Astral Pet Store Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Region 83

In the previous two days of non-stop exploration, Su Ping went to a lot of dragon scale land, avoiding the dragon scale land that has been opened up, and in the remaining dragon scale land, he obtained many secrets.

Two of them are the secret treasures he cares about most.

One is to blow the ancient fan, the wind that blows can invade consciousness, destroy the soul, and fan the consciousness of the higher pet beast, it is a very powerful spiritual attack treasure!

The other is a picture scroll.

There is space in the picture scroll, and in the space inside, you can survive living things!

If this picture comes out, it will inevitably cause all parties to compete. This is definitely a top secret!

Although the picture scroll has no attack ability, this unique storage ability is extremely rare, even the legendary strongman will be greedy.

Su Ping has his own storage space, but his storage space is not suitable for storing living things, and this picture is different.

Moreover, the space in this picture is huge. It is as large as four or five stadiums. Even if it is loaded with more than a dozen ninth-level monsters, it is easy.

Compared with the two secret treasures that Su Ping cares about, there are many other secret treasures, but they are more common types, but although they are common, they are also extremely precious. One of the deep space original armors can resist the ninth level. Attacks below the median, and injecting star power, can also make the wearer as light as a bird, and control the force a little, you can easily achieve a short stagnation!

Even an eighth-order master can use this armor to do the imperial flight!

However, the speed of this imperial air can't be compared with that of the real title level, it can only be displayed, and there is not much actual combat effect.

After this armor enters the secret realm, it will be worn by Su Ping. With the power control ability, his imperial speed is faster than that of the general title-level strong.

In addition, there are some attacking treasures that are extremely destructive and can easily tear the scale armor of the ninth order monster.

Looking at the remaining dragon-scale land, Su Ping was thinking.

"There are three other treasures, all of which are rare, but two of them are guarded by king beasts. Although they haven't known that they are still king guards for so many years, this kind of risk...can't take risks."

Su Ping is well aware of the terrible king beast, which is more than ten times stronger than the ninth order limit. It is completely different. Even if you look at it in the past, once the king beast is alarmed, it may fall.

"Dragon scale land with king beasts has a total of six places. Fortunately, I know these places. If you choose a region where king beasts are waiting, you can withdraw immediately."

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly. At present, he can only select the three treasures that make him feel the most, the only one without the king beast guard. This treasure is a magnifying treasure, the effect is extremely terrible, he is determined to get it .

"Just choose this." Su Ping selected a scale near the tail of the dragon's body. This was something he had not explored or opened up, No. 83 Dragon Scale Land.

When he chose, his body was suddenly enveloped by energy. At the next moment, when the sense of space-time transition disappeared, Su Ping opened his eyes and saw an ancient world with giant trees and green trees like the sea.

"Is this?!"

Su Ping's eyes widened, somewhat stunned.

He just wanted to try his luck, but didn't expect to really choose this Dragonscale region!

He had planned to take a few more to look at, it was nothing more than spending millions of dollars, anyway, he is now rich, and spending 100 million to get all the dragon-scale land into it at one time, but he did not expect gambling In a moment, you will bet directly.

This area of dragon scales is called a vegetation area by Su Ping.

That increasing treasure is here!

The reason is called the vegetation area, because it is so much like the ancient world, even if it is a weed, it is extremely huge, giant trees all over the sky, walking here, as if shrunk into grass reptiles, extremely small.

Su Ping looked around for a while without further consternation, and quickly summoned the dark dragon dog to let it explore the surroundings, and then summoned the purple and green dragon python to protect himself, and then the purgatory candle dragon beast, the second beater.

As for the small skeleton, as long as Su Ping has time, he will leave it in the space of the beast, refining the blood of the skeleton king, and it is not easy to summon it.

At the command of Su Pings intention, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast wittedly concealed his dragon spirit. The seven or eight meters of weeds around it were originally only under its neck and neck, but it was worried that it would be exposed. The principle of "the bird will be beaten" shrinks his head and waits for his back, which is extremely tedious and funny.

If anyone sees it, they will never believe that this is a proud dragon beast.

Soon, Su Ping received conscious feedback from the dark dragon dog, and had a general understanding of the surrounding situation, but it is only a rough idea. He is not a master of war pets, and he cannot master the skills of the "beast consensus", and he cannot use the senses of the dark dragon dog. The detected situation is perfectly engraved into his own mind and can only be communicated through consciousness.

After confirming that there is no danger, Su Ping let the dark dragon dog open the way, and he himself shrank on the snake head of the purple green python, and let it support the scale shield to protect himself.

The scales on its snake head are the hardest, and they have been nurtured by Su Ping. They often hit their heads against monsters, making this part of the scales harder. Even the attacks of the ninth-order monsters can resist one. two.

In addition, Su Ping also allowed the Dark Dragon Dog to apply two high shields to himself, and then cooperated with his own deep space original armor, as well as the first-order golden black **** demon body, even if it was a sudden attack of the ninth-order monster monster, Su Ping also There will be no major problems, and even the attack of the ninth-order extreme monster may not be able to kill him directly.

As for mental attacks?

Su Ping has the Soul Lamp to guard, and there is another gold-nuclear treasure, which is also the treasure to guard the spiritual power, but the effect is only to guard the consciousness, and cannot slowly increase his spiritual power like the Soul Lamp.

When fully armed, Su Ping'an safely and steadily directed the dark dragon dog to open a path in front.

The dark dragon recognized this area, and was not as unscrupulous as before. It put on three layers of shields and acted lightly and cautiously.

In this dragon-scale area, although there is no king beast, the number of the ninth-order monsters is several times more than other dragon-scale land. The ninth-order monster monsters are also quite common.

Soon, Su Ping left this giant tree jungle. At the border of the jungle, he encountered an eighth-order monster and was quickly killed by the purgatory candle dragon beast and the dark dragon dog without causing much movement.

Su Ping took the crystal of energy and followed the route in his mind to rush towards the direction of the increasing treasure.



"Miss, there is no astrological guidance here. According to the old man's landscape, it should be in this direction."

On a giant tree branch, standing nine figures, this branch is extremely thick, and the nine people standing still showed no signs of shaking.

One of the slender women had a bird with colorful feathers squatting on her shoulders, the size of an eagle, but a red feather on top of her head. This is a phoenix feather. This bird is a phoenix species.

It was Zhuo Fengqun who was speaking. From this giant tree, he looked down on the surrounding scenes and looked at the pattern of the earth to discern the way.

"The air here is dense and the oxygen is rich. These plants are growing too lush. I know how long I have to go to find this location on the map."

The slender woman is Tang Ruyan. She frowned, holding a roll of quaint maps, with only a few twisted routes and a special sign. Their purpose for this trip was to go here.

Zhuo Fengqun smiled bitterly. At this time, a middle-aged person in the team suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes lit up, and said to Tang Ruyan: "Miss, I just saw the pattern of God's Hidden Bird and saw the pattern here. Our The location should be here on the map."

He pointed to the edge of a line on the map. "There is a river near here. We can verify it at a glance."

Tang Ruyan frowned slightly when he saw where he was pointing, which was a bit far from the secret treasure location.

However, this is also impossible, she nodded and said: "It's not too late, then act."

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