Astral Pet Store Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Confirm

Inside the keel, the first floor.

When Su Ping walked in, the keel was closed.

Su Ping glanced around, the dark environment and the empty keel were quite familiar.

"It seems to be a dragon column..." Su Ping murmured to himself, and came to the center of the keel according to the method in the dragon column. At this time, he obviously felt something crawling out of the surrounding keel wall. .

A trembling breath, extremely subtle, lurking in the darkness.

This kind of obscurity does not really hide extremely deep, but just within the limits of the tester's perception.

Su Ping did not panic, but his eyes lightened slightly.

It has an internal taste.

"Dragon Soul?" Su Ping said softly.

Light gradually emerged in the darkness, a grisly and courageous faucet slowly emerged from the front of the eyes, this dark dragon bone seemed to be completely surrounded by its dragon body, and Su Ping was like its plate of Chinese food. Surrounded.

The golden dragon soul looked down at Su Ping indifferently, and did not respond to Su Ping's words, but the energy fluctuations all over his body became stronger and stronger.

Su Ping's eyes were slightly dignified, and his spirit control skills were activated, which turned into a soft power and touched the golden dragon soul.

At the next moment, power penetrated.


The golden dragon soul roared suddenly, erecting the dragon head like a python, and it seemed that it would come over in the next moment.

"Sure enough it's an illusion..." Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief. If he didn't know that it was an illusion, most of the people who came in for the first time would be scared by this dragon illusion, even the titled strongman was no exception.

Knowing that it was an illusion, Su Ping didn't care about the dragon soul threatening and walked towards it directly.

The Dragon Soul rushed suddenly, but passed straight through Su Ping, turned back, and continued to roar.

Su Ping ignored and stopped, climbing directly to the second keel.

The test in this second keel is Longwei!

This is a real dragon power, which is a hundred times heavier than the pressure on the dragon platform. Without extraordinary perseverance and courage, it is difficult to persevere.

When Su Ping just stepped into the second keel, there was a deep low dragon yin suddenly from the surrounding dark keels, full of powerful coercion. This coercion was like a substantial force, pressing on Su Ping as heavy as a giant mountain.

Su Ping was completely sure when he heard this dragon chant, this is the dragon column.

Same taste, same formula.


Outside the keel.

Everyone looked at the closed keel, and the words of witnesses around them, knowing that the young man was inside the keel.

They looked up at the keel. When the first layer outside the keel showed a faint golden light, they knew that the boy was undergoing the test of the first keel.

Soon, the golden light dimmed, and the golden light of the second keel emerged.

"Having entered the second keel so soon?!" Someone was stunned.

"It's so fast, it didn't stop!"

"It's no big deal. The first keel is an illusion, just ignore it."

"It's light, although it's an illusion, but the dragon soul is too realistic. Every time I see my cold hair, it's erected. If something happens and becomes the real dragon soul, wouldn't it be dead."

"Oh, it's because of your thoughts that your speed of passing the first keel is slow."

In the eyes of everyone, the golden light of the second keel also quickly dimmed.

"So fast?!"

Everyone was shocked.

If you know in advance that the first layer is an illusion, you can ignore the past, but the second layer is a real dragon deterrence, and most people stop at the second layer. If you want to pass, you must rely on extraordinary willpower. Row.

Everyone's eyes couldn't help but look at the third keel.

However, the third keel did not show any golden light again.

Everyone was puzzled.

Soon, someone's face slightly changed, thinking of something, quickly looked at the entrance of the first keel.

I saw the keel opened, and the previously entered teenager came out from inside.

Seeing the young man appearing at the door of the dragon bone, everyone suddenly came over. No wonder the golden light of the second floor disappeared so quickly, it turned out that the test had failed.

In other words, this young man can only pass the dragon soul illusion of the first keel.

The difficulty of this first keel is just to exercise courage, even a three-year-old child can pass.

"Scared at me, I thought it was a peerless genius to be born out of nowhere. I didn't expect it to be a straw bag."

"I said, how come so fast."

Everyone on the scene felt nervous.

Tang Ruyan raised his eyebrows slightly, and the indifferent color in his eyes became dull. He just glanced at the young man at the entrance and didn't pay attention any more. If the latter is a personal thing, she will pay attention, but if it is just a ant...it is more true Is to lower your identity.

The old man who had shot Su Ping earlier also snorted, looking at the situation as a stunned boy. He wanted to retaliate afterwards. Now, when he sees the situation, he is not even in revenge.

