Astral Pet Store Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Return

After they left, Su Ping summoned the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, cast infernal flames, and burned the dragon corpse here and all the corpses inside.

After processing the bones of this place, Su Ping collected the Xingyun Spirit Tree into the storage space and jumped out of this place. Before leaving, he let the purgatory candle dragon beast lift the ground, completely ruining the place beyond recognition.

Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshan are waiting for Su Ping in the open space outside the cave. Seeing the purgatory candle dragon beast and the dark dragon dog destroying everywhere in the cave, turning the ground upside down, knowing that Su Ping is destroying the corpse and erasing everything. trace.

"Brother Su, what kind of tree is that tree destroyed together?" Ye Chenshan saw that Su Ping was carrying his suitcase and returned home empty-handed. He didn't bring the spirit tree with him.

"This is the Xingyun Spirit Tree. The fruit on it is the Xingyun Spirit Fruit."

Su Ping did not conceal. Both of them have seen the appearance of this spirit tree. As long as they are concerned, they go out and look up some information. Sooner or later, they can find out what it is.

"Xing Yun Spirit Tree?"

When the two were stunned, Luo Guxue seemed to think of something. The pretty face changed slightly, a little suspiciously, saying: "Is it the kind of star Yun Lingguo that can directly promote a small segment of realm?"

Su Ping nodded.

Ye Chen's pupils shrunk, a little stunned.

At this time, he finally knew why Su Ping would destroy this Xingyun Spirit Tree. If he carried this tree out of the secret realm, he would be sensational and would be caught by everyone around him when he first appeared on the Dragon Climbing Platform. .

At that time, this is not a treasure, but a scourge of life.

No wonder Su Ping wants to destroy this place, and the destruction is so complete!

Although knowing that this is a self-preservation move, the thought of such a precious treasure was actually destroyed, and there was a flesh of pain in both hearts.

"No wonder the captain is so eager..." Luo Guxue muttered to himself, his eyes darkened.

Hearing her words, Ye Chenshan thought of the dead Nie Chengkong, his face slightly changed, and a deep sigh in his heart. Before that, he also felt that the captain was too eager, and even the body of the flame-scale dragon did not search, so he came directly.

In this way, the captain mostly concealed them, knowing what the secret is here.

A star contains spiritual fruit, and it is no wonder that Nie Chengkong will be so eager and urgent, which is too valuable for Nie Chengkong.

It's a pity that, just like his name, in the end, not only did he not get the secret treasure, but instead he was killed there.

"Now this Xing Yun Lingguo, as the three of us know, if the news leaks out, it will inevitably cause unnecessary trouble, I hope you can keep the secret." Su Ping looked at the two and said seriously.

Luo Guxue nodded immediately, "Mr. Su is assured that I will never reveal half a word."

Ye Chenshan also heard Su Ping's meaning, saying: "Brother Su, you have rescued us twice. I will definitely keep this matter secret, and speaking out will not do us any good."

Su Ping nodded, summoning the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the small skeleton back to the Spirit Beast space, then let the dark dragon dog follow him, and then he jumped to sit on the snakehead of the purple and green python and said, "Go back."

Seeing that Su Ping did not mention how to distribute the Xingyun Lingguo, Ye Chenshan felt a little regret in his heart, but he soon dispelled this idea. Fortunately, for the rest of his life after the robbery at this moment, he didn't even think about too much extravagance. Moreover, Su Ping's two salvation for him made it hard for him to feel jealous.

The two did not dare to stay here, jumped on their respective beasts, and quickly left with Su Ping.

Luo Guxue's holy flame bird was extremely injured, and Luo Guxue was taken back into the space of the beast. She summoned another seventh-order wind monster.

The three first went to the corpse of the flaming scale Jiaolong, who was on the ninth rank, and met with Zhou Jing, who was guarding here.

As soon as they met, Zhou Jing only saw the three of them, and his face changed slightly, saying, "What about the captain?"

