was completely settled, and there was no such thought again.

Today, without the restraint of the temporary contract, it has restored its freedom, but it only shrinks to the ground, staring at the floor in a daze, as if... thinking about life.

Su Ping looked at the sky and it was almost time for business.

But he doesn't plan to open business today, only to give his master the pets cultivated yesterday.

Tomorrow will go to the secret realm, he has to make preparations, now that the store has gained fame, it is not bad for such a day or two of business.

Su Ping threw the Phantom Beast into the foster care, then poured himself a glass of water, sat behind the counter, and brought up the system store.

He has been nurturing until this morning, the store has been automatically refreshed long ago, and he hasn't had time to check it.

When the store opened, Su Ping suddenly saw that the five items of yesterday had been replaced, and a medium-sized trapping ring was painted inside.

Su Ping found that this medium-sized trap ring seems to be the most intermediate-level item in the secondary store.

Without saying a word, Su Ping bought it directly. Now his energy has accumulated to nearly 400,000. Although he is about half way to reach the level 4 spirit pool, he can completely splurge in the store.

Except for the medium beast ring, there is nothing good.

Su Ping started to refresh.

There are five other commodities, one of which is Zhu Xueguo, which sells for 20,000 energy and is a fire elixir.

Su Ping sensed that his Jinwu God magic body might be used when practicing the second level, and he bought it easily.

Then continue to refresh.

When the refresh energy increased to 500 points, Su Ping stopped. Today's harvest is an intermediate beast trapping ring, and there are blind cultivation materials. The skill book and the original force Dan have not been refreshed. This makes Su Ping somewhat. Disappointed.

"To cultivate the gods and monsters to the second stage, I have already accumulated three flavors in my hand. I'm still a few short. This time I went to the secret realm and happened to be able to find it in the pioneer store." Su Ping secretly said.

After closing the store, Su Ping sat there and thought for a while, then found a cardboard in the store and wrote about the suspension of business.

After writing, he hung to the door.

When Su Ping opened the store and wanted to hang the cardboard at the door, he realized that there were already a dozen people standing outside the store.

It was just dawning at the moment.

Su Ping was stunned, a little speechless. Are these people ghosts? There was no sound outside the shop. He didn't sense it deliberately and didn't notice it.

"Mr. Su?"

Seeing that the shop was opened suddenly, the dozen people waiting were a little stunned. Su Ping opened the door so early.

Is this the early bird that eats worms? Everyone's eyes lit up quickly, and they quickly gathered together, and quickly formed a line in accordance with the order of the previous arrival.

"Mr. Su, are you so early today?" The young man with short hair was at the top of the list. He was surprised. He had been to the Suping shop twice. He never saw the door open so early. This is when the sun came out from the west. Too.

Someone noticed the cardboard in Su Ping's hand. When he saw the big words of business suspension written above, he couldn't help but be surprised.

"Mr. Su, are you going to suspend business?"



Su Ping hung the cardboard next to the door number outside the store and said helplessly: "Sorry, something is wrong. If you don't pick up the beast today, you can come over to collect the beast."

Everyone was stunned. Seeing Su Ping said this, it was not good to continue to ask. Some people who were preparing to cultivate pet beasts were a little bit depressed. It was so rare to get up so early.

The person who came to collect the beast immediately walked up and lined up to collect the beast.

Su Ping brought out their beasts and returned them one by one.

At this time, people came outside one after another, but after hearing the news of the suspension of business, they all sighed and had to go back again. If you hurry, you might be able to go back and make up.

As the sky became brighter, more and more people came, but after knowing the news of the suspension of business, they had to leave.

At noon, Su Ping returned the nurturing beasts in the space, all of them were returned, completely emptied.

Most of the pets in the foster care are also cleared out, leaving only a few. Their master seems to be in trouble and can only come over to collect them at night.

Su Ping looked at the restoration of the empty store and felt a lot easier. He came to the store and twirled around. When he walked to the breeding pool, he suddenly felt the energy in his pocket was about to move and wanted to give birth to try.

However, thinking about the probability of giving birth to the king beast, and his own luck, think about it or hold back.

Waiting to reach level 4 before gestating, the probability of appearing king beast increases, and then he is afraid that these energies are not enough, so save it first.

At noon, Su Ping was about to go out for dinner, a famous car on the road drove, and Xu Kuang jumped out of the car. This time he came alone, and he dared not take his elder sister, and his elder sister Tomorrow will go to the secret realm, today is ready to return to the team.

Seeing Su Ping in front of the shop, Xu Kuang quickly stepped forward and said, "Mr. Su, hello, I was so sorry yesterday. My sister misunderstood you without understanding it..."

Su Ping didn't care about this episode yesterday, saying: "It's nothing."

Xu Kuang saw the sign hanging at the door of Su Pingdian and was surprised: "Mr. Su, you are going to suspend business? Why, did my old lady offend you yesterday and affect your business..."

"You think too much, your sister hasn't had such energy." Su Ping didn't have a good air.

Xu Kuang was relieved and asked, "Why is that?"

Su Ping is a little speechless, why do some people like to get to the bottom?

"There is no reason, just go out." Su Ping perfunctory, unwilling to say more.

Xu Kuang was even more curious and said, "Go out? Where are you going?"

"Go to the jungle."

"Jungle? Instructor Su, do you want me to take you with me?"


After getting rid of Xu Kuang, Su Ping finished his meal at the restaurant next to him and returned to the shop.

Throughout the afternoon, Su Ping continued to soak in the Dragon King heritage. He has already developed ninety dragon-scale land, and the fighting power of the three pet beasts has improved a lot again.

In the evening, Su Lingyue came over to deliver food, and Su Ping returned her Phantom Flame** to her.


I didnt sleep well yesterday, today I only guarantee the bottom.

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