Astral Pet Store Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Go To Guaranteed 1

Seeing the appearance of Phantom Flame Beast, Su Lingyue was a little stunned.

This slender and perfect guy is really the fat round monster before her?

If she didn't feel the **** of the contract, she suspected she had been dropped.

Seeing Su Lingyue, the phantom flame beast that was sluggishly pulled out by Su Ping, his body shook suddenly, and he kept trembling in Su Ping's hand. While Su Ping was not paying attention, he suddenly broke free from his hand and rushed to Su Ling Yue arms.


It cried with milk, tears in its eyes, and wanted to cry.

Su Lingyue stroked its fluffy head and said to Su Ping: "It... how could this be?" Her expression "What did you do to my Phantom Fire Beast"?

Su Ping's face was indifferent and said: "It has realized three skills, the magic sea, the firework chain, and the fire dragon scroll. You go back to find a place to test yourself and become familiar with its power changes as soon as possible.

In addition, with its current combat power, it can only cope with ordinary sixth-order median monsters at best. If you can't tell which ones are ordinary sixth-order median monsters, then learn to run. "

Su Lingyu stunned, then opened her mouth a little, and looked at Su Ping in amazement.

"These three skills..."

If she remembers correctly, these three skills, except the firework chain, are all advanced skills! Among them, the fire dragon scroll is an eighth-level skill, and it is a growth skill. As long as the energy of the beast is enough, it can be played to the level of the ninth level!

The ninth-order Fire Dragon Scroll has also been renamed Fire Dragon Scroll, which is a super-range skill comparable to natural disasters!

Looking at Su Ping's calm expression, Su Lingyue was suspicious. Although from her intuition, she felt that Su Ping did not seem to deceive her, but such a change happened in just one day, which was also incredible.

Moreover, can it match the sixth-order median monster?

You know, her Phantom Flame Beast is only Tier 4 now.

This is equivalent to two levels of combat!

Seeing that Su Lingyue was staying here, Su Ping didn't care about her any more, opened the lunch box on her own, finished eating quickly, and then pushed the lunch box in front of her, saying, "Go back if you're okay, and you'll leave tomorrow Rest early and get ready."

Su Lingyue came back, stunned, and couldn't help saying: "What you just said is true?"

Su Ping glanced at her. If she was not afraid that she was like Su Yanying, she didn't know how to use her skills. He was too lazy to elaborate and said: "Do you think I will make such a big joke with you?"

Su Lingyu was startled, his face slightly changed.


This is not a joke.

You know, she will soon go to the barren area. If she estimates her own beast ability wrongly, the result will be devastating, which is no less than murder!

This shows that what Su Ping said is true.

Thinking of this, her mind was a little blank, only one day, and the span of improvement was too terrifying!

With this phantom beast alone, she feels that she can easily win even if she challenges the sophomore champion!


"Huh? What?"

"...Nothing, thank you anyway!"

"Nothing, you paid."


Su Lingyue took a deep glance at Su Ping. Although Su Ping said lightly and indifferently, she had inquired from her classmates. What she nurtured here at Su Ping is at most a skill. Only in extremely special circumstances can she realize it. Two skills, and her Phantom Flame Beast, this time comprehend the three skills at a stretch, not to mention, and the combat power has increased dramatically!

There is no doubt that this was specifically cultivated by Su Ping for her.

Thinking of the usual quarrel and quarrel, she suddenly didn't feel hateful, but she slightly tilted her mouth.

She said nothing more, carrying an empty lunch box and preparing to leave.

Su Ping stopped her and said, "Go back and tell Mom, I have something to go out tomorrow. The meal will save her from worrying about it. I will eat outside. In addition, I will sleep in the store at night. When I go back, you know, I'm busy with business these days."

"You have to go out tomorrow?" Su Lingyue wondered at the notice at the door.

Su Ping nodded slightly, withdrew 100,000 federal currency, and handed it to Su Lingyue: "Tell Mom, this is what you earned in the past few days." With the previous flow of this small shop, it earned 100,000 in a few days, which is already a super business It's hot. As a result, the credibility is higher.

Su Lingyue saw the 100,000 handed over by Su Ping, and her cheek slightly twitched. She was quite familiar with the business in the Su Ping store. She easily made several million a day, and now she took out 100,000. It only took a few days to earn, which is simply blatantly opening my eyes and talking nonsense.

