Astral Pet Store Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Treasure

Several wind-winged green pythons had no choice but to face the dark dragon dog full of shields. Instead, they were accidentally bitten by the dark dragon dog during the struggle. What made them collapse is that this bloodline is cheaper than their native dog. The claws are so sharp that they can tear apart their scales!

Not only that, this dog's claws are not only covered with black flame attacks, but also contain strong toxicity! !

This poison is so violent that it makes some of the experts who use it poisonous, and the body quickly becomes abscessed, and its combat power is greatly reduced!

What's so special...

Windwing Green Pythons are higher monsters and have evolved simple wits. They have never seen such a wonderful monster.

Obviously with sharp teeth and pointed claws, at first glance is a monster that is good at attacking.

As a result, I put myself on three layers of shields, or three shields with different element attributes!

Forget it, now it actually poisons his claws! !


Several wind-winged green pythons suffocated and grieved.

The dark dragon dogs jumped side to side in their attack, having fun.

On the other side, as the Demon Beast joined the battlefield, the winged blue python besieging the dark dragon dog suddenly divided several attacks in the past, but soon the Demon Beast waved the metal giant stick and killed two in succession.

The snake heads of the two wind-winged green pythons were smashed by the giant stick, and fell on the spot, the ground was shaken.

After all, the Demon Beast is a ninth-order monster, with a quick and agile body, and quickly rushed into several windwing green pythons. The offensive was fierce. Successive windwing green pythons were killed, scales flew, blood flew.

Seeing that the momentum was not good, the rest of the wind-winged green python split their hearts and hurriedly rolled the wind to escape.

On the side of the sickle guardian, the leader of the wind winged green python was cut by the giant skeleton sickle on the arm of the sickle guard, and he had no time to be distracted to control the ethnic group to protect it. When he was defeated, it suddenly raised around There was a tornado and I wanted to escape from it.

How could Old Man let it go, if the ninth-order sickle guards failed to retain an eighth-order median windwing green python, his old face was also lost.

The Scythe Guardian roared violently, exuding a thick dark energy all over his body, wrapping his body, and striking into the tornado. At the next moment, the wind collapsed and a snake body over 30 meters long was thrown from the inside, hitting the ground hard.

With a loud bang, an iron rod followed immediately knocked down. The Demon Beast was just next to the windwing green python. A rod fell and the snake's head exploded. It was too dead to pick up the snake's life.

After the death of the leader, the rest of the wind-winged green pythons no longer hesitated and fought, screaming and running around.

The demon beast and the sickle beast quickly chased up, the dark dragon dog saw that the playmate suddenly ran away, and also caught up and bitten one, leaving it behind, and soon with its own dark flames and claws, will His brain cracked.

The previously powerful and powerful group of pythons was beaten up and down in an instant, dying, escaping.

When the battlefield calmed down, the strong man of the surname Chen also let his own giant dragon put away the earth guardian. Everyone looked around, and saw the bodies of giant pythons on the ground. The blood was flowing, and there was a strong smell of blood.

Ye Chenshan, Zhou Jing, Guo Yuelin and others saw the scene of the purgatory mirror, and were a little scared. They were not afraid of the **** scene, but they did not expect such a terrible beast group to be wiped out in an instant.

Although several windwing green pythons escaped in disorder, most of them were left behind.

If there is no Mo Lao and Chen surnamed strong men, their own team wants to resist this group of wind pythons, it is estimated to pay a great price.

Thinking of this, their eyes couldn't help but look at the young man next to them. To say the most surprising thing was the dark dragon dog of Su Ping. In this battle, his performance was more eye-catching than the two ninth-order beasts. It was incredible that he was able to survive the siege of many windwing green pythons without any damage!

"No injuries, all win!"

Nie Chengkong looked at the corpses everywhere on the battlefield, with a smile on his face. Such a dangerous crisis was so easily resolved. He was more confident in the explorations that followed.

"Brother Su, your dark dragon dog is really superb!"

Nie Chengkong turned his head to look at Su Ping. The thing that surprised him most this time was Su Ping. This dark dragon dog's fighting power is completely comparable to that of the eighth order, and he is no less than he listened from Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshankou. The special Skeleton Beast arrived, which means that Su Ping has two identical beasts, and if summoned at the same time, it can even barely be comparable to the power of the ninth order!

In addition to their three pet masters, there is an additional ninth-tier combat power in the team. How does this not surprise him?

"Okay, only middle-level qualifications." Su Ping said.

"Brother Su, you are too humble. If your dark dragon dog can only be regarded as a medium-qualified person, wouldn't our beast be all inferior?" Nie Chengkong laughed.

