Astral Pet Store Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Title List

"Brother Shu Hai really is a big family, so if you give one billion, you will give it."

The other powerful people beside him heard some of Qin Shuhai's words and were envious.

One billion yuan exists in the title class for them, and it is not a small sum. Although they make money faster than the money printing machine, but the overhead is also large. Like buying a star Yun Lingguo this time, it will cost one billion. If you have another secret treasure, you may have to continue to pay for it. Some households with thin households have already been hollowed out and can only be exchanged for things.

"I have a two-star account of Star Alliance Bank, under 10 billion, I can transfer it directly to you." Qin Shuhai said.

Starlink is an interstellar bank, which is spread over various colonial stars in the Federation. In exchange for some local banks of Bluestar, it is necessary to transfer a huge amount of one billion, and some complicated procedures are necessary.

Su Ping nodded slightly, arranged a star power barrier, and sent his account to him.

Qin Shuhai received the account and saw that it was an ordinary bank card in Longjiang City. I was a little surprised. Generally, they have a title level like them. They are all eligible to apply for the Star Alliance card. It can be useful in many special situations. He didn't expect Su Ping to use ordinary cards, which is a bit rare.

However, he didn't ask much, after entering the card number, he directly transferred the money.

Even if he makes a wrong transfer, this ordinary bank has a way to force the other party to return the money.

Soon, Su Ping's communicator received Ding Dong, he opened it, and a series of zeros jumped out.

Su Ping counted, it was exactly one billion.

"Brother Su, happy cooperation." Qin Shuhai smiled.


Luo Guxue and others saw that Su Ping received the money, and the mood was a bit complicated. One billion, I dont know how many times they went to the pioneers. You must know that every pioneer is likely to fall. The pioneers days are not guaranteed, not On the surface, it looks so beautiful. Although it is quick to make money, it is usually made with money and not spent.

"Brother Su, do you want to sell this lantern?" Qin Shuhai pointed to the soul lamp beside him and smiled.

Su Ping looked calm and said, "This is not necessary."

For him, the value of this soul lamp is more important than Xingyun Lingguo, of course, not necessarily in the eyes of others.

Seeing Su Ping's rejection, Qin Shuhai had some regrets. Although he didn't recognize what this thing was, he could feel some strange fluctuations in it. It seemed that it was not an ordinary secret, so he wanted to try his luck.

"If Brother Su is free in the future, welcome to our Qin family as a guest." Qin Shuhai smiled and said, regardless of Su Ping's background, being able to make friends is a good thing. The big family depends not only on their own heritage, but also on the network.

Su Ping nodded slightly.

After a few words of greeting, Su Ping asked Zhou Jing to take out his backpack and pour out the energy crystal and monster material inside.

There is nothing to cherish in it, but the scales of the flame scale dragon, which some people noticed and were surprised.

However, they are also unsure about what stage of the Flame Scale Dragon, if it is at its peak, it will be a little scary.

After they selected it, they handed it over to the instrument to scan, and quickly identified the origin of the energy crystals and monster materials, in addition to some secret treasures, and some were also tested for efficacy.

However, Su Ping's Soul Lamp failed to escape the detection of the instrument, and the efficacy was tested. This surprised Su Ping. After all, these ancient secrets are generally not mass-produced. It stands to reason that the instrument should be No relevant records.

Qin Shuhai smiled and seemed to see Su Ping's doubts, saying: "This instrument was purchased from the "outside" and can penetrate the structure of the secret treasure to analyze the effect, so most secret treasures cannot avoid this. The inspection of things, don't look at this instrument is not big, but the cost is 100 billion, and there are only a few in the world."

Su Ping was surprised and guessed that what he said was mostly outside.

"No A-level items have been detected, Brother Su, you can take them away." Qin Shuhai watched the test results of the instrument with other titled strongmen. When he saw no items that exceeded the specifications, he said to Su Ping.

The only A-level item that is likely to exceed the specifications is probably Xing Yun Lingguo, but he has been cut off in advance to avoid instrument detection.

Although he is a bit against the rules, this is also an unspoken rule here, and Qin Shuhai ventured to do so, it is also expected that this Xingyun Lingguo, although precious, should not be considered an A-level item, so he paid for it Not too eye-catching.

If it is a real A-level item, even if he buys it, it is useless, and in the end, it can only be turned in. The real big players above will play and distribute.

Seeing the end of the inspection, Luo Guxue and others were relieved and finally left.

A titled strongman said to Su Ping: "Brother Su, you have a lot of energy crystallization here, can you sell a few?"

He asked very politely, not only because of Su Ping's identity, but also because these energy crystals were not considered A-level items, then Su Pingren had the right to take it away, and it would be no problem not to sell him.

If they insist on buying, they will break the rules here, and the consequences will be serious.

Su Ping shook his head slightly, he already had money in his hand, he had nothing to ask for a while, these energy crystals could be left to the purgatory candle dragon beasts, and treat them as snacks.

Seeing that Su Ping refused, the title blocker had some regrets.

Su Ping didn't stay any longer and left the place.

Looking at Su Pingren's departure, the previous Feng Niang said to Qin Shuhai: "When did you have such a wicked character in your Longjiang base city?"

Qin Shuhai glanced away and smiled bitterly, "I don't know, depending on his age, he looks in his early twenties, so young is the title level. It is estimated that in the future it will be one of the top ten in the title list. If you are lucky, you may achieve it. That legendary state..."

