Astral Pet Store Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Rapid Development First

Bilu's antidote was injected into the sickle guard's arm, and the edema on his arm subsided slightly, but the tissue inside was still purulent and showed no signs of improvement.

Mo Lao's face was a bit gloomy. I didn't expect this black flame **** spider to be so toxic. As a ninth-order monster beast, Sickle Guardian could not bear it.

Others saw a wound that still didn't improve, and they all felt a little nervous, realizing that the toxin of the Black Flame Hell Spider was no small matter.

On the other hand, the dark dragon dog on the other side is still alive and looking for food in the body of the Black Flame Hell Spider.

Nie Chengkong glanced at the dark dragon dog, then at Su Ping, and said: "Brother Su, you dark dragon dog seems to have a high resistance to toxicity."

Su Ping nodded slightly, all the poisonous monsters in this dragon-scale land, dark dragon dogs are basically immune.

Of course, not only the dark dragon dogs, but also the purgatory candle dragon beast and the purple and green dragon python are no exception.

And to achieve such resistance, it is natural to be soaked with death again and again before adapting.

Adaptation is evolution.

Although their combat power has not increased correspondingly, and there has been no external evolution of the type, the structure in the body has evolved rapidly at all times!

When encountering such a special situation, they can reflect the value of their evolved resistance. This is an internal evolution beyond the improvement of combat power, and it is also included in their qualification assessment.

Seeing Su Ping confess, Nie Chengkong and others all glanced at the dark dragon dog, showing something strange and weird in his eyes, and a touch of greed.

General dark dragon dogs, even if they are given to them for free, they are too lazy to sign a contract, after all, medium pets have no effect on them, and will occupy a spiritual position.

But this dark dragon dog is different. Not only is the combat power extremely high, the talent is extremely good, but also has such a high intensity of toxin resistance, this is definitely the best in the best, super rare monster, worth more than the ordinary ninth level monster Not bad, even stronger three points!

They envy Su Ping from the bottom of their hearts, and they can actually get such a beloved beast.

Only Luo Guxue vaguely guessed that this dark dragon dog was mostly bred in Su Ping's own shop. Natural superb exotic flowers are not without them, but like such superb ones, it is very rare.

Moreover, if this kind of best-loved beast is auctioned, the auctioneer must publicize everywhere, and they will also hear about it, and it is impossible for Su Ping to silently pick up the leak.

The only thing that regrets everyone is that this dark dragon dog is only of medium descent. If it is changed to a higher descent, it will really be a darling. It is estimated that even many titles that have not been born for a long time will be eye-catching!

"Although this antidote has no way to detoxify, it can barely suppress the spread of toxins. Let's go." Mo Lao said, his face somber, he didn't want to let everyone watch the sickle's wounds anymore, and felt a little humiliated.

When Nie Chengkong saw him saying this, he also relaxed and said, "Then go get the treasure first."

When everyone heard the treasure, their eyes lightened slightly.

Under the investigation and guidance of Guo Yuelin and Zhou Jing, the people quickly penetrated into the valley, and saw that a tunnel-like cave was dug in the rock wall inside the valley, and everyone entered, Luo Guxue released with her holy flame bird Flames, lighting caves.

The cave is full of spider silk, which is the place where the Black Flame Hell Spider lives, but there is no Black Flame Hell Spider in it at the moment, and all died in the previous battle.

The hole was empty, everyone went deeper and deeper, and finally found the long-awaited secret.

This secret treasure is inserted into a rock wall in the deepest part of the cave. It is a sword, and the sword body exudes light energy fluctuations. This is the ancient secret treasure, which is not something that technology can create today.

The secret treasure has a magical effect, and can be echoed with the star power cultivated by the pet master. It can be controlled with the star power. Many secret treasure weapon blades, destructive and ability magic use, far exceed the titanium alloy sword built by technology.

Although the titanium alloy sword is hard and sharp enough, it lacks the mysterious use of secret treasures, which cannot be copied by technology.

"Here... won't there be any traps?"

Everyone looked around in front of the treasure, nervous.

It is said that all the treasures around, except for the care of monsters and beasts, are all covered with traps?

Su Ping heard Guo Yuelin's nervous words, a little speechless, but found that Nie Chengkong and Chen surnamed Zhuanghan also looked dignified and looked around. They seemed to feel really trapped here.

Su Ping was slightly dumb and didn't stay. He stepped forward and pulled out the broken sword.

Everyone saw Su Ping stepped forward and lost his voice: "Not--"

Before the words were finished, the sword had been pulled out and everyone was petrified on the spot.

Nie Chengkong first responded, glanced around with caution, and confirmed that no trap was triggered, and then he was relieved. He said to Su Ping: "You are too risky, if there is a trap, then how dangerous! "

Su Ping saw that he was concerned about his safety, and he did not refute anything, but he was helpless about his thoughts.

