Astral Pet Store Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The Ninth Bone The Secret Realm Is Boiling

Noting the granddaughter's reaction, the old man turned his head to look around. When he saw the place where the golden light was lit up, he was amazed.

The fourth keel?

This boy actually rushed to the fourth keel as tall as his granddaughter?

And the speed is still so fast, he turned around and walked a few steps, did not arrive for three minutes, the other party flew directly? !

Thinking of the young mans absent-minded appearance, he was a little dumb, and at the moment he didnt know what to say, but his psychological quality was extremely poor. Such a person actually had the ability to rush to the fourth keel that his granddaughter had worked so hard to achieve. Not scientific anymore.

While he was stunned, suddenly, golden light appeared at the fifth keel!

The old man was completely dumbfounded.

In such a blink of an eye, actually passed the fourth keel? !

The round-faced girl in front of him also widened her eyes and was shocked. She still remembered the young man she had entered earlier. She was about the same age as her. In the blink of an eye, the other party climbed to the fifth keel she could not reach. ?

She was very clear about the challenge of the fourth keel, extremely difficult, but such a difficult challenge, this person not only passed, but also at such a fast speed, as if she had never stayed!

too fast!

Gu Beichen in front of the keel was completely stunned when he saw the golden light of the fifth keel. He had challenged before, but only reached the third keel. Although he felt that he was fighting his old life, he could barely enter the first place. Four keels, but I didn't expect that in the blink of an eye, the newly entered Su Ping not only rushed to the fourth keel, but also reached the height of the fifth keel!

This is almost a hallucination.

He couldn't believe it was true. Su Ping could surpass him, and surpassed so much? !

When the fifth keel glowed with gold, the other onlookers who were chatting around were also alarmed. If the fourth keel could occasionally light up, then the fifth keel would rarely light up.

After all, in order to reach the fifth keel, you must have about eighth-order superior power!

Although with the help of the beast, the requirements for the war pet master may not necessarily reach the eighth order, but if the war pet is the eighth order, the war pet master must also have the seventh order, otherwise it will not be able to suppress his war pet. Not to mention being bitten, the burden on mental power is also huge!

"A fifth keel came up again, I don't know which young master, or which old guy."

"It is estimated to be a genius nurtured by a big force. The average old guy rarely comes to challenge the keel."

"This is also true. It is useless for them to challenge. It is said that by the seventh dragon bone, the dragon soul challenge will be adjusted according to the strength of the challenger, and even they can't reach the ninth bone."

The crowds of people were all talking about it. Most people only saw the dragon bones lit up, but did not pay attention to who was the one who entered previously. After all, the queue is so long, the fish and dragons are mixed, and there are also some purely funny characters.

However, several people who noticed that Su Ping entered the keel were shocked when they saw the golden light from the fifth keel.

It is difficult to sprint to the fifth keel itself. At the age of Su Ping, it is even more difficult to climb into the sky, which is enough to be included in the Tianjiao. However, the most terrifying thing is that the speed of Su Ping's sprint is too scary. This momentum is like a rocket. Hear!

Looking at the golden light of the fifth keel, the cheek of the round-faced girl twitched slightly, and she felt like she had been slap in the face. She had failed in the fourth keel before, but the man rushed up.

The old man's eyes showed shocking colors, but he didn't expect that the seemingly ordinary boy had such an amazing fighting power.

He was bitter in his heart, and he saw a stubborn granddaughter, and suddenly felt a little bit distressed, just about to speak comforted, and suddenly the exclamation around him came again, this time even louder!

The old man's heart jumped and looked up, his pupil shrank suddenly!

Section 6!

The keel in the sixth quarter actually showed golden light! !

There was a shocking look in his eyes. The sixth keel had to be at least comparable to the ninth-tier combat power. How old is this boy? How can he achieve this step? !

The round-faced girl froze.

She stared blankly at the sixth keel. At the moment, her mood was very complicated, and she had a feeling of being surpassed. But at this moment, she felt like she was photographed in the dust.

She didn't even reach the fifth keel, but the other party actually reached the sixth keel, which was too much for her.

The other party is her peers! !

Even the big family of Tang Ruyan, Tianjiao, failed to achieve this step at this age!

Gu Beichen in front of the keel was also dumbfounded.

He is still familiar with this mysterious environment. After all, it has been several years since the pioneers have known about the mysterious things from various channels or peers.

This sixth keel was only achieved by the arrogance of the big family among young people, and he had extremely high requirements for combat power. He dared not even think about it. As a result, Su Ping, who was still in front of him, reached it in a blink of an eye!

Is this a fake keel?

What's wrong with it?

When he was at a loss, other people in the queue and the pioneers onlookers burst into excitement.