Hearing his words, everyone else's face changed.

Feng Niang frowned slightly, and she was still unwilling to fail to pick up the Xingyun Lingguo from Su Ping's hand. She said: "It's still possible to be in the top ten of the title list, but it's too vague to become a legend. This can't be done with good talent, and since this person sold Xingyun Lingguo instead of eating it by himself, it can be seen that he may have gotten two in the secret realm, or have already eaten elsewhere One.

If this is the case, before taking Xingyun Lingguo, he is only an eighth-order upper rank. Although he is evil, he is not too terrible. "

Qin Shuhai's heart moved, thinking of the ordinary card that Su Ping had previously transferred, and I suddenly understood it, so to speak, it was indeed not as terrible as expected.

However, such an age can reach the eighth rank, which is very terrible. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a hundred years of hardship. It is even more outstanding than the younger generation of the Qin family.

"It seems that I haven't paid attention to my hometown recently, but it has changed a lot." He said secretly.

"When the elite league is over, the King's League is about to open soon. This time Brother Qin gets the Xing Yun Lingguo. In that King's League, most of them will shine!" Said suddenly.

Qin Shuhai shook his head slightly, "It's hard to say, what monsters are in the King's League, you don't know that, the ninth-ranking superior can only make a little bit of waves in it."

"Brother Qin has been humble."

"That is, we will give Brother Qin a cheer when it comes."

Everyone roared.

Qin Shuhai smiled bitterly, but his eyes showed a bit of glory. The Kings League is a grand event for the title level. For them, the existence of these title levels is extremely important.

He glanced at the Xingyun Lingguo in his hand and carefully put it away.



After leaving the inspection room, Su Ping, Luo Guxue and others came to the remote place of the square, laid a star power barrier, cut off the outside sight, and shrouded the sound.

"These energy crystals and demon beast materials are all here." Su Ping said.

Everyone has no opinion.

"How to divide?" Ye Chenshan looked at Su Ping. From the time when he learned that Su Ping was a title rank, his brain is a little dazed. Now, the instinctive reaction is to let Su Ping take the lead.

Zhou Jing also looked at Su Ping, feeling uncomfortable, and did not know how Su Ping would be allocated. Here, Su Ping is the strongest, but he is not familiar with Su Ping. If Su Ping is all for himself, he can do nothing.

Su Ping saw that everyone gave the idea to himself, and thought for a moment, he had to say: "I take 40%, the remaining 60% of you three are divided equally, each 20%, how?"

All three were in a daze, a little stunned, and did not expect Su Ping to be so generous.

Luo Guxue quickly said: "Mr. Su, it's all up to you this time, we can get so many treasures. These monster monsters are also hunted by you and the captain. We didn't help us much, how can we get 20%?"

Ye Chenshan also felt that if they were so divided, they took a little more. According to the previous rules, their captains all took 60%, and the remaining four deals were allocated to them. Now, Su Ping only takes 40%, which is a little too little. Too.

However, if he could get more points, he would not refuse, but he did not expect Luo Guxue to make such an honest objection, which made him a little embarrassed to default.

"So what do you mean?" Su Ping asked.

"Otherwise, according to our previous rules, you six we four?" Luo Guxue whispered, in fact, he thinks that Su Ping is normal with their seven or three points, so they are easy to assign, but Su Ping's generous, so she can't help thinking A little more, after all, this time the harvest is too generous, and more than half of it is a lot of money.

"OK." Su Ping nodded.

Ye Chenshan and Zhou Jing both showed smiles on their faces. Several people quickly counted energy crystals and monster materials, and then scored six or four points.

After aliquoting, Su Ping asked: "How much do you want for the money to sell Xing Yun Ling Guo?"

Luo Guxue was stunned, but Su Ping even planned to share with them. She quickly said: "Mr. Su, this Xing Yun Lingguo is from you. Without you, we have all been buried in the bladder and the energy crystallized. , We have taken advantage of a lot of money, you can take all the money yourself."

Ye Chenshan was also embarrassed to ask for Su Ping's money again, and also nodded, "Yes."

Although Zhou Jing was a bit greedy, but when they both said so, they had to say: "Gu Xue is right, you just accept Senior Su."

Su Ping heard his name and froze for a moment, but didn't think much about it. Since they all refused, he wasn't proposing to divide the money either. In fact, he was a little reluctant in his heart. The main reason is to block [Biquge www.boquge.co] people's jealousy and greed, to avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

"I'll take the money, the secret sword, then divide it myself."

Su Ping handed over the secret treasure sword that Mo Lao had picked up to the three men, which was considered to make up.

Seeing this, the three of them did not humbly, Ye Chenshan took the sword and said: "Whoever wants it back can use the merit to make up for the other two. If no one wants it, it will be exchanged for merit and divided equally. "

"Good." Luo Guxue and Zhou Jing did not object.

When things were finished, Zhou Jing and Ye Chenshan were ready to leave the secret realm and bid farewell to Su Ping.

Luo Guxue had planned to stay here, go shopping with Su Ping, and then go back with Su Ping, but was rejected by Su Ping.

Ye Chenshan, who was next to him, saw this, and sighed in his heart. Sure enough, it was the kingly way of picking a girl. He admired and regretted it.

Luo Guxue saw that Su Ping refused, somewhat helpless, and had to leave with Ye Chenshan and Zhou Jing.

After they left, Su Ping collected both the energy crystal and the monster material into his backpack, and then walked towards the dragon platform of the square.

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