Astral Pet Store Chapter 198

Chapter 198: It's You Pray For The Hometown


Feng Lao was furious.

A bright blue star power swept out of him and rolled around like a hurricane. Things within ten miles nearby appeared instantly in his perception. Soon, he could see the edges of the giant trees behind him. , There are three monsters squatting.

When perceiving the appearance of one of the monsters, even with his concentration, his pupils shrank, revealing horror.

"Infernal Candle Dragon Beast!"

Feng Lao did not expect to see a top rare dragon beast here, but this is the top three dragon beast on the entire Blue Star.

In addition to the purgatory candle dragon beast, the other two monster beasts are somewhat inconspicuous. The dark dragon dog and the purple-green scorpion python are only medium monster beasts, but these two are slightly different, much larger than the general similar physical.

Tang Ruyan was originally looking at the mound on this open space. She always felt that the mound was a little strange, and there seemed to be something hidden in it. But after hearing the anger of Feng Lao, she immediately looked around and saw Feng Lao surprised. Angry look.

She froze a little, her pretty face changed slightly, and she swept past, saying, "Feng Lao?"

Feng Lao's perception firmly locked the three monsters. These three monsters of different types are obviously not wild, but someone's beast. He said to Tang Ruyan: "Miss be careful, this person is not a small player. ."

Although he hasn't seen each other before, but he can have purgatory candle dragon beast, naturally it will not be ordinary people.

Tang Ruyan saw him so dignified, his heart jumped slightly, and immediately looked around with vigilance.

The burly and strong man in front of the tree was stunned. Unexpectedly, the storm rose again, and there were still people waiting for the opportunity to take food from Tangjiakou.

Apart from the bitter smile in his heart, he felt a little relieved. He glanced at Feng Lao and saw that his mind was not on him. His eyes flickered, and a sudden burst of power rushed in one direction.

"Want to run?"

Feng Lao's cold eyes glanced slightly, his thoughts moved, and the shadow behind him flew out suddenly. This time the explosion was faster, and at the same time he flew out, it turned into three shadows.

Three shadows immediately caught up with the burly man, such as three sharp blades quickly cut through his body.

The burly man was frightened and waved his sword and fist, but the three shadows were too fast to be hit at all, and they were caught in a blink of an eye. At the same time, the Zhuofeng group who came after him joined the battle immediately.

"My Tang family is here, who is your Excellency, but dare to come out and see?"

Feng Lao ignored the burly man, who seemed to him to be a dead man, but the existence of the purgatory candle dragon beast made him vigilant and felt a trace of pressure.

The other guards who solved the burly man also gathered around Tang Ruyan, keeping her firmly in the middle.

In Feng Lao's perception, these three monster beasts did not leave, but walked slowly towards them, so arrogant and daring, so that Feng Lao's face changed slightly again, and his eyes showed deep fear.

"It's really a narrow road..."

A young voice sighed with a slight sigh, and came from the body of Ziqing Gu Python.

At first glance, it seems that Ziqing Gungong can tell people.

Tang Ruyan and the other guards also saw the appearance of these three pet beasts. When they saw the purgatory candle dragon beast, they all changed color, and their eyes were terrified.

What a rare monster, even the Tang family, may not be able to get one!

You know, although the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is the top three of the Dragon Beast, but this variety is rare, but it can not be bought with money. The total number in the world is not large. They want one from the Tang family, and they can only rely on chance!

Tang Ruyan's eyes were shocked, and at the same time a flash of strange color flashed through her. The Star Force armor quietly appeared in her body, covering herself, ready to fight at any time.

Feng Lao's eyes stared at Ziqing Kong Python, and his perception penetrated into it. He suddenly saw another breath above his head. When he sensed this breath, he suddenly froze.

It feels... familiar.

He couldn't remember where he had seen it, but it seemed not long ago.

"It's so unlucky to meet again."

At this time, the scales on the head of the purple and green python tightened slightly, revealing the appearance of Su Ping. With a smile in his eyes, his eyes slowly swept across the crowd.

When he saw the appearance of Su Ping, Tang Ruyan and the many guards who were all alert before were shocked.

This face, they had just seen before entering the secret realm.

Actually that stunned young kid? !

Tang Ruyan froze.

She thought that she was a strong title-level powerhouse with a great background. After all, Feng Lao had already taken action, showing the ability of the title to be superior, and daring to grab something from him, it must have strong self-confidence.

But I never imagined that Su Ping appeared in front of him, such a young junior? !

A scream, at this time, a scream came from a distance. During the fierce attacks of the Shura Phantom Beast and the Zhuofeng Group, the burly and strong man finally fell, and his neck was torn by the claws of the Shura Phantom Beast. Unscrew the head directly.

Before dying, the burly man also hit Zhuo Fengqun with a boxing, making him a little pale, and suffered a lot of injuries.

The Shura Evil Beast ate the head of the burly and strong man and flew back to Feng Lao, while Zhuo Fengqun solved this person without stopping, and returned to Tang Ruyan. Just after he hurried back, he noticed that the atmosphere here was wrong. When he saw the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast among the three pet beasts in front of him, his pupils shrank.

Soon, he noticed that Su Ping, who was sitting on the top of Ziqing Gun Python's head, was even more stunned.

"It's you!"

Feng Lao's face gloomed down, and he felt familiar from Su Ping's breath. He hadn't cared about this little devil before, but he didn't expect that it was the other party who robbed him from him at this moment. The boy who hasn't crossed the second floor, there is the purgatory candle dragon beast!

In this way, the other party had not broken through the second layer of the keel before, and most of them gave up on their own initiative!

Tang Ruyan also reminisced, and her pretty face was a bit cold, no matter who Su Ping was, but her age was here, she couldnt be stronger than the wind and the old, and she saw at a glance that the purgatory candle dragon beast was just Adulthood soon.

Even if it is a top dragon beast, its own level is placed here, it is difficult to exert super powerful combat power.

What made her feel ridiculous is that this person grabbed something and did not run away immediately, but dared to walk in front of them.

However, this behavior also made her a little vigilant. The other party was so fearless that there was no guarantee that there would be no ambush around!

"Which one are you from?" Feng Lao Shen said.

Su Ping smiled and said, "There is no need to know the dying person."

Feng Lao and other people's faces changed slightly, revealing an angry look.

"Rampant!" Zhuo Feng's group just came back before he even breathed. Hearing Su Ping's words, his eyes shone coldly and said, "Boy, I wasn't able to shoot you on the square. That was your luck, if not Dao Zun shot, you are gone, since you are now taking the initiative to die, the old man must complete you well!"

Su Ping smiled slightly, but his eyes gradually cooled down. The reason why he didn't leave was to revenge on the square!

Outside, he couldn't help the Tang family. After all, the battle was too eye-catching, but it was different here.

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