Astral Pet Store Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Return Home

Xie Yuexuan's pupils shrank and hurriedly propped up the Star Shield. At the same time, he waved his hands and released a star power, entwined like a chain, trying to restrain the jungle poison lizard.

But as soon as her star power chain wrapped around the body of the poison lizard, it was broken by the magic scales on her body, and a thick turquoise venom spurted from the mouth of the poison lizard, eroding the brilliant star shield instantly and smashing it out. A hole.


Xie Yuexuan looked at the venom coming from his face, despair in his eyes.

at this time--


Suddenly a violent impact sounded, and the ground at Xie Yuexuan's feet shook violently.

Before she had time to react, she felt that her eyes were blooming, her body seemed to be thrown away by something, and fell a few tens of meters away. When she focused on the scene before her eyes, she suddenly opened her mouth in amazement.

This is... Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast? !

She couldn't believe her eyes.

I was here, and I saw an extremely precious and rare top dragon beast? ! !

Roar! !

The reckless Longyin was deafening, pulling Xie Yuexuan's thoughts back, and she immediately saw the previously fierce jungle poison lizard. Under this magnificent Longyin, trembling, the green devil scales all swayed slightly, as if trembling.

At the next moment, the jungle poison lizard turned and ran away. His body instantly changed color and became the same as the surrounding weed environment. In a blink of an eye, he got into the haystack and disappeared.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast did not catch up, but turned to look at Xie Yuexuan.

Xie Yuexuan, who was in shock, hadn't had time to breathe a sigh of relief. Seeing the turned Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, his body suddenly became stiff. Is this just out of danger, and into the dragon's mouth again?

Desolate in her heart.

Without strength, it is food in this secret.

Compared with the purgatory candle dragon beast, she would rather return to the jungle poison lizard baby who had escaped previously.

However, thinking of herself, even in the face of the jungle poison lizard, could not escape her death. She suddenly choked, and soon gradually relieved. As the saying goes, death is lighter than chicken feathers, and heavier than the ape Taishan. It is better to die in the mouth of the ordinary eighth-order monster beast in the famous purgatory candle dragon beast. This is called...death?

Yuck Yuck.

Xie Yuexuan stopped thinking wildly. While desperate at the same time, he also smiled bitterly. They were all about to die. They could still think of these messes, which is a wonderful thing.

She was ready to die, however, she suddenly discovered that the purgatory candle dragon beast did not come to attack her, but just stood silently and looked at her.

That look...not like looking at a food, but like looking at a strange thing...?

"When are you going to sit by your side?" A plain voice sounded from behind.

Xie Yuexuan was startled and turned her head to look around, but found that there was a big snake lurking behind her. I was sitting at the top of the snake's head. She was very young. She was so young that she was suspicious.

In this mysterious environment, childish faces like this about twenty are extremely rare, most of them are young masters of some big families, but even if the young masters of these families are slightly mature, they are all 24 Fifth, but this face looks like it is less than twenty, and it looks like a teenager.

"Are you... a human?" Xie Yuexuan quickly climbed from the ground and looked nervously at the young man.

In the mysterious wilderness, seeing such a teenager sitting on the head of the giant snake always has a strange feeling.

Su Ping glanced down at herself, "Don't I look like a human?"

"Like." Xie Yuexuan said quickly.

Su Ping slightly raised his eyebrows, too lazy to investigate, and said, "Dare you come to this secret area with your strength, is it too slow to die naturally?"

Xie Yuexuan is dumb, how do you feel that this is a poisonous tongue?

In any case, it was quite lucky to meet a human companion here. At this time, she suddenly thought of the purgatory candle dragon beast behind her, suddenly awakened, and quickly said: "Let's go quickly, that purgatory candle dragon beast is not easy to deal with. "

"Did you say it?" Su Ping beckoned, Inferno Candle Dragon Beast leapt forward, jumped in front of Ziqing Gun Python, squatted at the snake's head, and made a coquettish pleasing voice. He reached out and stroked its huge head, patting it lightly, in recognition of the award.

Afterwards, he opened up the space of the beast and entered his income.


Xie Yuexuan stared blankly at this scene, his eyes blinking.

what's the situation?

This purgatory candle dragon beast... is his beast? ! !

Xie Yuexuan's brain was a little blank, but the reaction was overwhelming. When Su Ping turned to leave, he woke up and quickly caught up, saying, "Is this the purgatory candle dragon beast?"

Su Ping gave her a strange look, "Is it not obvious enough yet?"

Xie Yuexuan was choked, it is indeed very obvious, in addition to the owner of the beast, who else can take the monster into the space of the beast?

She knew she had asked an idiot question. While dumb, she couldn't help but look at Su Ping. So young, she actually has the purgatory candle dragon beast as a beast. What should be the background?

Moreover, she found that Su Ping was alone and had no team.