Ye Chenshan sighed and said: "The captain accidentally... died, Mo Lao also died, Yue Lin also..."

Zhou Jing's pupil shrank and looked at him incredulously.

No wonder he heard huge movements over there and heard Longyin, but he didn't expect it to be the last thing he wanted to happen.

"How could this happen, what did you encounter?" Zhou Jing asked quickly.

Luo Guxue's expression was bitter, and he recounted the matter with him, but he didn't mention the thing about the spirit tree. He only carried it with the word "secret".

After listening to Luo Guxue's words, Zhou Jing's face was complicated. He didn't expect the team that hadn't even suffered serious injuries along the way. At this last moment, he almost disappeared. What's more, there were two flame-scale dragons here, one of which was still The ninth peak!

Thinking of the deaths of Nie Chengkong and Guo Yuelin, besides the heartache, he was still a little bit, fortunately difficult to tell.

If he goes in with the team, it is estimated that the same will end.

"It's actually the Fangfang team, these despicable guys!" After knowing that it was exploited, Zhou Jing gritted his teeth and transferred his anger to the Fangfang team, but the Duron team had been wiped out, and he had to swear a few words. Sentence.

"Clean up the body of Jiaolong immediately, go back." Su Ping said, "Otherwise, the dragon may come out again."

Hearing Su Ping's words, the three of them suddenly recovered, and all of them stood up with cold hairs, Ye Chenshan nodded quickly, jumped into the valley, took out the secret sword that fell from Mo Lao's hand, and took off the flame scale dragon Useful parts on the body.

Su Ping also asked the dark dragon dog and the purple-green cockroach to eat dragon meat and have a full meal.

This is the real dragon meat, not an illusion, but also a big supplement to hunger.

Soon, Ye Chenshan took out the most precious energy crystal in the flame scale dragon body and returned to the team.

"Let's go." Zhou Jing said a little nervously. He let Baimu Eagle keep watching around, fearing that the flame-scale dragon in their mouth would suddenly pop out, even the body of the flame-scale dragon. Willing to extract.

Su Ping asked them to put away their beasts, and they all sat on the snake head of Ziqing Gun Python, and then let Zi Qing Gun Python return at full speed.

At the edge of this secret realm, there is an energy barrier that blocks all areas of the dragon scale, even the title-level powerhouse cannot cross this barrier.

At the node of this energy barrier, there is a vortex of transmission to the square.

Su Ping controlled the purple and green squirrel python, lightly familiar with the road, avoiding some places with small beast tides along the way, only encountered a few free monsters, successfully passed the energy node, and sent back to the square.


Noisy hilarity appeared.

When Su Pingren opened his eyes again, he was already sitting on the purple and green plait python on the square. There were many blood stains on the ground of this square, and some people were talking about something. In addition to them, there were other dragon scale regions. The returned team.

"Purple green python?"

Some people saw the sent Su Pingren, when they saw their mount is a medium beast, they were a little surprised, and they dare to explore this kind of secrets?

Others' teams also turned their gaze. When Luo Guxue was injured and Ye Chenshan's breath was weak, they all showed disdain.

"On the square, please put away your beast." A guard came and looked up at Su Ping with a cold face.

Su Ping jumped from the head of Ziqing Gun Python. After Luo Guxue and the others came down, he recovered Ziqing Gun Python into the space of the spirit beast and glanced at the unusual blood stains on the ground. ?"

The guard snorted softly and said, "When a team escaped, a monster of the ninth order was drawn from the inside. Fortunately, there was a sword guard stationed and killed by a knife."

Su Ping suddenly, looked up at the sky, a lingering figure stood in the air, overlooking the audience, like a god.

"Isn't it the legendary war pet master? Is there such a big deterrent?" Su Ping narrowed his eyes, and quickly withdrew his eyes. The three of them surprised: "Are you ready to leave the secret realm and go back here, or continue here?" Go around?"

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