And why is it one hundred thousand?

She felt the pain in her heart as she thought of the 100,000 she had given.

However, thinking of the Phantom Flame Beast in her arms, she was instantly bright again. With the cultivation effect of the Phantom Flame Beast, the blood earned by her 100,000 was worth even ten times or twenty times.

Of course, if she really wanted to double it ten times, she would not be able to give it.

"Okay." Su Lingyue took the money. She knew that Su Ping made more money and spent more, and said nothing, and she seriously doubted that the 100,000 in her hand was the one she gave to Su Ping. One hundred thousand.

Su Ping was relieved to see her promise. The 100,000 were naturally earned by his tutor. All the money earned through the store was converted into energy. Even if he was poor, he would not take the money made in the store directly. It's stupid to spend it.

Su Lingyue made the money well, and left with her lunch box, walking a little lightly, thinking about the skills of the Phantom Flame Beast, she could not wait to find a battle hall to display it, but before that, she had to send the money home Only she is afraid of losing it.

After Su Lingyue left, Su Ping got into the Dragon King heritage and began to exercise.

It was not until five o'clock in the morning that he took a nap in the inheritance ground and restored all his mental strength.



When Su Ping once again took time out of the Dragon King Heritage, a knock on the door came from outside.

Su Ping's consciousness extended, and it was Ye Chenshan who perceived the doorway.

"Wait for five minutes." Su Ping said.

"Okay, boss Su is not in a hurry." Ye Chenshan replied outside the door.

Taking advantage of this time, Su Ping emptied everything in the storage space, and then took the compressed biscuits and pure water he bought last night to a convenience store. Although a senior pioneer team like Ye Chenshan will definitely prepare it Food, but Su Ping still wants to prepare a little more to avoid accidents.

In addition, the medium beast trap ring purchased in the system store must also be brought.

It was difficult for him to reach the door once, and this time it happened to catch a few beasts back and throw them in the shop for sale.

In addition to these, there is nothing else to bring.

Su Ping brought four pet beasts, the small skull and the purgatory candle dragon beast, the dark dragon dog, and the purple and blue dragon python, this time going to the secret realm, a long distance away, leaving them in the foster care of the store, Su Ping worried The call will not pass by then.

When ready, Su Ping opened the door.

"Boss Su, did you have a good rest last night?" Ye Chenshan said with a smile.

Su Ping nodded and said, "Let's go."

"it is good."

Seeing that Su Ping was so efficient, Ye Chenshan was also quite comfortable. He brought Su Ping to the roadside car and opened the door for him.

This is a better off-road than Su Pings previous off-road vehicle that took Fan Yujing. The whole body is dark and the material is hard. It can resist armor-piercing projectiles and travel in the deserted areas. Even if it is attacked by a fourth-order monster, Can resist.

In addition, the car also comes with monsters to disperse bombs, as well as powerful tear gas and other weapons. It can stand out when encountering small monster groups, and the cost is more than ten times more expensive than helicopters!

Get in the car.

Ye Chenshan started the engine, left Taohuaxi Street, and went straight to the barren area.

The special letter license plate hanging on the car makes the car unobstructed all the way, even if the traffic lights are running.

"Captain, they are waiting for you at the base of the barren area." Ye Chenshan smiled, and also politely indicated that he came to pick up Su Ping alone, not to disrespect him.

Su Ping didn't care about these things. He only nodded and heard the scenery outside the car to continue thinking.



The suburbs of the base city are exclusively on the highway leading to the barren area.

A black off-road vehicle is galloping on the road. In addition to the black off-road that these pioneers love, there are some heavily armed buses with anti-aircraft artillery on the roof. There are many figures sitting in the bus, and the body is painted. Typeface.

Ares Academy.

Jianlan Academy.

Fengshan College.

These specially made buses are funded by some famous colleges, and the cost is expensive, just one.

In addition to the seven prestigious schools in the base city, there are some colleges that are not listed in the prestigious schools, but are also sprinting towards the prestigious schools. The faculty in the school is also quite strong. Nowadays, during the graduation season, several places have also been gathered. Go to the barren area.

Usually on sparsely populated highways, it has become quite lively today.

Su Ping looked at the black cross-country roaring outside the car window, and the college bus that surpassed from time to time, his brows were slightly provoked. It felt that this deserted area seemed quite lively. Not only did all the colleges come together, but also some quiet pioneers Drive away.

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