All the secret treasures in this dragon-scale land are the old dragon king's treasures spread to each dragon-scale land before he dies, and these monsters are guarded only to increase the difficulty of inheritance.

With the simple and rough brains and wisdom of the Dragon race, it can be thought that these are already extreme, how can you know what organ trap to set?

Moreover, most of the secret sword blade was not originally in this cave, but was later fiddled with by the Black Flame Hell Spiders, but it was accidentally inserted on the rocks.

Maybe the next secret, buried in the feces of the guardian monster, is not necessarily.

Of course, if that were the case, Su Ping would not be a treasure hunter.

With two strokes, Su Ping feels similar to the illusion in the inheritance field, which is super realistic.

"Who do you want?" Su Ping turned around and asked.

Nie Chengkong was taken aback for a moment. Su Ping didn't even check it carefully, but he gave up?

Others are also surprised, Su Ping has the first choice, but actually gave up this secret?

However, despite the surprise, everyone said nothing, perhaps Su Ping did not like sword weapons.

"I'll take a look." Mo Lao said.

Su Ping handed him the sword.

Mo Lao caught it, star power poured in, and the sword suddenly exploded with a sharp air, and a white sword gas that was visible to the naked eye burst out.

Mo Lao raised his eyebrows and scratched towards the ground. With a click, the rock on the ground was easily scratched with a groove, and there was no resistance like cutting tofu!

"It's sharp!" Mo Lao's eyes showed amazement, without hesitation, said: "Nie team, I want this sword."

Everyone also saw the sharpness and horror of this sword, saying that it is not excessive to cut iron like mud. It is estimated that it can directly hurt the scale armor of the eighth and nineth order monsters. Such a treasure is already very valuable.

The thought of Su Ping giving up first, everyone couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Mo Lao was a little proud, and waved a few times, more and more he couldn't put it down, and at the same time he glanced at Su Ping, still too young, such a good secret was so lost.

Although Mr. Mo is not sure what secret treasure is behind, he is already very satisfied with this secret treasure. After all, who knows what will be encountered later, maybe a secret treasure that is useless is not necessarily, or a low-level treasure, The effect is weak.

The surnamed Chen is a man of regret, if Mo Lao didn't want it, he wanted it.

Nie Chengkong glanced at the secret sword twice, his eyes flashing slightly, but said nothing, saying: "Since the secret treasure is taken, let's go."

Guo Yuelin looked at Lao Mo enviously and said, "Senior Mo, can you show me?"

Mo Laoru picked up the baby, feeling happy, and said indifferently: "Of course." After that, he handed the secret treasure sword to Guo Yuelin, and she checked it. Anyway, this thing has belonged to him, and he does not worry about others stealing it.

Guo Yuelin was glad to take it, and looked closely. Zhou Jing also leaned in. Then Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue took turns looking at it. Ye Chenshan also used his own gray lizard and green scale beast to test this secret treasure. But the result made everyone stunned. The gray lizard's scale shield was like a wooden board, and it was easily cut away!

Seeing this scene, the smile on Mo Lao's face was more intense.

"It's too strong, generally the ninth order monsters don't dare to get such a sword!" Ye Chenshan exclaimed.

Everyone looked at Mo Lao enviously, very greedy.

Nie Chengkong didn't react very much, just smiled. When everyone finished reading, he urged everyone to check the surroundings to see if there were any omissions. After confirming that there were no other secrets, he led the team to leave the cave.

Su Ping didn't expect a broken sword to make them so happy. While surprised, he suddenly felt that his vision was cultivated a bit too high under the systematic exercise...

After leaving the valley full of corpses, the crowd followed Nie Chengkong to continue to the next place.

Along the way, Su Ping didn't hide. Based on the perception of the dark dragon dog, he pointed out some monster hideouts that are likely to be hidden, which avoided many dangers for the team and also saved a lot of time.

After Mo Lao got the Secret Sword, although he was crushed by Su Ping all the way in the investigation, he was not too depressed.

He was too lazy to continue to be true to Su Ping in this respect. In fact, through the previous battle in the Black Flame Hell Spider Valley, he knew that his fire sleeping sound beast's detection ability was not as good as Su Ping's darkness in some aspects. Dragon dog.

After all, he can't detect the black flame **** spider in the valley, and he can also detect the specific level of strength. This is no longer an investigation, but an intelligent body scan!

Compared with this kind of monster, just asking for trouble, Mo Lao has been relieved.

Several 7th-order monsters and a small 8th-order beast were killed along the way, and everyone soon came to the second secret location.

With the guidance of Su Ping's on-site strategy, this second secret location was also opened up. The difficulty is similar to the Black Flame Hell Spider Valley, and the secret treasure inside is a broken armor. This secret treasure has been here for too long. Has been abandoned by monsters and beasts.

Su Ping naturally didn't want it, and the surname Chen was also given up. The rest of them were not interested. This thing had to be temporarily confiscated, wait for it to go back to calculate the success award, and share it equally with everyone.

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