Actually rushed to the sixth keel, which is too rare!

Moreover, most people noticed the situation here when the fifth keel. From the fifth keel to the sixth keel, the sprinting speed is too fast. This momentum is almost like a sword, which gives people an unstoppable feeling.

The exclamation in front of the keel also aroused the attention of some surveillance secrets.

Sword Master sitting still in the sky, his eyes closed, opened slightly, and his indifferent eyes overlooked the keel below. When he saw the peak-like keel, the golden light appeared in the position of the sixth quarter, and his brow was slightly. Move.

Those who can reach the sixth keel, if not some old guys, are bound to be Tianjiao-level qualifications.

However, the sixth keel is nothing. Not long ago, the Tang family's Tang Ruyan reached it, and the young masters of several other large families also sprinted to this step, and some even reached the seventh keel.

His eyes closed again. For such an existence, such a genius is rare, but he has seen a lot, and he has stood higher and looked farther, knowing that he wants to take that legendary step. This talent alone is not enough...

In the distance, there was also an old man sitting halfway in the air, heard a cry of exclamation, glanced, a little surprised in his eyes, and then smiled faintly, "Which family seems to have cultivated a good seedling."

Within the keel.

Section 6 is in the inner space of the keel.

The surrounding light was dark. Su Pingduan sat on the head of Ziqing Gun Python. He looked up at the entrance into the seventh keel, raised his hand to open the summoning space, and summoned the small skeleton.

To the seventh dragon bone, the strength of the dragon soul will fluctuate according to his star power level. With his current star power level close to the fifth order, the dragon soul combat power encountered is more than the dragon soul he played in the sixth dragon bone. It's a little bit worse, less than nine steps.

"Fortunately, my star power level is not high. If you reach the sixth level, it is estimated that you will have to face the monster of the ninth level limit in the Jiulong bone. Those advanced pet masters may also encounter the king beast... "

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, he didn't stay and passed home as soon as possible.


He drove three beasts, boarded the seventh keel, and fought hard.

In a blink of an eye, the challenge of the seventh keel ended, and boarded the eighth keel!



When the golden light of the seventh keel lit up, the field outside the keel was already boiling completely.

Everyone did not expect that the seventh keel would actually light up, and the sprinting process from the sixth keel to the seventh keel was too short, which gave a strong feeling of sprinting.

There was a lot of discussion, and everyone was guessing what was sacred.

Its not surprising to be an old guy, but if its a younger generation, its too dazzling!

The most shocking are the old man and the round-faced girl, as well as Gu Beichen and several others who inadvertently noticed that Su Ping entered.

The seventh keel!

The old man was completely dull.

The round-faced girl also froze on the spot, speechless.

Sword Sovereign, who closed his eyes and practiced in the sky, heard the exclamation, and opened his eyes again. A look of surprise flashed in his eyes. He looked down and saw the golden light emerging from the seventh keel.

He froze for a moment, but did not expect the challenger to enter the seventh keel.

Moreover, it seemed that it was only a few minutes before the previous exclamation, and the speed of the sprint was a bit scary.

He didn't take it lightly anymore, staring at the keel.

Several powerful beings in the distance were also a little surprised and cast their eyes on the keel here.

Soon, the eighth keel also showed golden light!

When he saw the golden light of the eighth keel, Dao Zun couldn't help but stunned.

Even he only managed to reach the eighth keel.

The test here is not only combat power, but also talent!

At this point, it doesn't matter whether the challenger is an old guy or a younger generation, it shows that its talent is extremely terrifying, and it can exceed the level of his own challenge!

Dao Zun stood up in the air, a sharp flash of light flashed in his eyes, just like the light of a knife split from the sky. His body fell slightly, appeared above the keel, and his eyes were pressed against the eighth keel.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

At the same time, the presence of several other surveillance sites also flew from the air, all suspended in mid-air, showing shocking colors on his face.

Among them, some people are still unable to rush into the eighth keel. It can be seen that the challengers inside are more talented than them, and the fighting power is extremely terrible!

"Which old guy is this?"

"The guys in the Asian region have basically tried it. It is impossible to be bored and come again, and we must know if they come."

"Wait and ask later, someone must have seen the people inside."

A few people said.

Dao Zun didn't talk, just stared at the keel.

On the ground, the people in front of the keel were completely shocked. It is said that someone challenged the seventh keel, but for them, this is just a legend. What they know on the bright side. The arrogance of the keel Tianjiao list is currently the highest. The sixth keel.

And now, they actually saw the person who challenged the eighth keel appear!

In the shocking eyes of everyone, suddenly a golden light emerged from the top of the keel.

That's... the first bone!

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