Astral Pet Store Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Aspect

"Brother Su, Captain Nie, you have to believe me, I didn't mean it..."

Although I feel that this is not persuasive, the strong man of the surname Chen explained to Su Ping and Nie Chengkong with a wry smile.

He also felt speechless and puzzled in his heart.

Isn't this dark dragon dog the skill that comes with 100% forgotten at critical moments?

Nie Chengkong looks strange, but he believes that the other party is not intentional. After all, if it is targeted twice in a row, this is too obvious.

Su Ping's face was calm, and he didn't care about it. He let the dark dragon dog take the initiative to attract the black flame **** spider out, just for quick battle and quick decision, to get the treasure as soon as possible. At this moment, the dark dragon dog was left outside, just as he wanted.

"I'll cover your dark dragon dog and evacuate back." Ye Chenshan said immediately.

Although the fighting power of the Dark Dragon Dog was extremely amazing, but here are all highly poisonous monsters, no matter how strong the Dark Dragon Dog is, it is impossible to avoid being completely unharmed. Once poisoned, the poison resistance ability It will show a huge gap with the real higher monster.

Nie Chengkong had just agreed, and suddenly heard a roaring dragon chant.

He looked in a hurry, almost glaring out his eyes.

I saw that the dark dragon dog that attracted the black flame **** beads ran all the way, rushing towards the black flame **** spider pouring out in the valley, it was like going to death!

Dont have to be so eager to die? !

At the next moment, the body of the dark dragon dog was surrounded by many black flame **** beads, and a stream of black spider silk sprayed out, covering the dark dragon dog, and even the figure could not be seen in a blink of an eye.

Nie Chengkong couldn't help turning his head to look at Su Ping. Although these black flame **** spiders were weaker than the wind-winged green python, they were also seventh-order advanced monsters, and the number was more than ten times that of the wind-winged green python. , Is this crazy!

The perception of other people also noticed this scene, all stunned, turned to look at Su Ping like a lunatic.

How much does this hate his beast so that he can fight so wildly?

With the fighting power previously shown by the Dark Dragon Dog, even if not protected by the Earth Dragon, if he is more careful, he can survive in the envelop of these Black Flame Hell Spiders, but this active moth fire attack, this Isn't it death? !

Mo Lao glanced a little, frowned slightly, and sneered in his heart, as if he had not seen, and controlled his sickle guardian to fight at the other side of the rock wall, and had no meaning of past support.

Nie Chengkong looked at the place where the dark dragon dog was overwhelmed. The Black Flame Hell Spider had climbed up like a mountain. He had some scalp tingling and his face was ugly. Su Ping dare to let his pet be so mad, he could not just sit back and watch. If the fighting power of a dark dragon dog is damaged, it will be a huge loss for their overall actions in the back!


In his mind, the Demon Beast made a low buzz, waved the iron rod in his hand, and suddenly turned to kill the black flame **** spider swarm.

The black flame **** beads drilled on the rock wall along the way immediately spitting spider silk, winding the demon beast, trying to stop its action.

The Demon Beast said nothing, like a Buddha enchanted, wielding a stick, and swept out the black flame **** beads that had been bitten, and some of the bodies were burst on the spot.

After all, these black flame **** spiders are only seventh-order monsters. In the face of the disparity in the strength of the ninth-order demon beast, they are not an enemy at all. Only the layers of spider silk can cause some restraint and trouble to the demon beast. .

When the Demon Beast was about to rush in front of the pile of black flame **** spiders, suddenly the spider trembles, and then suddenly a strong black flame burned from the inside, the flames raging, just like from the Nine Nether Hell Coming out, burning everything in the world!

The intense flames and the horrible and strange temperature made the Demon Beast's body subconsciously stop, and from the black flames felt a trace of danger, just like encountering a strong enemy of the same rank.

Roar! !

Suddenly, a dragon yell broke out from the spider swarm, and the black flame **** spiders piled up suddenly screamed, and were scattered and screamed, and some bodies were burned by the black magic fire and issued a harsh scream.

The dark dragon dog figure emerged from the spider swarm, stepped on the bodies of some Black Flame Hell Spiders, issued a burst of Long Yin, then turned his head, opened a big mouth of the blood basin, and rushed towards the Black Flame Hell Spiders around him.

On the dark dragon dog, there are bite marks and some blood marks. Although it has applied three layers of high shield protection to it, the attack of the Black Flame Hell Spider is very corrosive, even the high shield erosion.

