Astral Pet Store Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Dragon Corpse Sixth More 19

The crowd quickly came to the cave of the flame scale dragon, which had collapsed after the previous collision.

Nie Chengkong's eyes flashed, leading the team to enter first, followed by everyone.

The light of the hole** is dark and deep. Even everyone who has the ability to night vision feels that their vision is a little blurry. There seems to be some strange energy mixed in the air, affecting their vision.


Nie Chengkong went all the way and suddenly felt something was wrong.

There are some traces of crushed rubble here, but the crushed area is not large, and it is not like the thick body of the flame scale dragon.

He frowned a little, this flame-scale dragon just left, even if there are other monsters who want to dove to occupy the magpie's nest, is this speed too fast?

He shook his head secretly in his heart, only because he wanted to think about it, and the action immediately accelerated again.

Walking along the crooked cave, only the sound of everyone's footsteps and breath echoed inside, and the air was filled with the smelly and rotten odor of the flame scale dragon.

As they deepened, everyone felt that instead of being cold, the cave was getting hotter.

Seven or eight minutes later.

The crowd stopped and there was a magma pool in front of them. The fiery airflow rose from here. The magma pool was opened around, and there was no cave. At the other end of the magma pool, it is also a cave, but its thickness is one size bigger than here.

Su Ping frowned slightly. He explored this place in the cultivation ground, but there is only a magma pool, and the flame scale dragon lives here, but there is no cave on the opposite side!

Where did this big cave come from?

Could it be that in the endless years, the flame scale dragon developed?

Although it feels weird, Su Ping did not think deeply. After all, some of the previous treasure locations are not the same as those in the cultivation field. Years will always bring some changes.

"The secret treasure should be in the cave opposite."

Nie Chengkong's eyes were burning.

This magma pool is filled with rich flame energy. He also knows that this flame scale dragon loves to inhabit magma. Most of this is the bath of the flame scale dragon.

On the opposite side is the "dormitory". The Xingyun Lingguo cannot be anywhere except in that side!

"You are here waiting for me, I will go as soon as I go." Nie Chengkong said.

As soon as his Demon Beast approached here, he stunned the flaming scale dragon living in the magma, almost dragged into the magma, but at this moment the flaming scale dragon had left, and the place became an empty nest, leaving only the baby.

"Captain, do you want me to go with you? If there are monsters left here, it's too dangerous!" Ye Chenshan looked around, a little worried.

Nie Chengkong said with a smile: "It's okay, this flaming scale dragon is a lone beast, never living in a group, even if he is with his own family, they are fighting with each other. It is impossible to let others in their territory. The monster exists, you are waiting for me here, I will come when I go."

That Xing Yun Lingguo, if necessary, he did not want to let Ye Chenshan and Mo Lao and other people know, so as not to leak out and cause himself to be killed!

Seeing him insist, Ye Chenshan had no choice but to say, "That captain, be careful."

"it is good."

Mo Lao and the surnamed Chen surnamed each other looked at each other, their eyes flashed slightly, and each other kept their eyes closed.

There were several places in Nie Chengkong's behavior that surprised them. They suspected that Nie Chengkong had some secret information in his hands and did not fully share it with them!

However, they did not blame. If Nie Chengkong really took his heart out and shared it all, they felt a little strange.

Who survives in the wilderness?

Nie Chengkong looked at the passage opposite the magma pool, took a sharp breath, and jumped over.

The magma pool below is bubbling, it seems that something will burst out of it at any time.

After his feet landed, Nie Chengkong let out a sigh of relief. Without looking back, he quickly entered the passage and disappeared into everyone's sight.

Su Ping looked at Nie Chengkong so eagerly, he was more convinced in his heart that he knew the secrets of this place, which made him a little strange, this place has not been opened, how could anyone know?

However, he has nothing to envy, Xing Yun Ling Guo is not very attractive to him.


Suddenly, Su Ping felt the warning from the dark dragon dog.

He immediately passed on his thoughts and soon learned the content of the warning. Is there something else here? There is still a **** smell?

Su Ping was shocked in his heart, his face slightly changed, looking around.

boom! !

There was a huge earthquake in the passage opposite.

