Astral Pet Store Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Inheritance Guaranteed 2

Su Ping withdrew his eyes and followed the team to continue climbing along the steps.

When it came to the top of the steps, it was a huge square.

The dense figure standing on the square, all are senior pioneers, powerful.

Despite the large number of people, the scene is not noisy and chaotic, just a little whispering. And when talking about some important things, they are also covered with a star power barrier, without showing any sound.

"The area of our Longjiang base city is here."

Nie Chengkong is very familiar with this place and leads the way ahead.

The pioneer teams on the square are not random positions, but have their own regional divisions. Each base city is an area. At the moment, Nie Chengkong led Su Pingren to a corner of the square. This is the base city of Longjiang. area.

All Longjiang base city teams can only stay in this area.

On the vertical sign in front of the area, the word Longjiang is written, below which is a number, 28.

Su Ping inquired that these 28 numbers are the order of entering the secret realm.

The reason it ranks 28 is related to the energy of the base city, not their pioneers.

This area has hundreds of square meters and hundreds of people have stood there.

The people of the Qin family that Su Ping had seen before were also in this area, and beside the leading young master of the Qin family, there were not only the six people who accompanied him, but more than a dozen more people.

The other teams around have kept some distance from the Qin family and are quite afraid.

The captains of several teams met Nie Chengkong, and took the initiative to say hello, greeting a few words.

Nie Chengkong saw one of the teams, his eyes lit up, he told Ye Chenshan and others to wait in place, then he quickly walked to the team and took the initiative to say hello.

Ye Chenshan glanced and said with a smile: "That is the Dragon Tooth team, fighting in the A-level barren area all year round, it is regarded as the top team. The leader of the Dragon Tooth team, once had our gratitude to our Captain Nie, also invited Our captain joined their team, but unfortunately the captain himself was ambitious and did not enter."

Su Ping glanced and found that the people in the Longya team were extremely imposing, and all of them were similar to Nie Chengkong.

And that middle-aged man who Nie Chengkong took the initiative to greet, stood there like a giant mountain, exuding powerful coercion invisible, it seemed that the body contained turbulent energy.

Su Ping's pupil narrowed a little, he had a feeling, it seemed to be a title-level strong!

Soon after Nie Chengkong said hello, he turned back.

Everyone stood in the corner of the area, looking around, and no one spoke.

Soon afterwards, some teams gradually came in, crowding hundreds of square meters of area.

For other teams coming late, they can only stand in the public area on the steps and wait.

It didn't take long before suddenly several figures flew over the square and stood in the sky, standing in front of many base city areas, a total of five people, exuding a strong aura, all of which existed in the title level!

The whispers in the square suddenly fell silent.

Many people looked up.

And some of the strong ones have their eyes flashed, but they just raise their heads slightly and don't like to look up directly.

"The secret realm has been opened, please invite the base city teams to enter in order, don't be confused!"

A middle-aged man dressed in black and short sleeves in the middle of the five, his eyes gazed and his voice thundered throughout the audience.

His tone was bland, but his voice was deafening, as he was speaking in his ear.

"It's Sword Master!"

Ye Chenshan looked up at the middle-aged man who was talking, with a little awe and a little enthusiasm in his eyes, "Dazun Zun is a title-level strongman who has been famous for many years.

Now forty-two years old, in addition to beastly arrogance, he practiced a terrifying sword sword, which is also extremely terrifying. When he was once invaded by monsters and monsters in the base city of his hometown, he alone cut eight tier nine monsters. My favorite pets are not summoned! "

Su Ping was surprised.

It is quite rare to have such power without relying on pets.

Most of the war pet masters he currently sees rely on pet beasts to fight. The cultivated pet beasts are much stronger than themselves, which also leads to a great dependence on pet beasts. The beasts can't beat.

In the square, there are not many people who know this knife, and many people show their awe.

This Dao Zun's life record is too outstanding, and many people are hailed as the possibility of becoming a legendary war pet master.

The other four people next to Dao Zun are all well-known title pet strategists. They have been famous for many years. Generally, the pet strategists who have just reached the title level have no courage and no qualification to stand in front of everyone. Overlook everyone.

After all, there are also some pioneers in the title cities in the base cities below.

After Dao Zun finished speaking, the person in charge of maintaining order in front of each area began to release to area 1.

People in the rest of the area can only look forward and wait quietly.


"I don't know if I can open up five areas in one go?"

In the middle of the air, an old man with white temples in the five, standing with his hands down, smiled indifferently.

His voice sounded, but it disappeared before reaching below.

A burly man with a bell tower next to him said indifferently: "It's good to be able to develop three pieces at a time. It's not anxious anyway. Even if all of them are developed now, it doesn't make much sense. I just don't know what baby will be born from this time. ."

"The last time you got the secret technique of the war body, but the old man was envious." The white-haired old man smiled.

"To each other, your blue flute is also good, a soul is broken, and the ninth-order monster beast is also scattered." The burly and strong man said indifferently.

Standing in the middle, Zun Zun looked calm, and after looking at it for a while, he turned around and said, "Everyone, I will go to the secret realm to rest first."

After he finished speaking, he turned directly and flew away, didn't stay longer.

Others glanced at each other and smiled bitterly. Only Dao Zun dared to ignore the existing order above and left at will.



"It's our turn."

Nie Chengkong smiled on his face, his eyes dignified.

The people in the front area have already gone through one after another and arrived in their area.

The Qin family at the front of the area acted first and went down the steps towards the top of the mountain.

Followed by that Longya team, and the other two top teams, they are not many, only five or six.

Then there are other first-class teams, including Nie Chengkong.

Everyone walked steadily, walking down the steps to the top of the mountain, and they saw a space vortex like a star crack, suspended at a height of more than ten meters in the air.

The people in front entered one after another.

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, and he jumped in after Ye Chenshan.

A familiar sense of time and space conversion came, and Su Ping quickly adapted and opened his eyes.

At the entrance is a towering and huge square with a blazing sun and a starry sky above it. This blazing anode is so huge that it seems to be extremely close, and beside the blazing sun is the vast universe of stars and dots. It seems that people will be sucked into it at any time.

But soon, Su Ping's attention was attracted by a giant mountain-like dragon head in front of him.

This dragon head is white bone, and it has no skin, but the dragon horn is still there. A dragon horn stands like a towering peak!

Standing on the square, looking up, it is difficult to see the full picture of the dragon head.

A simple, vast and audacious breath came across the face, accompanied by a throbbing dragon family coercion. This is a breath beyond ordinary dragons and beasts, enough to tremble any life.

Su Ping looked dumbfounded.

This scene...he has seen.

Not only have I seen it, but it can be said that he is too familiar! !

"Heir to the Dragon King?"

Su Ping stared blankly at the huge faucet in front of him. Somewhat unbelievable. This Dragon King heritage in the breeding list actually appeared in front of him?

You should know that the Dragon King inheritance is just one of the primary inheritance places he selected in the primary cultivation area of the cultivation list. There are also the bone demon inheritance area, the Witch King inheritance area and the like.

These inheritance areas are different from ordinary cultivation areas. They are all illusions. According to the system, they only use the test of inheritance settings to cultivate beasts.

However, Su Ping's random selection of a Dragon King heritage site actually found its true place in reality! !

And this place is on the blue star, in the Asian land, right in front of you!

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