Astral Pet Store Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Return

Su Ping took a bottle of water from his rucksack, and through the reflection of the water, he saw his forehead.

This is a serpentine dragon.

"The power of the remnant soul of the dragon soul is hidden in this mark. Through this mark, I can return to this secret realm at any time, and I can directly send it out of the secret realm..."

Su Ping carefully touched this pre-selected mark, thinking in his heart if it could be hidden, otherwise a forehead with a dragon mark on his forehead felt like a fantasy version of Bao Qingtian.

He felt the star power in his body, tightly connected to the mark on his forehead, and his heart suddenly moved, trying to converge the star power on his forehead.

A strange thing happened. When his star power converged, the mark on his forehead suddenly twisted, and the dragon body sank with the star power, and it shrank into the skin, and his forehead returned to a flat level.

Su Ping felt that the dragon pattern was still on the forehead, but it was coiled under the skin of the forehead.

"Really feasible..."

Su Ping was pleasantly surprised and relieved, and finally it was not so eye-catching. The only regret is that his face value was still too eye-catching, (,)...

"In other words, the person behind this secret realm has deliberately concealed the development of the Dragon Scale Land and knows that this place is inherited, so I am now passing the Jiulong bone, which is estimated to have attracted attention."

Su Ping's thoughts returned to the heritage of the Dragon King. His brows frowned slightly, and after a little thought, he made a decision and returned to the base city as soon as possible.

When he returned to the store, he was completely safe.

With systematic protection, even if the legendary class arrives, he is not afraid at all. After all, the system is boasting in Haikou. As long as it is within the scope of the store, even the devil does not want to hurt him!

Compared with the devil, the legend is not even a younger brother, just a ants.

After making the decision, Su Ping didn't wait much and used the pre-selected mark directly to send out the secret realm.



On the dragon platform, towering in front of the keel.

There were more and more crowds gathered. When it was heard that someone was ascending to the Jiulong bone, people from some rest areas in the distance also rushed to fill up the third and third floors of the Dragon Terrace.

Everyone looked up and looked up at the topmost keel.

"Where is this sacred challenger who rushed to the 9th bone?"

"Eh, are you talking about the truth, someone really climbed the 9th bone? Didn't you say that the highest one only climbed to the 6th keel, shouldn't you read it wrong?"

"Silly, you, how could so many of us misunderstand? This is absolutely true, and you havent seen it. On the keel, they all appeared on the sword bone, and if they didnt board the ninth bone, they would shock them guy?"

"...Also, who is this challenger, and which big family?"

"Who knows, but this man is so awesome that he completely killed everyone on the Dragonbone Tianjiao list!"

"Incomparable, Ye Tianming, who ranked first on the list of dragon bones, only climbed to the sixth keel. Although this record was a few years ago, it may now reach the seventh keel or the eighth keel, but I want to It's impossible to rush to the nineth bone in one breath."

"Not to mention the eighth keel, the seventh keel is difficult. I heard that on the seventh floor, the increase in combat power is huge, and they all shirk in front of the eighth keel!"

"Huh, he will come out later, and we are about to witness the birth of a legendary genius!"

The onlookers had a lot of discussions, and their eyes were full of excitement. They wanted to see for themselves who the challenger was.

In mid-air, Dao Zun et al's face was a little low, no one spoke.

As they watched the gaze, Suddenly, Dao Zun's eyebrow moved slightly, turning his head to look at the entrance of the secret realm, and the light in his eyes moved.

The space was slightly distorted, and a figure suddenly appeared out of thin air and appeared in front of several people.

Dao Zun bowed his head and respected authentically: "Original Lord."

The other few people were taken aback, didn't realize when the other party came, and hurriedly saluted at the moment, shouting: "Original Master."

The figure that appeared out of nowhere at this moment was a white-haired old man, wearing a simple green shirt with long sleeves and elegant temperament, and his white long whiskers with temples fluttered, um, and said, "The challenger is inside the keel?"

Dao Zun bowed his head and said: "Yes."

The old man of the original surname opened his eyes slightly, a flash of cold murderous intention flashed, but his voice was particularly indifferent, saying, "When did you go in, how long have you been in the Jiulong bone?"

"As soon as I entered the Ninth Jiulong bone, I will inform you that by now, it should be half an hour." Dao Zun lowered his head.

Others felt the killing intentions of the old people of the original surname, all of which were terrified and afraid of being angered on them.

"Hasn't you come out yet? Did you find out which family the challenger is from?" said the old man.

