Astral Pet Store Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Third Favorite

"This is area 92?"

Old Man Mo and Luo Guxue also quickly saw the surrounding environment. When they saw the barren and scorched earth, they suddenly felt the harsh environment of this area. Most of the monsters that have survived in this extreme environment for a long time are Extremely brutal.

"You guys are careful."

Nie Chengkong looked dignified, quickly made command and division of labor, and said: "Zhou Jinglai is responsible for investigating the airspace, Yuelin is investigating the area, others are alert to the surroundings, Mo Lao, I heard that you have a fire sleeping beast, and you can see a radius of thirty miles. I dont know if all the voices in it can be summoned to prevent us from investigating omissions."

Mo Lao's eyes flashed, and he glanced at him, then nodded and said, "This should be natural."

After he finished speaking, he raised his hand and summoned the vortex to appear out of thin air, jumping out of a cheetah-sized beast from the inside, trampled on the flames on all four feet, and the flames were endless.

Its upper body is like a tapir, weevil rabbit ears, black spots all over, like a vortex outlined, and like an eyeball.

This fire-sleeping beast is a dual-family beast of fire and earth, and it is a very rare detection beast. Although the fighting ability is average, the detection ability is extremely strong, and it is good at distinguishing sounds and can understand things from dozens of miles away.

Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshan were a little surprised. I didn't expect this old Mo to have such a rare beast for investigation. The role of this beast in the deserted area is not even weaker than the ordinary dragon beast!

Dragon beasts are powerful pets, but in the wild, auxiliary pets are more important. After all, your combat strength is strong. If you directly hit the old beast's nest, it is also a dead end.

After the ground fire sleeping sound beast appeared, at the command of Mo Lao, he immediately burrowed into the ground and incidentally buried the pit of the earth.

When the ground fire sleeping sound beast was investigated, not only did Nie Chengkong breathe a sigh of relief, but the nervous body of the others also relaxed slightly.

At this time, Zhou Jing and Guo Yuelin also released their own beasts for investigation.

One is Hundred Eyes Eagle, a high-end beast, which is relatively rare, but not particularly rare. You can still see a few of them in most first-class teams. The combat power is average, most of them are timid, but the eyesight is very strong. In adulthood, The ants can be overlooked to the ground in the height of 10,000 meters.

The Baimu eagle has a small body. Although it is named Baimu, it does not have a hundred pairs of eyes, only four eyes.

Guo Yuelin is summoning ground moving beasts, the more common high-level pets of beasts with medium combat ability and medium investigative ability.

After all three summoned the beasts to investigate around, Nie Chengkong flipped out the map in his backpack, looked up and looked around, and quickly determined the location, saying: "Our place is at the edge of this area, the safety of this neighborhood The route is... southeast."

Su Ping turned the relevant information of this dragon-scale region from his mind, and when he heard Nie Chengkong, he couldn't help but glance at him slightly, frowning slightly, but soon his eyebrows were loosened, and his eyes fell on the map in his hand. on.

He has explored in this area, and he has completely developed it. Even without this map, he knows the environment here. Looking at the map at the moment, I found that the information on this map is similar to the information about the dragon scale area he explored.

"So, the secrets here are also the same as those in the dragon-scale land..." Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, and his heart suddenly warmed up.

Among the many dragon-scale land he developed, there are some secret treasures with extremely powerful effects. Unfortunately, the secret treasures he obtained in the inheritance are all illusory items and cannot be brought out of the breeding ground.

But here...it can be taken out!

Thinking of this, Su Ping suddenly got a little warm in his heart, he even wanted to leave the team immediately and abandon the secret treasure here.

After all, among the many dragon-scale land, this treasure in the dragon-scale land, although good, is not the best!

"Now that we know the route, let's go!"

Su Ping said that his mood was a little bit urgent. After exploring this area as early as possible, he was considered to have completed the commission of Ye Chen Mountain, and he could explore other Dragonscale land by himself.

If you leave the team now, it seems a bit ridiculous, and it also violates the previous promise, and if this causes these people to be wiped out here, Su Ping also feels a bit overwhelmed.

Both Mo Lao and Chen surnamed Zhuang Han mean the same thing, and they will hit the road as soon as possible, but when they say it from Su Pings mouth, they hear a bit against their ears and feel not so comfortable. Its like a person who doesnt understand anything. Give the same order.

Nie Chengkong nodded, "Everyone, summon your pets of fighting strength first, otherwise, if you encounter danger, I'm afraid I can't deal with it."


Ye Chenshan nodded and has entered the region to open up. Naturally, he must summon beasts and be vigilant at any time, and his pets are not all fighting. Once the monster beasts around, maybe he can react before himself. He resisted the attack.

Mo Lao and others naturally have no opinion, they all summon their own pets of fighting power.

Seeing this, Su Ping thought for a moment and summoned the dark dragon dog.

The small skull is his first favorite.

The purgatory candle dragon beast is the dearest.

This is his second pet, and as for the third pet, naturally it is the last purple and green python.

In fact, the qualifications of the purple and green python are not bad, but after all, it has just been hatched soon, and the dark dragon dog evolved from the adult moon chaser before it grew faster.

The reason why he did not directly summon the small skeletons was because Su Ping knew that this area was still a foreign aid area, and was not close to the core area. There was no need to dispatch small skeletons and purgatory candle dragons.

And when the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast came out, the movement was too much. Although it strangely learned the ability to cover the breath that most dragon beasts can't master, but the huge volume of walking is also shaking the ground, enough to shock some The sleeping beast.

The nearby Luo Guxue summoned the Holy Flame Bird, an eighth-order advanced bloodline beast. He was wounded in the battle against the Demon Skeletal Beast, and he has already recovered and his strength has been improved. He has reached the eighth-order median.

