Astral Pet Store Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Spirit Control

"Is this younger brother the master?" Qin Shuhai looked at Su Ping and found that in each family he had seen in Longjiang City, there was no young Junjie Su Ping, and there was no big family in each family. Su's.

Although he has been out of Longjiang City for many years, he still hears a little about some changes in Longjiang City, and has never heard of the latest rise of the Su Family.

Luo Guxue nodded and said: "Mr. Su is the same as the instructor of the same college. He is also a colleague with the original one. And when he is young, he is already a title..."

"The title level?!"

When this remark came out, not only Qin Shuhai was shocked, but also the other powerful players in the title class next to him. Even Ye Chenshan and Zhou Jing were both stunned. They immediately looked at Luo Guxue in shock, wondering if she was right. Spoken the wrong thing.

Su Ping did not expect that Luo Guxue would introduce herself like this, and suddenly thought that most of the spirit control skills she had displayed in the academy made her misunderstand.

He opened his mouth slightly and wanted to explain to her, but suddenly thought that if it was explained, it would expose his spirit control skills and cause some people to covet, and now he was about to sell something, when he was bargaining, his status was high, It is also good for oneself and saves some unnecessary greed.

After thinking about it, he defaulted, and simply pretended to be a big tail wolf.

Ye Chenshan looked at Luo Guxue in amazement, pulled her arm and said, "You are right, Su, Brother Su, is he a title?"

Luo Guxue was very determined, "I am absolutely sure, I have seen with my own eyes that Tutor Su can travel in the air. What is this ability, not the title level?"

"Walk in the air?"

Qin Shuhai and other title levels existed. Hearing these words, he was a little bit stunned. This was indeed the ability of the title level. They were able to master it only after they became strong in the title level.

Zhou Jing still couldn't believe it, saying: "But the Su brothers are so young, how is it possible?"

"Maybe this is genius." Luo Guxue sighed.

Although Su Ping remained silent, he was unaware of Luo Guxue's bragging.

Qin Shuhai looked at Su Ping. He had previously felt that the energy fluctuations in Su Ping's body were the weakest among them, only about fifth-order. It seems a bit strange to say that Su Ping is a fifth-order war pet master. But the secret realm, even the advanced war pets, will be killed at any time, what team dare to bring a fifth-order tow oil bottle, waves inside?

But, to say that Su Ping is a title-level...

Others may not know what this concept is, but they are very clear that such a talent is almost comparable to the champion of the global elite league!

If Su Ping participates, as long as the beast is good enough, his own driving ability is also good, and winning a championship is almost a sure thing!

After all, this kind of talent is too evil, even if they are the contemporary young masters of the Qin family, the talent is peerless, and it is rare for a hundred years. In these twenty years of age, they only reach the seventh order, although they are not far from the eighth order, but the eight Order and order nine are completely two concepts!

Others were surprised and suspicious in their eyes. This matter was so incredible that they could not doubt it.

Some people think that Luo Guxue might have said this intentionally, hoping to use Su Ping's strength to suppress some secretly coveted thoughts and keep the loot they explored.

Some people think that there must be some misunderstanding, or Luo Guxue misunderstood.

"I'm seeing this young title for the first time. It's the first time I saw it compared to Dao Zun. I don't know if this handsome Su boy can show us his hand?" Su Ping rejected it earlier. Feng Niang said, she looked at Su Ping frivolously, showing a somewhat interested expression.

"Yes, I'm curious too," someone echoed.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Some people saw that Su Ping was indifferent, the guess in his heart was more intense, and his attitude was not as daunting as when he first heard it. He said directly, "Brother Su, let us see with both hands, and we dont need you to fly in a circle and give us the spot. Just float up."

"Yes." Someone next agreed.

Su Ping sneered slightly: "Do you want to see it, will I show it to you?"

"Huh, what do you mean by that, is there any real ability, so look at it?"

"Since you say you are a title class, what does it matter to show your hands?"

"That is, don't pretend to be here."

Several title-level strongmen are somewhat disdainful of Su Ping. Although Su Ping has Xing Yun Lingguo in his hands, this thing has already been spoken by Qin Shuhai. They want to fight for the estimate, but they are not afraid to offend Su Ping.

Su Ping's thought moved, and the Xing Yun Ling Guo in front of him immediately floated up and said, "Is this so?"

The audience suddenly calmed down. Feng Niang and several previous titles questioning Su Ping's face were all changed, and they were able to control objects with star power, and the energy was released. This is definitely a sign of the title grade. So, Su Ping's Identity is also true?

Qin Shuhai's face was slightly discolored, and his eyes were deeply shocked. Such a young title level is so terrifying!

It was only a few years before he left the base city of Longjiang, and his hometown actually came out with such a shocking wizard? !

Su Ping's energy control in one hand completely silenced the voices of doubts, and slapped a few of the previously questioned fiercely, unable to speak for a while.

They all realize that Su Ping has become a title level at this age. In addition to his own qualifications, he is inseparable from his background and resources! After all, if the dragon is trapped in the shoal, it will be difficult to exert no matter how powerful it is. Although the genius is clever, but without the accumulation of resources, it will also be buried by the light and the silence.

Ye Chenshan and Zhou Jing's eyes were almost staring out, and they looked at Su Ping in disbelief. This person they followed all the time was actually a terrible title-level strongman than their captain!

So to say, not only is the beast, Su Ping itself is the strongest presence in their team? !

Qin Shuhai reacted first, and a smile appeared on his face immediately, saying: "Brother Su is really amazing. I don't know who his brother is from. When I'm free, I can go to visit."

Su Ping put away the spirit control and put Xing Yun Ling Guo down, saying: "Talk about business first."

Qin Shuhai saw that Su Ping was reluctant to say more, guessing that it was the words of the few people next to him, which annoyed him, and did not continue to question him. He said with a smile: "Yes, this thing, Brother Su sold one billion, I can pay you now."

"Good." Su Ping nodded.

Although selling this thing is the most meaningless and can be exchanged for other important treasures, but he is usually in the beast shop, the general treasures are not very meaningful, not to mention that he can continue to go to the Dragon Scale area to collect a few more There is no shortage of this treasure.

On the contrary, there is not much valued money in the general title level, which he currently lacks most.

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