Astral Pet Store Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Narrow Path

Thunderfire Hanlong Beast is a higher-ranked blood of the ninth rank. In the Dragon Rank, it is also a high-ranking dragon beast. In the ranking of rare high-ranking dragon beasts, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is the top three existence, and the Thunderfire Hanlong Beast can be included in the top ten!

As for the four-winged storm dragon, it is only the lower dragon rank, no longer in the middle.

"Brother Su, do you still sell this dragon egg?" a strong man next to him asked carefully.

Su Ping glanced at him and shook his head: "No, I have another use for the time being. If you really want it, maybe you can buy it in my store in the future."

Seeing that these people were generous, Su Ping suddenly wanted to propagate a wave.

"Your shop?"

"Brother Su still opened the company, I don't know which one?"

Several people are curious and show interest. For these titles, it is normal for them to borrow their fame and connections to start a company to accumulate money or launder money. They cannot hear Su Pings background, but they may be able to Su Ping's company knows one or two.

"the company?"

Su Ping coughed softly and said indifferently: "It's not a company, it's an ordinary small shop. At present, the main service is to cultivate pets. It also sells some pet food. In the future, it will also sell some pets, such as this egg."

Everyone is surprised, just an ordinary pet shop?

However, when I heard that Su Ping would throw the egg in the store and sell it, I immediately knew that Su Ping was saying modesty. Isn't a store selling dragon eggs an ordinary small shop?

"Does Brother Su have a business card?" someone asked. He was already interested, and wanted to see and see him. By the way, he made friends with Su Ping.

"Business card...not brought." Su Ping looked serious, said: "I will tell you the address."


Everyone didn't think much and expressed understanding, after all, they came to explore the secret realm, and it was a bit strange to bring a business card in the backpack.

Su Ping told a few people the address of the shop, but they didn't care if they knew their details. After all, if they were interested in investigating, using their title-level means to know their appearance and name, it was enough to find out their information.

Moreover, in the shop, he is covered with a system, not afraid of anyone.

Putting away the dragon egg, Su Ping said goodbye to several people and turned to leave the inspection room.

When he came to the square outside, Su Ping was turning around in the crowd. After confirming that no one was following, he found a remote place, reached out to touch the dragon egg in the backpack, and collected it into the storage space.

These three dragon eggs, he could have been smuggled out, but considering that the number of consecutive shabby tests, more times, will inevitably cause suspicion, so still a little bit of his good luck, what he has harvested from these two days Here, I picked out some less valuable and relatively rare things, so I chose these three four-winged tyrannosaurus eggs.

It was also unexpected to get these eggs. Su Ping did not expect that the four-winged tyrannosaurus guarded at the secret treasure site was actually a mother in this generation, and soon after laying eggs, he was cheap.

Putting away the Dragon Egg, Su Ping did not immediately enter the Dragon Scale Land, but found a comfortable single room for rent in the rest area on the west side of the square.

The houses in this rest area are all built shortly after the opening of the secret area. The pioneers of the exploration are temporarily resting. The rent is extremely expensive, and the rent is 100,000 a night, but the advantage is that there is a high-strength enchantment outside the house, which can isolate the outside from prying eyes. And there are strong men sitting nearby, resting here, and will never be disturbed.

Su Ping was still tired after exploring for two consecutive days, and he had just displayed the dragon egg. If he immediately entered the secret realm and came out from the inside, he would also meet Qin Shuhai and others. When the dragon egg was there, it would be a little suspicious. It just happened to relax during this rest time, and then they can make them think that they are taking advantage of this time to transport the dragon eggs out.

Su Ping entered the room, threw his backpack aside, summoned the small skeleton, let it guard himself, then lay in bed and fell asleep.

There is no day and night in the mysterious environment, and there is no alternation of the sun and the moon, so there are always pioneers walking outside the square.

When Su Ping woke up again, feeling exhausted, he got up and glanced at the communicator, and slept for eight hours. With a very standard work and rest, he took the small skull standing by the side of the small skull straight back to the pet. Beast Space, got up and went out, backed out of the room, came to the drinks area of the rest area, ordered two cups of milk tea with different flavors, and walked towards the Dragon Scale Land Transfer.

The number of people here is obviously not as good as two days ago, and the first day still needs to line up, but now, most of the time here is unmanned, and you can pay directly to enter.

Su Ping just arrived here and found a line in front of him.

He walked over casually, drinking strawberry-flavored milk tea, feeling comfortable.

"Huh?" Suddenly, a startled voice sounded.

Su Ping looked up and saw a young man in front turned his head and looked at him with a surprised face, as if he knew him.

Su Ping was very puzzled, he didn't know each other.


At this time, the other people in front of the young man heard the sound and turned their heads. Su Ping's eyes suddenly showed two familiar faces. They were encountered on the first day when they lined up at the Dragon's Terrace. One was right. The old man he shot, the other one from the Tang family, was called Tang Xilai.

"It's this kid?" Zhuo Fengqun, the Tang family's worshiper, suddenly remembered Su Ping. The stunned kid was the one who had survived under his palm. If Dao Zun shot it, he would give it a go. Shoot it as crippled.

Standing in front of the crowd was a graceful and slender figure. It was Tang Ruyan. She glanced at her eyes and saw Su Ping, frowning slightly. She was slightly impressed by the ant-like character. Something, a little disgusting feeling, but soon, she dispelled this feeling of disgusting, not that she forgave each other, but it is not worth it.

Every ant is not worth disgusting her.

Tang Ruyan withdrew his gaze, looking at the secret realm in front of him, thinking about the things in the secret realm.

Zhuo Fengqun glanced at Su Ping coldly and snorted, but he didnt shoot again. Previously, Dao Zun had already shot once. If he killed the kid again, he would not give Dao Zun a face. Annoyed Zun Zun.

"The ants-like thing is still alive, hum." He flicked his sleeve and turned his head, ignoring it.

The other guards saw that the table wind group and the young lady didn't speak, and only looked at Su Ping with a mocking look. They didn't make any sarcasm or insults, so as not to corrupt the style of the Tang family.

Su Ping didn't expect such a narrow path, and seeing the old man's expression, he raised his eyebrows slightly, but he was not angry because it was not worth it.

Soon, Tang Ruyan and others paid the money, and a group entered the teleportation array.

The teleportation array was turned off, and after a while, it was turned on again, and all the people like Tang Ruyan disappeared.

Su Ping also stepped forward and paid the money.

Then stepped into the teleportation array.

Looking at the many dragon-scale lands in front of him, Su Ping showed his thoughts.

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