If he encounters the Demon Skeleton again, he can barely cover Luo Guxue to leave.

Ye Chenshan also summoned his fighting pet. This is the first time Su Ping has seen his fighting pet. A gray-scale lizard with nine ranks of blood, a dragon species, a pet of the rock family, and now also eight The mid-level, although it is an adult, has not yet reached the ninth level of the peak of adulthood.

In this team, Zhou Jing and Guo Yuelin are mainly responsible for the investigation, and they need to support the battle again, while Ye Chenshan is responsible for the defense, Luo Guxue is responsible for the group attack, Nie Chengkong is the strongest combat power, and his beast is also a demon. The ninth-order Demon Beast, a powerful pet, has a height of eight meters and is completely black, like a demon-only Buddha. Its head is covered with slightly raised bags, but each bag is a closed mouth.

This demon beast is extremely powerful and fierce and brutal, even the coercion of the dragon beast can be ignored, and the killing is extremely heavy!

Moreover, this is a humanoid pet, and can teach fighting skills. This demon beast holds a long stick forged by Nie Chengkong and spends a lot of gold. It is more than ten meters long. Take a look at the fighting skills mastered by this demon beast This is the stick method.

The fighting pets summoned by Mo Lao and the strong man with the surname Chen are also the beasts of the ninth rank bloodline. After all, they are all eighth ranks. The general eighth rank pets can only be their secondary pets.

Mo Lao is a ninth-order demon sickle guard who is also a kind of human darling. He is nearly ten meters tall and has scimitars growing on his arms. He is covered with greasy knots. When he looks closely, he finds that it is a contracted body. Very toxic.

The surnamed Chen is a ninth-order dragon beast named Earth Giant Dragon. It belongs to the lower-order dragon beast of the ninth-order dragon beast. He is an adult and is at its peak. It is one of the strongest beasts of the ninth-order defense system. .

When the pet of war was summoned, everyone's strength level was judged.

Everyone thought that Zhou Jing and Guo Yuelin were the weakest in this team. After all, they were mainly responsible for investigation, not the team's main combat strength, but the result was unexpected. The worst was actually the foreign aid invited. level.

Dark Dragon Dog...

This is a beast of the sixth-order demon lineage. Although it is a very strong kind of demon lineage, it is only a sixth-order lineage. Some kings in the dark dragon dog race may have a combat power comparable to that of the seventh-order line. It is a seventh-order beast, and it is not enough to watch here.

Mo Lao and Chen surnamed men were stunned when they saw Su Ping's dark dragon dog, and then they couldn't help but look at Nie Chengkong. The one you invited... Are you sure it's not funny here? !

Nie Chengkong was a little embarrassed to see the duo's eyes, but he heard Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshan mention Su Ping and questioned: "Brother Su, this is not your most powerful pet? I listen Say you have a special skeleton of the Undead?"

Su Ping nodded, "This is my dear favorite. I will summon it when it is in danger. It is summoned because it has the ability to smell and can detect some dangers in advance. In addition, in combat, it is enough under normal circumstances. Now."

Nie Chengkong was dumb.

Zhou Jing frowned: "Boss Su, this is not a children's play. For investigation, we are enough."

Guo Yuelin also nodded in agreement: "Yes, and there are Mo Lao Earth Fire Sleeping Beast, even if a mosquito flies over, we can detect it."

Su Ping frowned slightly, to be honest, he was not very relieved and optimistic about their three inferior beasts. Although it seems that both the area and the airspace were detected, their detection ability of the beast is general, and some have special camouflage capabilities. The monsters may not be able to see through.

And his dark dragon dog, somehow, happened to evolve in the sense of smell during the cultivation process, comprehending a ninth-order investigative ability, which could just fill in part.

Moreover, when he explored and opened up the Dragonscale land behind him, the position of the dark dragon in the team was to investigate. Basically, there were few things that could hide it.

Seeing a stalemate in the atmosphere, Luo Guxue quickly said: "Everyone, I think Tutor Su should use this dark dragon dog, it should be his reason, not to mention that we have so much combat power, even if we are really in danger of being undetectable, It can also respond in time, and it will be too late for Sus instructor to summon the main fighting power."

Having seen the skills of Su Ping in the college, she is the most confident person in Su Ping.

Seeing Luo Guxue coming forward to speak, Nie Chengkong frowned. Although he wanted to say something more, he felt that the atmosphere became stiff, and the atmosphere of the team had not yet begun to explore. The team atmosphere was like this, which was extremely unfavorable to the back.

"Forget it, so be it." Nie Chengkong didn't want to say it again, just sighed in his heart. Some of his previous feelings for Su Ping had disappeared at this moment.

Ye Chenshan also sighed and shook his head without saying anything. After all, Su Ping was his life-saving benefactor.

Mo Lao snorted and said, "You just let him indulge, but my earth fire sleeping beast, it is basically impossible to meet any undetectable monster, unless it is a king beast, if there is a king beast here, we Don't want to live anymore."

Nie Chengkong saw his displeasure and laughed with him.

Luo Guxue knew that he had lost his word, and also apologized following the ceremony.

Su Ping did not expect to take care of the overall situation and fill in the investigation vacancies. Instead, he caused so many things. Seeing Luo Guxue apologizing for himself, he looked a little gloomy and was about to attack. Suddenly, his face changed slightly, frowning: "Yes The monster is approaching."


Everyone was shocked when he heard his words.

But when it was discovered that Su Ping was speaking, except Luo Guxue, the instinctive defensive state that everyone else entered instantly instantly relaxed again.

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