Dare to come to this secret realm alone, the family heart behind this person is too great!

Isn't it afraid that such a character would be damaged here?

She was curious in her heart, but did not directly ask. It was rare to encounter such a strong dependence. She did not want to make people uncomfortable and said: "Can I go with you?"

Su Ping didn't turn his head back and said: "I want to leave the secret realm."

"Really, I'm leaving the secret realm as well." Xie Yuexuan said happily, but didn't expect it to just go the way.

"Then you go, I didn't stop you." Su Ping said.

Xie Yuexuan was dumb, because she had to have a low EQ to hear her, but she did not dare to hold her breath and said carefully: "Can you take me with me, I will remain quiet along the way."

Su Ping glanced at her and thought about it. Since she was rescued, it was a little strange to just throw it here, so he said: "That line, come up, but okay, if you encounter any powerful monster, I might Leave you behind and prepare yourself."

Xie Yuexuan was speechless again. Although he knew that this was the case, it was rare to speak so bluntly, and it really happened. Is it useful to prepare for thought?

She didn't say much, nodded obediently, put away her rock pattern turtle, turned and jumped onto the snake body.

Ziqing Gunya glanced slightly at her head, and the snake pupil showed a bit of fierceness. After receiving Su Ping's idea to appease, she threw out her tongue and turned to continue.

Xie Yuexuan crawled along the back of the snake to sit next to Su Ping, and said to Su Ping: "Engong, haven't asked you how to call it?"

"Su Ping."

Xie Yuexuan said "Oh", remembered the name, and quickly filtered it in his mind, and found that there is no family with the surname of Su in Longjiang base city. Guess that Su Ping is mostly a person from other base cities.

"Engong, you look very young."

"Are you still handsome?"


At this time, Ziqing Gun Python quickly moved forward, Xie Yuexuan had to exert his star power, firmly adsorbing his body on the snake body, and at the same time propped up the star shield to block the oncoming wind.

She looked at Su Ping more, and she always felt that this teenager was a little strange. She didn't have the indifference and sharpness of a big family and young master who refused to be a thousand miles away. She was calm, but when she looked at Su Ping's eyes, she did. A sense of inexplicable palpitations, it seems that the heart was crossed by the blade, but when she looked closely, she found that Su Ping's eyes were not harsh, just calm.

As calm as the abyss.

She didnt look at Su Pings face any more, so as not to be noticed by him, it seemed impolite. She turned her head to look around, and soon noticed that there was a dark dragon dog in front of Ziqing Gun Python. She asked curiously, "Engong, Is this your beast?"


"If I read correctly...is this the dark dragon dog?"


"Well, this...is that kind of dark dragon dog of middle descent?"


"...Engong, would this be too risky?"

Seeing that Su Ping was indifferent, she couldn't hear what she meant, and Xie Yuexuan had to make it clear. She whispered: "Don't you have that purgatory candle dragon beast, why don't you let it guard?"

"It's enough now." Su Ping said.

"Enough... enough?" Xie Yuexuan didn't respond to what Su Ping said. What was enough?

Seeing Su Ping's indifferent expression, she wanted to ask a few more words, but she was afraid of causing Su Ping to be unhappy. After all, Su Ping was not her benefactor, and her strength also made her unpredictable. The previous purgatory candle alone The dragon beast is enough to defeat her, and now she has to rely on Su Ping to escape from danger and leave this secret realm.

The two sit silently.

The dark dragon dog opened the way in front, avoiding the territory of some ninth-order monsters, and hurried to the edge of this dragon-scale land.

Encountered several eighth-order monsters along the way, waiting for the purple and green dragon to shoot, the dark dragon dog broke out a dragon roar, shocked it back, and it was smooth all the way.

When he saw that the dark dragon dog easily shocked several tier eight monsters, Xie Yuexuan was shocked, and he felt incredible. The pet of middle blood can actually scare off the tier eight monsters?

If she didn't see it with her own eyes, she couldn't believe it was true.

At this time, she gradually understood the meaning of Su Ping's words enough.

This is not a conventional beast, but a super-dark dragon dog that is terribly bred!

Her understanding of Su Ping's combat power has increased a lot, and with the previous adult purgatory candle dragon beast, she feels that Su Ping's combat power is at least comparable to that of the ninth-order median monster!

At such an age, having such a terrible fighting power is definitely an extremely rare genius!

The name of Su Ping in her heart is remembered more firmly.

Two hours later, they finally reached the edge of Dragonscale Land.

Seeing the space node sent out, Xie Yuexuan finally relaxed a heart that she raised along the way. She smiled on her face and said to Su Ping, "Engong, can you leave a communication number? Let me repay you in the future. "

"Beating me?"

"Yes to repay..."

"How do I repay?"

"Uh, as long as it is within my ability, I can do it."

"Give money?"


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