It's like trampled down an ant, there is no fun at all, and you won't even have the raveling pleasure of trampling on it.

Situ Feng shook his head slightly, and also withdrawn his gaze.

At the entrance of the keel, after Su Ping came out, he looked around and saw Nie Chengkong and others, and he walked over.

Before entering the second layer of the dragon bone, he had confirmed it through the Dragon Yin. This dragon bone is the dragon column in the cultivation ground. This secret realm can also be basically confirmed. It is the inheritance land of the dragon king.

After confirming, he doesn't need to continue to go any further. First go to the Dragon Scale Land to explore and collect treasures. Then, after all, the secret treasures will be taken away by others later, and the Dragon Pillar Quiz is always here. You can test again when you come back. .

High in the sky.

Dao Zun looked down on the audience and looked a little bit at this place. When he saw Su Ping coming out of the keel so quickly, his brows were slightly wrinkled. When he tried to resolve the attack, he really felt the attack released by the teenager. , This is the ability only at the title level.

At the age of this teenager, he has title-level combat power. It is reasonable to say that he is even more evil than Tang Ruyan and others. It is very easy to hit the fifth keel and the sixth and seventh keels.

But I didn't expect it to end so soon.

Is it your own illusion?

He frowned, his eyes showing some thought.


"So fast?"

Nie Chengkong, Luo Guxue and others saw Su Ping and came out in a blink of an eye.

Especially Luo Guxue, she knows Su Ping's strength, the evil spirit is extremely terrifying than that of Tang Ruyan and Situ Feng, she thought that Su Ping would be a blockbuster here, and rushed directly to the fifth keel, even the sixth keel. It stopped at the second keel.

Both old man Mo and Chen surnamed Zhuang Han were a little puzzled and couldn't help looking at Nie Chengkong. Is this genius?

Ordinary advanced pet masters can easily cross the second keel? !

Nie Chengkong was also very surprised. He couldn't help but glance at Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshan. When he saw the stunned colors on the faces of the two, they were a little puzzled. Looking at the situation, the two of them obviously also believed that Su Ping was more than that.

"Sorry, there is a delay. Captain, we can go." Su Ping returned to the team and said to Nie Chengkong.

Nie Chengkong looked at him suspiciously, "You didn't pass the second keel?"

"Isn't it time to explore the area, I didn't continue to break in." Su Ping said.

Hearing this, Nie Chengkong suddenly realized, but then he was even more puzzled. "Then did you deliberately break into the keel?"

"See it," Su Ping said.

He couldn't say it was for verification.

Nie Chengkong was a little speechless. Previously, he thought that Su Ping was a teenager. He wanted to test his qualifications, but he didn't expect to come to know. This is not worth mentioning compared to the importance of exploring the secret realm.

Thinking of this, he decided that he would no longer condone Su Ping's youthfulness.

"Go." Without saying anything, Nie Chengkong turned and walked.

Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshan are also relieved. They have seen Su Ping's strength in person, and they are not falsified. In addition to Su Ping giving up, there is indeed no other reason.

Both old man Mo and Chen surnamed Zhuang Han were speechless. They felt the same way as Nie Chengkong. For the sake of insight, they came here for a long time without saying anything. They almost annoyed the two giant families.

They had a very poor perception of Su Ping, sneered and did not speak to him.

Everyone followed Nie Chengkong to the regional transmission entrance. Here is an energy matrix that can be transmitted to any region, but it needs to pay.

"Take up to ten people at a time, one million at a time!"

There are guards in front of the energy matrix, and many people are lining up.

Nie Chengkong led Su Pingren and joined the team to wait.

Soon, when they arrived, everyone entered the energy matrix, and Nie Chengkong paid for it. One million was a huge sum for the average person, but for Nie Chengkong and their senior pioneers, it was only a moderate consumption. The team was not evenly distributed.

When the money was paid, the energy matrix quickly recharged, the energy mask was raised outside, and the white, white, and invisible from the outside, and from the inside.

Nie Chengkong chose the No. 92 regional transmission.

The familiar sense of time and space conversion appears again. When Su Ping opened his eyes, he already appeared in a scorched area. The surrounding temperature was relatively high, and the air was filled with a burning scorched smell.

Su Ping was slightly puzzled, and he quickly pondered, thinking of which piece of dragon-scale land this is.

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