Astral Pet Store Chapter 190

Chapter 190: God Magic Material

There are not as many figures on the stage as before, but it is still quite lively.

When Su Ping came here, he heard a lot of talk around.

"I didn't expect that the Tang family, this time actually climbed to the sixth keel. Gee, it is estimated that in a few years, the seventh keel and the eighth keel will be summited!"

"I stopped at the third keel, these days are really terrible."

"People can't compare with others. I heard that it is of great benefit to climb on the 9th bone. Unfortunately, this is not what we people can expect. It is estimated that it will be obtained by those big families sooner or later."


Su Ping was a little surprised to hear these remarks, but didn't expect to reach the sixth keel, so it was so eye-catching.

"What is the highest keel of someone on board?" Su Ping asked, holding a person.

This man was surprised when he saw that Su Ping was a teenager, but instead of looking down on impatience, he looked at Su Ping more often. Most of the young people who could come to this secret realm were extremely backgrounded, and only a few came to join in the fun.

"The rumors are the highest. Someone once climbed to the seventh keel, but that was just a rumor, and no one can prove it. On the list of the keel Tianjiao that has been confirmed, the top three Tang Ruyan and Feng Tianming and others only reached the top. The sixth keel." The man said.

Su Ping was stunned for a moment, his heart suddenly relieved.

Seen in this way, these people are far away from climbing the nineth bone.

Only the seventh keel is the beginning of the real test. You must meet the middle and lower qualifications to pass!

The eighth keel requires intermediate and intermediate qualifications. At present, the purgatory candle dragon beast in his hand can only go to the eighth floor!

And the ninth floor, you must reach the upper middle class!

This dragon bone is the qualification of the old dragon king to test the inheritors. It really tests the hard strength. From the fourth floor to the sixth floor, it needs high combat power to pass, especially the sixth floor, which needs to be comparable to the ninth rank combat power. !

However, at the seventh level, the corresponding challenge is based on the challenger's own level. If the challenger is level 7, he will encounter the dragon soul of level eight or level nine. If the challenger is level nine If the order is met, you will encounter the king beast level existence!

It is for this reason that those who came to challenge this keel are the younger generation of talented demon. Even if the older generation easily passes the sixth keel, it will be difficult to pass the later test. After all, even the strong ninth rank title is difficult. Challenge the king beast-level dragon soul, this is equivalent to playing against a king beast-level dragon beast! !

Moreover, this is only the difficulty of the seventh keel. In the eighth keel or the ninth keel, the strong title will even meet the existence of the king's superior!

At Su Pings current level of less than Tier 5, he will encounter the Dragon Soul of Tier 9 on the ninth floor, but he has the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the small skeleton, which can solve the battle. After all, as a pet master, he summons the beast It can be regarded as one of his own combat strengths.

However, as a summoning beast, purgatory candle dragon beast and small skull to challenge the dragon bone, it is impossible to borrow the power of Su Ping. This is the suppression of the contract, Su Ping is the master, and they are slaves.

Never go against the Lord.

The master can follow.

Su Ping can borrow their power and treat them as part of themselves, but they can't borrow Su Ping's power, at best they can only be blessed by Su Ping's augmentation skills.

"It's just that the sixth keel is passed. It's so eye-catching. If I challenge it now, it's estimated that it will immediately shock many big men..." Su Ping looked up at the tall keel and thought about it.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to wait for the challenge before leaving the secret realm, and then explore the Dragonscale area first.


Su Ping left Denglongtai and turned to the regional entrance.

There are also many teams lined up here, some teams seem to be recruiting temporary players, but no one is going. After all, anything can happen in the secret area. In the unlikely event that precious treasures appear, fratricidal killings are very common, and this is naturally the first solution. This temporary recruitment of foreign aid will be distributed by your own team.

Su Ping glanced at it, and then went to the team.

Not long after he queued up, several teams came to invite him to join, and they all saw that Su Ping was alone.

Su Ping all refused, no interest.

Soon, before lining up to the Su plane, Su Ping paid a million transmission fees and entered the transmission array, where an energy image emerged, and 109 dragon scale areas were arranged like a dragon.

Su Ping thought of the dragon scale area in the cultivation area, thinking for a moment, and selected an area in the abdomen.

In the inheritance area, without these area numbers, he can only try his luck, which is really not possible, just run every dragon scale area, just like this, if all go through, the transmission fee will be hundreds of millions.

When he was selected, the figure slowly appeared and appeared in a desolate desert.

"Is it here?"

Su Ping raised an eyebrow.

He glanced at the surrounding environment, and he immediately recognized it. Many secrets and road maps in this area also appeared in his mind.

"Is it wrong? Forget it, there are two good treasures here. I remember that this area is No. 48. It belongs to the opened area. I don't know if the treasure inside is still there..."

Su Ping pondered, summoning the purple and blue dragon and purgatory candle dragon beast, and the dark dragon dog, he sat on the top of the purple and green dragon, and the purple and blue dragon erected a few pieces of scales on the head like a lotus shield , Guard Su Long inside.

"set off."

Su Ping let the dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast open their way to several important treasure locations.

Along the yellow sand, there were very few monsters and beasts. After half an hour, Su Ping went through several secret treasure locations and found that the secret treasures were taken away, and no one was missed. In addition, it seems that there is nothing to see here. The trail of the pioneer team, it seems that this dragon scale area has been opened up, the general pioneer team will not choose.

"This one million was spent." Su Ping was a little speechless, and had to send it out from the space node on the edge, and then queued up again at the regional delivery station.

With previous experience, Su Ping directly selected the areas that were not opened up.

This time it is area 52.

Although a total of 57 blocks have been developed, the developed areas are not arranged by number. For example, the areas such as No. 1 and No. 8 have not yet been explored.

Su Ping just sent it out, and he felt a strong **** smell around him. It seemed that a team had fought here. He immediately summoned the purple and green dragon and the dark dragon dog. He shrunk on the purple and green dragon's head to prevent suffering. Accidentally attack, and then let the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast also come out and open the way with the dark dragon dog.

When he came to the place with **** smell, Su Ping saw corpses everywhere, and there was also a block coffin.

This earthen coffin is extremely square and extremely complete. At first glance, it was made by the pet beasts of the rock system. It seems that not only monsters but also pioneers are dead here.

Su Ping glanced for two times, and did not stay here for a long time. He pulled out the route and treasure map of this dragon-scale area from his mind, and immediately rushed towards one of the more valuable treasure locations.

Along the way, avoiding several monster beast dens in the breeding ground. Soon, Su Ping came to this secret treasure location.

When he arrived here, through the olfactory detection of the dark dragon dog, he found that there was no human breath here, and he was relieved.


Su Ping immediately directed the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog into it.

This area of Dragon Scale has long been attacked by Su Ping, and it didn't take long for Su Ping to obtain the secret treasure here.

This is a helmet and can withstand mental attacks. It is relatively rare among the treasures. The ordinary treasure armor is resistant to physical attacks or energy attacks. Although it is sold at a high price, it is more common among these treasures. Too.

Su Ping directly put on a helmet to prevent accidents, and then left the Dragon Scale area before throwing it into the storage space and sneaking through the inspection.

"I remember there is another place, there is Jiyan mortar water..." Su Ping suddenly thought that in this dragon-scale area, there was a material just needed to cultivate the golden black **** demon body. His eyes were shining, and he immediately drove three The beast turned around.

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