Even a ninth-order monster known as a defensive dragon, such as the earth dragon, can give these black flame **** spiders some time to corrode their scales and armor, and then eat them with bones.

However, despite being wounded, the dark dragon's fighting intentions did not decay, but instead became more excited.

It's internal taste.

This is the crisp feeling of crispness.

It's been too long! !

This is where it "graduated" very early. Compared with some other terrible areas where Su Ping took it later, it is simply a nostalgic paradise.


The dark dragon dog, like drinking a stimulant, made a burst of howling howl and got into the black flame **** spider group, biting and killing wildly.

The highly venomous Black Flame Hell Spider is a false description for the dark dragon dog. The cells in it are already used to it, adapted, and immune! !

Without the poisonous attack, the Black Flame Hell Spider is just a group of ordinary seventh-order monster beasts for the dark dragon dog, and the seventh-order monster beast is food in its eyes, it is the little cabbage trampled on at will!

Humph Humph!

The dark dragon dog traveled back and forth in the valley, killing with pleasure.

Inside the dragon shield, Nie Chengkong and others felt this scene, all stunned and a little stunned.

Said good poison?

Fortunately, it is an extinct monster, the toxicity is unknown, and it is difficult to resist?

Looking at the appearance of this dark dragon dog, he was bitten by a lot of small blood, but he didn't see fatigue and weakness at all, but the more the war, the more courageous, the more excited the more killing...

They all doubted that the venom of the Black Flame Hell Spider is a greening agent?

Everyone looked at Su Ping with a strange face.

Is there a problem with this dark dragon dog, or are these black flame **** spiders not so scary?

Soon, the Black Flame Hell Spider seemed to realize that the dog was more difficult to tremble than the other two powerful ninth-order monsters, and they couldn't avoid it. They turned around and attacked the Demon Beast and the Sickle Beast. The entire valley is almost filled.

The dark dragon dog was burning with flames, which was extremely destructive to this cobweb and could not stop its movement at all.

The Scythe Guardian and the Demon Beast looked at the sudden increase of the Black Flame Hell Spider in front of them, and quickly concentrated on responding to the enemy. dead.

Within a few minutes, the valley was completely calm.

There are corpses of black flame **** spiders and scattered webs.

This fierce and dangerous place to hide the secret treasures was completely destroyed in this war. This is the place where the black flame **** spiders lived. Except for the black flame **** spiders, there are no other monsters, that is, they only need to go in and save the treasure Just find it out.

Guo Yuelin used ground-moving beasts to investigate and confirmed that there were no more black flame **** spiders lurking around, so that the strong man named Chen withdrew the dragon shield.

Looking at the scene of purgatory everywhere, everyone was shocked and speechless, feeling that this battle seemed far easier than they thought.

Nie Chengkong looked around and found the dark dragon dog, but he saw what it was eating in the body, but it didn't look too bad. No signs of poisoning. He was relieved and turned to Su Pingdao: "You dark dragon dog, it's... a weird creature."

He really can't think of any other words to describe it. It feels like cursing, but it seems that the strange kind is not much better than Yazi...

"Huh?" Mo Lao suddenly frowned, his face slightly changed, and jumped in front of his sickle guardian, but saw that the skeleton sickle on one arm of the sickle guard was a little dull, like it was corroded.

In addition, at its arm, there was a blood hole with a big fist, and the hole around the hole was swollen.

Everyone else rushed past when they saw it, and they were a little surprised when they saw the swollen wound.

"Poisoned?" Ye Chenshan surprised.

Judging from this situation, it was obviously infected by venom attack.

Everyone else was stunned, was this infected?

They couldn't help turning their heads to glance at the dark dragon dog who was eating something in the distance. At this moment the blood mouth of the dark dragon dog had stopped bleeding, but the previous blood marks were still there, and the injury was not worse than this sickle guard. After all, the previous The dark dragon dog rushed too hard, and was directly overwhelmed by the spider swarm.

However, looking at the body of the dark dragon dog, it seemed nothing.

Mo Lao thought of this too, and his face was ugly. When he saw the strange eyes of everyone, he almost spit out old blood, but in the end he held it in his throat and swallowed it.

"Quickly use an antidote to suppress toxicity." Nie Chengkong reacted first and said immediately.

Mo Lao also reacted and quickly took out the antidote from the backpack. The antidote was packed in a metal box. A total of six, he took one and injected it.

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