Astral Pet Store Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Secret Technique Do Not Move The Glass Body

"It's our business to take it out. Are you afraid of ruining the reputation of your Tang family?"

The burly man said angrily.

Not only him, but the five team members beside him also had angry faces on their faces, clenching their fists one by one.

Zhuo Fengqun turned cold, and said, "Do you want to drink instead of toasting?

"Zhuofengqun Laoer, do you want to crush people?"

The burly and strong man's face was blue, and he said with a cold voice: "You are a title class, and my'Fist of Heaven' is not worthy of fame! If you really want to fight, the precious lady next to you is the young master of your Tang family. Well, even if I tried my best, I took her to be buried, what do you think!"

Zhuo Fengqun narrowed his eyes slightly.

Tang Ruyansu, who stood beside her, slightly lightly said indifferently: "Senior Tian Quan, our Tang family does not have precious people. Although I am only a seventh-order war pet master, I have not dealt with the title level. Pulling into the funeral, I am afraid that it is not enough for you..."

The burly man's face changed slightly, sneering, and said, "Is it? Your Tang family will naturally ask you to be titled to give you sparring, but how can they play hard? Secretly let you win you a brow and smile, you really are Do you think you can compete with the title level? District 7th, the deity only needs you to kill you in a moment, and you have no time to summon the beast!"

Tang Ruyan's cheeks were slightly cold, saying: "It seems that Tianquan's understanding of the big family is a bit biased, maybe other families are like this, but the way our Tang family trains children... Ha ha, the delicate flowers and bones have long been buried in the dirt Here, when the flower is fat, your title level is nothing more than being able to let the energy out, compress the energy to kill the enemy directly, but you can also take your life 100 meters away without shooting.

But knowing this, if I take precautions in advance, the level of your energy control of the seniors, I am afraid that I can't hurt me, could it be that the seniors have not heard of it, are our Tang family's three tricks? "

The burly man was stunned slightly, his face slightly changed.

The Tang family, as the big family that occupies several base cities, has a wealth of wealth, and there are also many powerful people. The Tang family is best known for its three stunts, all of which are obtained from the ancient land of the starry sky. The secret technique has been lost to the world.

One of the secret techniques is not moving the glass body.

It is rumored to cultivate this combat skill, which can greatly enhance its defensive ability. If it is also a title-level strongman, a person who masters the secret skills of the Tang family can easily defeat ordinary ordinary title-level strongmen. This is the door The scary part of the secret technique.

Moreover, this is a defensive secret. The other two secrets, one offensive and one of camouflage, are extremely terrifying.

"My perception is low. On the twenty-third of this year, I only practiced this immobile glass body to the fifth floor, but with my star power protection, it should be more than enough to resist the energy impact of Senior Sky Boxer." Tang Ruyan is indifferent. Said.

Although her tone was humble, she didn't see any humility in her face at all. Instead, she was indifferent and overlooked, and she didn't see the title-level strongman in front of her.

For the average Tier 7 war pet master, the title level is an existence that needs to be looked up, and may not be achieved in a lifetime.

But for Tianjiao like her, this is only a realm that will be reached sooner or later, and what they are pursuing is a strong man in the title class, a character like Zun Zun, and even eager to be above the title class, Legendary presence...

"Five floors..."

The burly man was shocked when he heard her words.

He is quite familiar with the famous immobile glazed body. There are seven layers in total, and if he can practice to the seventh layer, he can resist the blow of the title-level strongman alone, even the armor-piercing projectile and the rocket launcher. Hard to hurt half a point!

While Tang Ruyan looked so young, he actually cultivated to the fifth floor. This perception is simply a monster!

If she waited for the seventh level in the future, wouldn't she be in the title of the strong, but also exist in a gallop? !

This is Tianjiao!

This is the town's characters cultivated by the big family!

The burly man felt bitter in his mouth. He knew that if Tang Ruyan really cultivated to the fifth floor, he wanted to drag her to be buried with her. It was indeed a little difficult. Besides, there was Zhuo Fengqun beside him. It was impossible for him to attack Tang Ruyan. .

It is difficult to think of him as a title-level prince and to be buried with a Tier 7 pet master. How sad it is!

Zhuo Fengqun heard Tang Ruyan's words, showing a little pride on his face, and said to the burly and strong man: "Tian Quan, now you should know what to do, and advise you not to be blinded by greed for a while."

The burly man took a deep breath and stared at him, saying, "Although your Tang family is powerful, but want to get something from my sky fist, it's a bit of a delusion! I don't even want you, the deity wants to go, depending on you Can't keep it!"

After he finished speaking, he no longer talked nonsense, and suddenly opened the space in front of him, two fierce breaths roared out from inside, and jumped out two giant beasts, one was the nine-order Cangwing Razer, which is a dragon species, extremely terrible It is very good at thunder system, and it is extremely poisonous, which is extremely difficult.

The other is a demon monster, with his body hazy in the dark, carrying a war sword in his hand. It is a humanoid monster.

Humanoid monsters have a high growth rate and can practice fighting skills. If they master extraordinary fighting skills, even level 7 can play level 8, even comparable to level IX, but this requires extremely amazing insight. !


The burly man groaned and chanted the team members, retreating with the beast as a cover.

"Want to run?"

Zhuo Fengqun's eyes cooled down, and he quickly opened the summoning space and drilled three pet beasts from the inside, all of which were rank nine!

As the title level, it is also the title level of the Tang family. His deputy pet is also a ninth-order monster, and the main combat power pet has reached the ninth-order median, and is a powerful demon beast.

The three beasts turned into different directions and surrounded them in the opposite direction.

At the same time, his thoughts were surging, and the energy in his body suddenly came out of the body, turning into a sharp cone, and suddenly spurted into the head of one of the young beasts.


The seventh-order beast was caught off guard and his head exploded!

This is the terrible title level, you can easily kill the higher monsters without staring at the star power.

"Feng Lao, you can also shoot quickly, and one will not stay." Tang Ruyan turned to another old man beside him. The old man was wearing a gray mask and hat, and was extremely simple and unremarkable.

But it was with his existence that Tang Ruyan would come in person and come to this area to explore adventures.

Otherwise, relying on a Zhuofeng group alone, she will not be easily involved in danger. After all, this area is extremely dangerous, and there are no shortage of some ranks in the team that comes to explore. Only a title-level bodyguard can only take care of her. .

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