This sudden shock made Su Ping's people all startled and their bodies shook. After all, this was a flaming dragon's lair, which was extremely dangerous.

"No, go and help quickly." Ye Chenshan quickly said, Nie Chengkong showed great affection to him and couldn't sit still.

Guo Yuelin also changed her face, turned to look at the old men named Mo Lao and Chen, and said: "Two seniors, let's go and support it."

Both of them were a little confused by this incident. They only recovered when they heard Guo Yuelins words. The face of the strong man of the surnamed Chen had a slight discoloration, and he had a bad hunch in his heart. Running is also somewhat unreasonable.

He took a deep breath and let the earth dragon crawling in the cave behind him perform a ground motion to create an earth bridge.

Soon, the earth dragon stirred the ground, and a pillar of earth shot out quickly, hitting the cave opposite.

Ye Chenshan took the lead and ran quickly along the pillar of soil.

Su Ping's eyes flashed, followed closely.

"team leader!"

Ye Chenshan shouted loudly, but no sound came out.

Except for the previous shock, it was suddenly dead and infiltrated.

Although Ye Chenshan was eager to save people, he knew that his strength was not strong and did not rush in. He waited for Su Ping and Mo Lao to come around, and then summoned his own beast to let him explore the way ahead.

This thing is very broad, and the light is more translucent. There seems to be a bright blue halo inside.

Everyone slowly fumbled in, Ye Chenshan whispered: "Captain?"

Soon, everyone came to the place where the light was blue, and I saw the place where the light was radiated. It was an extremely wide open space. There was a small tree with a clear blue body at a height of four or five meters. The leaves were all blue. The halo visible to the naked eye emanates from the leaves.

On this tree, there is a clear blue fruit.

Su Ping recognized at a glance, this is Xing Yun Ling Guo!

This thing, previously on a rock wall protruding next to the magma pool, was unexpectedly moved here at this moment.

not good!

In Su Ping's heart, there was a sudden warning sign that this thing would not move for no reason, it wasn't the flame scale dragon's dragon, or something else.

"team leader!"

At this time, Guo Yuelin exclaimed and saw the dying Nie Chengkong at the side of the rock wall. His chest seemed to be pierced by something, and there was a large blood hole in the heart.

Su Ping turned his head to look around, his pupils shrank, and quickly said: "Don't go!"

Guo Yuelin was shocked. After all, she was a senior pioneer and responded very quickly. However, at the moment she stopped, she suddenly ejected a few thorns from the side rock wall, almost instantly, and slammed her neck and neck. , Forehead, chest, shoulders, etc., all through!

Instant kill!

Guo Yuelin's body trembles slightly, her brain is dead, but her body is still trembling nervously, showing how much pain this is!

Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue exclaimed silently, with no blood on his face. Guo Yuelin was their old teammate. Was he killed in a blink of an eye? !

Mo Lao and Chen Zhuang also felt some danger, their faces changed, they quickly summoned their beasts and looked around with caution.

Su Ping didn't go to see Guo Yuelin's death anymore, but summoned the small skull and purple green python, as well as the dark dragon dog, and wrapped around him. As for the purgatory candle dragon beast, the body is too tall to stretch here. , Summoned is also a target.


Mo Lao's eyes shrank sharply, and through the perception of the Fire Sleeping Sound Beast, his face suddenly became pale, trembling: "Here, around us."

He heard the sound of blood vessels flowing, and the sound surrounded them, among the surrounding rock walls.

In addition to this, he also felt that Nie Chengkong on the ground was not dead, still breathing, but had more air out and less air intake. If he did not get the best treatment immediately, death would be inevitable.

"Look, what is that?"

Suddenly Luo Guxue saw a scene, and her pretty face instantly turned white.

I saw a deep pit in front of the clear blue tree, and this deep pit was extremely deep. Under the flame of the Holy Flame Bird, the outline of the things inside reflected faintly.

Everyone stared at them, their faces changed greatly.


Countless corpses!

Most of the corpses are dragon corpses!

Su Ping's pupils contracted, and this scene completely exceeded his expectations.

Dragon corpse?

He looked carefully and found that this was not a real dragon corpse, but a dragon corpse. The dragon horns on the top of the head had not yet formed, but only had four claws.


There is one more before 12 o'clock, seven today!

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