Dao Zun said: "I just went down to cross-examine. I heard that the challenger was a young man in his early twenties. He was from a base city in Longjiang. His surname was Su. He opened a beast shop. The mayor on the other side of the base city can use the civil affairs bureau to call this person's information to find out which family's person."

The old man of the original squint slightly squinted, carrying his hands on his back, but staring at the Jiulong bone, he didn't speak again.

Time passed slowly, and in an instant, another two hours passed.

The crowd of onlookers in front of the keel was waiting to grow impatient, and some people had soreed their necks.

"Is it true or false, are you kidding me?"

"Really certainly true, but this challenger, shouldn't he die in it?"

"It is possible, after all, the difficulty in the bones of the Jiulong is not low. In case of directly encountering the existence of the king beast, it may be killed in seconds."

"This keel challenge is not a joke. Although death is rare, but there are many disabilities, this person is estimated to want to break through, and the result is that he is killed."

I haven't seen the challenger come out for a long time. More and more people feel that this challenger has mostly failed. Not only did he fail in the Jiulong bone challenge, but he was also beheaded.

Gradually, the onlookers left with regret and continued to be busy with their own affairs.

The remaining onlookers continued to insist for half an hour, and some people left the scene one after another. After all, the time in this mysterious environment is very precious. How can there be such a long time to watch the drama here.

And the more powerful the matchup, the easier it is to win or lose. Unless the two sides are extremely close, almost equal, it is possible to fight for hours, even days and nights, until the exhaustion of physical strength.

"This man is probably gone."

An old man with a red face next to Dao Zun said carefully.

The others also nodded slightly, and thought so in their hearts. They were relieved in their hearts. If the challenge failed, they would not be blamed too badly, otherwise they would not be blamed.

Dao Zun frowned slightly, staring at the Jiulong bone, he didn't speak. In fact, at the bottom of his heart, he vaguely expected that this person could pass.

He didn't know why he had such expectations, but when he felt that this person would challenge and fail, he was inexplicably sorry.

The coldness in the eyes of the old man of the original surname is not as strong as before. Entering the Jiulong bone does not mean that it can challenge the Jiulong bone. Now, it seems that this person has almost 90% chance of failure.

He recovered his temperature and withdrew his gaze from the Jiulong bone. He said to the sword: "Although this person may have failed, you should go to the base city of Halongjiang immediately. I want to know this person before sunset. All information, in addition, you inform the Seal Pioneer Corps, slow down the speed of seal development, and reserve the last three land seals."

With a move in his heart, Dao Zun immediately understood his meaning and nodded, "Yes."

This Seal Pioneer Corps is a team formed by several forces, and is specifically responsible for opening up seals in various regions. Otherwise, the speed of the pioneering teams alone will not be known.

"In addition, the secret realm will be opened for another three days and closed early." The old man of the original surname said.

Dao Zun stunned, glanced at him, his eyes flickered slightly, but he didn't expect him to be so cautious.

He said nothing and bowed his head.

Others glanced at each other, and all smiled secretly and bitterly. They couldn't help but look forward to this legendary status.

The title and the legend are just a gap between the realms, but it is like a chasm and it is difficult to cross.

But the real resources on this Blue Star are in the hands of legends. Legends are like gods on Blue Stars. They overlook the whole planet. They are inherited treasures like the secret realm of Longtai Mountain. I want to know how precious they are. People can become legends if they get it, but they cant even fight for such an opportunity. They have no chance and no qualification at all.

This is the rule of strong monopoly.

The stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker.



The secret of Longtai Mountain.

In an empty space of more than a dozen miles, the space suddenly twisted slightly, and a figure appeared out of thin air.

Su Ping landed on the ground, turned his head around, and found that he was already on the barren road outside the secret realm. Looking back, he could see the high mountain at the entrance of the secret realm.

On this barren road, many pioneer tanks are parked.

Su Ping thought that he came from Ye Chenshan's chariot when he came. It seems that the way back this time can only rely on himself.

He wanted to grab a chariot on the roadside and drove away, but it didn't matter if he thought about it.

There is satellite monitoring here. It's really an accident. Someone will definitely investigate satellite monitoring. When the time comes, maybe he will see the scene of him appearing out of thin air from the monitoring. That's a bit weird.

Su Ping followed the barren road until he found the barren road back to the base city of Longjiang and traveled more than ten miles before calling out the dark dragon dog.

"I will use you for the time being." Su Ping jumped on the back of the dark dragon dog, grabbed its hair, and shouted a drive.

The dark dragon dog understands Su Ping's meaning, somewhat reluctantly, it is a pet of war, with the dignity of war pets, but not a mount.

However, under the beat of Su Ping's palm, it still strode forward with four legs and ran faster and faster.

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