Astral Pet Store Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Checked

"Aren't you going back with us?"

The three of them listened to Su Ping's tone and were a little stunned.

Su Pingdao: "I still want to turn around here, after all, this is my first time in the secret realm."

Listening to Su Ping's words, the three of them understood that Nie Chengkong and Guo Yuelin were dead. They really didn't feel like wandering around here. Moreover, if they entered the secret area with their strength, it was extremely dangerous. Staying here, also Can only look at the lively in the square.

Ye Chenshan released a star power barrier to isolate the sound, and his lips wriggled slightly. He asked Su Ping, "What about our secret treasures and the materials of those monsters?"

Su Ping groaned a little, and his lips squirmed slightly: "Would you like to find a place and allocate something?"

Ye Chenshan glanced at Luo Guxue and Zhou Jing, and when they saw no opinion, they said: "Also."

"Let's go through the inspection first." Zhou Jing said. On the outer edge of this square, there are a group of people in black who are specifically responsible for inspecting the teams leaving the area. All the items that the team explores from the secret realm need to be inspected.

In other words, nothing can be confided in the past and secretly brought out.

These people in black are under the control of the person behind the secret of Longtai Mountain, and this person does not refer to a person. It may be an extremely large joint group. It is for this reason that they dare to open the secret to the outside world. , Dont worry about the treasures inside falling outside.

However, if a real team explores Peerless Qibao, they will not rob and will only acquire in a fair way, perhaps with huge sums of money, or with barter.

To put it bluntly, the pioneering teams who came to explore the secret realm are all wage earners. The real super baby is difficult to take away, and can only get some relatively good secret treasures. Some of the best treasures, although unable to be taken away, can be exchanged for a wealthy life, or something that is also of great value. Of course, it can also be exchanged for a status that is difficult to climb through the normal way of life.


Although the peerless treasures cannot be revealed, the teams that come to explore are still endless.

After all, what most people really want is the good treasures, and they dont dare to expect to get some superb babies who are crazily mad at the title level.

Upon hearing the inspection, Su Ping, Ye Chenshan, and Luo Guxue's faces changed slightly.

While waiting for inspection, Xing Yun Lingguo obviously cannot be hidden. Although the value of this thing is not a real superb treasure, it cannot attract the attention of the titled extreme strong, but it is very attractive to the ninth-ranked strong. Force can let it reach the limit directly!

Going further, it is the king's shackles that require chance and luck to break through.

Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue both looked at Su Ping. If Su Ping took Xingyun Lingguo here, they would pass the inspection. After all, the secret treasure has been eaten and cannot be detected, and even if it is known, it is impossible to let Su Ping spit it out again.

This expendable gem is the only thing that can be easily "taken out" for inspection.


Although Ye Chenshan does not know the strength of Su Ping, it is obviously impossible to be a ninth-order strongman. In this case, taking Xingyun Lingguo is a waste.

Luo Guxue had some understanding of Su Ping through his performance in the academy. At this moment, he hopes that Su Ping can take Lingguo directly, even if Su Ping is in the ninth level, he can also use Lingguo to directly advance to the ninth level!

For a genius like Su Ping, time is money. Although it does not maximize the effect of Lingguo, it is also worth it.

Su Ping had taken this into consideration before, but he himself was a fourth-order upper class, and he was almost fifth-order soon, and he could achieve it quickly by practicing a little by himself. If he takes it now, it is completely wasteful.

"If you sell it, it's worth it." Su Ping secretly said that he didn't care much about this thing. This thing can only be taken one, and the second one will not work.

He has fruit trees in it, so he can take them back and plant them again. It is the most cost-effective for him to take it up to the ninth level, so this one, he originally planned to sell the money, so that he can upgrade the store when he goes back.

"Go," Su Ping said, his face calm.

The two looked at Su Ping's indifferent appearance and looked at each other with some doubt.

However, the owner of this thing is Su Ping, and they did not know how Su Ping planned, nor could they persuade.

Soon, several people came to the inspection office.

Here is a spacious room on the square, where a pile of black uniform figures stands, and several figures of different dresses, sit or lean, stay here, one by one, powerful and deep, without exception, all It is a title-level powerhouse!

It is almost impossible for ordinary people to rush out from here with the treasures. After all, there is a knife limit with the title limit, and several other old guys with the limit limit are supervised in the dark, except for the dragon scale area in the secret area. In addition, any place in the outside square is under close monitoring.

Seeing that Su Pingren came, the middle-aged middle-aged man in charge of supervision, looked at them indifferently, with no expression on his face, and said, "Cooperate, hand over all backpacks."

He is an eighth-order limit, and he is only one step away from the title level. However, the gap in this step makes the other title level powerhouses to stay here at will, and only need to take sanctions when someone is in trouble, but he It must be here to let everyone who has passed the prison take out something, which is equivalent to being on duty.

Ye Chenshan hesitated and opened his backpack and poured the contents into a white tray.

In addition to the dry food, the backpack is the crystal of monsters collected along the way.

These energy crystals are sarcoma bred in the body of the monster, but because of the pressure in the area, the sarcoma becomes energetic, separated from the appearance of flesh and blood, like a pebble, and the rich energy contained inside makes the stone look hazy. Hazy, somewhat mysterious and peculiar.

His backpack is mainly the crystallization of energy, dozens of large and small, and another part is also installed in Luo Guxue backpack.

Middle-aged Luohu Hu raised his eyebrows slightly, so much energy was crystallized, which was unexpected to him. When he saw several brightly colored crystals with huge fists inside, his pupils shrank slightly.

The energy of these crystals is extremely rich. With his eyes that have seen countless crystals, he can see at a glance that it is the energy crystal of the ninth-order monster!

A total of six!

So, this team, beheaded six tier nine monsters? !

Not only was the middle-aged middle-aged man in shock, he was also surprised by the number of silhouette-level figures sitting next to him who felt the energy fluctuations. When he saw the ninth-order energy crystal in the tray, he looked at Su Pingren involuntarily.

However, when they felt the energy fluctuations in Su Pingren's body, they were puzzled.

Obviously, Su Pingping did not have the same title strong as them, they were all a group of advanced warfare teachers.

Among them, Su Ping's breath is the most strange, very weak, and even only the fifth-order war pet master is not available. I don't know if it is hidden too deeply, or is it really the case?

The middle-aged Luohu Hu looked at Ye Chen Mountain and gazed at him: "Are you all hunted?"

Ye Chenshan nodded slightly, he also heard the doubts in the middle-aged man's voice, said: "These were hunted by our captain and two other masters, but unfortunately, they were killed inside..."

Hearing this, the middle-aged Luohu middle-aged man and several titles existed, only to show relief, his eyes became a little weird, the strong died, the weak actually ran back, and I dont know what to say about these guys. Or should they say that their captain and the two masters were too unlucky?

"Your." Luohu middle-aged man pointed to Luo Guxue.

Luo Guxue also opened his backpack and poured out the contents. There were also some crystals of energy. Two of them were the ninth-order monsters. In addition, the rest were useful materials on some monsters.

Because they rushed in a hurry, many valuable materials were not available for collection, and only the most useful things were selected.

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