Su Ping shook his head slightly, thinking you think too much, yours are just inferior.

However, this can not be said naturally, it is too shocking.

"Unexpectedly, Brother Su is a young hero, heh, it seems that we will be much easier behind." The strong man Chen surnamed laughed. Through this battle, he recognized Su Ping's combat power and found that there was some misunderstanding before. He also had some good feelings for Su Ping.

Mo Lao frowned slightly. He didnt expect to be like him before. He didnt quite like Su Pings strong man named Chen. He was so polite to Su Ping in the blink of an eye, which made him feel a little uncomfortable, although he also recognized Su Ping's combat strength does not mean that he will please the other party. After all, Su Ping is strong. As long as he doesn't ask for anything from the other party, he doesn't have to stammer. Moreover, to live to his age, he doesn't have much to ask for.

"Now that the battle has been resolved, it is not appropriate to stay here for a long time, Nie team, let's start first." Mo Lao said indifferently.

Nie Chengkong woke up and nodded, "Let's go first."

Most of the **** smell on the battlefield here will attract other monsters, they dare not stay longer.

"In investigating, the Brothers Su also took a lot of trouble." Nie Chengkong said to Su Ping.

Su Ping's reluctance is a matter of his own life, and naturally he will not carelessly.

Mo Lao heard Nie Chengkong's words, and his face was a bit gloomy, but he didn't say anything, just let his ground fire sleep sound beasts up spirit, continue to investigate well, if there is danger again, let Su Ping be the first to notice When it arrives, it is completely embarrassing.

Guo Yuelin and Zhou Jing looked at each other, taking their positions, and continued to be seriously responsible for investigating the surrounding situation.

"Are we going to take the material from these wind-winged green pythons?" Luo Guxue looked at the dead bodies and asked.

This made the people recover, and Nie Chengkong thought for a moment and said: "Just take the energy crystals and counterscales in their bodies, let alone other materials."

Luo Guxue nodded, and immediately approached Ye Chenshan to search.

Su Ping saw that the dark dragon dog was at the body of the leader of the wind-winged green python beast, and seemed to be eating something. He frowned slightly, and thought to let it come back.

The dark dragon dog was eating with relish, and after receiving Su Ping's instructions, he had to reluctantly return, but before leaving, he also drank his food back, and it was a string of baby eggs.

These young eggs are still gestating. They are not yet in the form of larvae snakes. They are all flesh and blood, connected in a umbilical cord-like thing, and dragged along the way to the Su plane.

Su Ping looked at it, raised his eyebrows slightly, but didn't expect that the leader of the wind-winged green python was actually a female, and was in the process of hatching. This newly-brewed young egg has not yet formed, and it is full of life energy essence, which is a big supplement. Its no wonder this dog eats so well.

Su Ping didn't stop it and let it swallow quickly.

With Su Ping's permission, the dark dragon dog cheered excitedly and quickly nibbled to eat.

Others have also noticed that the young eggs of the dark dragon dog are back, and their faces have changed. The value of this thing is not worse than the energy crystal in the body of the wind winged green python. For any other monster, If you throw something on the black market, it is not a problem to sell four or five million.

Looking at the dark dragon dog gorging on, the people's throats could not help but also rolled a bit, actually a bit greedy.

However, they still did not feel embarrassed to share with Su Ping, but regretted in their hearts, how could their pet beast not find this good thing?

Nie Cheng also had some regrets in the hollow, and it was his devil beast who killed the leader of the wind-winged green python, but the result was actually omitted. It was only because he was only concerned about killing the enemy at that time, and he did not expect to find this thing at all. .

"Good luck!" Mo Lao chuckled.

Thinking that the leader of Fengyiqing Python was mainly defeated by his own beast, the result was that Suping, who made him uncomfortable, was even more annoyed.

Su Ping glanced at him, smelling it, and waiting for the dark dragon dog to finish eating. Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue also crystallized all the energy bred in the body of the wind-winged green python and the hardest anti-scale, Nie Chengkong Announce the departure immediately.

The crowd left the battlefield and swiftly traveled along the southeast side of the map.

The large areas seen along the way are all scorched earth and very desolate.

Occasionally there are dead trees and rock pools.

Here seems to be a world burned by flames.

Traveling dozens of miles along the way, I didn't encounter any monsters. It seems that this area is the territory of the wind-winged green python beast group, and there are no other monsters.

"The front is the first secret treasure position." Nie Chengkong stopped suddenly, his eyes flashing, looking at the front.

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