Astral Pet Store Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Meet The Trainees

On the empty barren road, there are few people. Su Ping occasionally encountered several pioneer chariots rushing to the secret realm. From the license plate and direction, they were all people from the base city of Longjiang.

After a few hours.

Su Ping arrived at the Pioneer Base on a dark dragon dog.

This is the transfer station of the barren road. Before entering the base, Su Ping put the dark dragon dog who was tired and panting into the space.

"It seems that when you have to find a flying pet to travel, you will be eligible to take a flying pet in the base city when you are a high-level war pet master. If you have a flying pet, you can go anywhere easily, and you can get on the road fast." Su Ping Secretly.

He looked at the sky, it was already afternoon.

Walking into the Pioneer Base, Su Ping is going to find a tank that returns to the base city and rides on the way. This is much more convenient than riding a dark dragon dog back to the base, and he can sit directly in the city.

After all, mount pets are not allowed to appear in the urban area, unless they are the masters of war pets, they are eligible, but most masters of war pets, unless necessary, will not use the mount pet to swagger in the city.

"Don't you know that Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue returned?"

Su Ping entered the Pioneer Base and walked along the chaotic streets. After all, this Pioneer Base was a wilderness station, and often transported the bodies of monsters and beasts. The streets smelled of odors and blood stains, and it looked more messy.

On both sides of the street, there are also some pioneers stalls that sell scarce materials on the monsters, such as poison sacs, fangs, etc., which can be used on weapons, and the poison sacs of some rare highly toxic creatures are even more scarce. goods.

Su Ping is going to look for Luo Guxue first. She is a college tutor and lives in the base city. She can sit back with her.

Just a few steps away, Su Ping suddenly heard a few familiar voices in front of a street alley.



"Captain Zhou, this is unfairly distributed!"

"That is, although we are newcomers, we have also exerted a lot of energy along the way. Sister Su's lightning mouse has beheaded several high-level monsters. This merit is not given to us at all, and it is also deceiving. Too Sheng!"

At the entrance of the street, eight or nine people gathered here, as if they were a team.

Four of them stood on the side, all in their early twenties, looking very young, and their skin tone is relatively delicate and fair. At first glance, they are not the old pioneers who often soak in the barren areas. There are still warm people in the base city. Naive.

The five people on the other side, both men and women, wear different types of armor and are cool and capable. They are headed by a burly middle-aged man with claw marks and knife wounds on his arms, which is slightly grim. This is also his medal of achievement.

At the moment, his face was cold, and he heard the noise of the two girls in front of him. [Biquga www.biquga.info] frowned even more.

"Huh, what's it called, you guys at school, it would be nice to have a team willing to wear your sparring, but also want merits? Think too beautiful!" A young, short-haired youth in the team looked very tempered. Hot, staring at the four students.

Of the four students at school, three are women and one is men.

The boy's face changed slightly, and the young man was kind to them along the way. Unexpectedly, when he talked about the merits of the moment, he immediately turned his face, and he said angrily: "The college has arranged your team to take care of us, and it has already given your team benefits. This monster that was hunted and killed by the pioneers should have been allocated according to merit. You can just give it a little more, but dont give it to us at all, and its too greedy!"

"Distributed according to credit? What qualifications do you have to say credit, and dare to say credit?" A black-haired woman next to her sneered. There was an old scar on her face, making her delicate cheeks ugly.

"Lagged behind? We didn't understand some things and brought some troubles to the team, but they were not fatal, and we all followed your words and did not act without authorization!

In the battle of the flaming dragon-like beast, if Sister Sus Lightning Mouse held the other two demon beasts, can we wipe them out without any damage? Besides, Sister Sus thunder-light mouse beheaded several higher demon beasts, should they be given us some credit for selling them? "The youngest girl said with anger.

The burly middle-aged man headed heard her words and frowned deeper. Originally, these people were obedient babies along the way. They thought they would just frighten them. They didnt expect that the youngest one would jump out first. At this moment, the reaction of the other three people was aroused, and they all clamored. The most silent inside was the girl holding the perverted thunderbolt in his hand. .

"Is that enough?" He began, his voice low, with the spirit of persecution during the years of pioneering battles.

The previously angry girl and the boy suddenly stopped, and their faces changed slightly.

Although they are angry, they also know that the situation is pressing. This burly middle-aged man is the captain of the team, and he is already a seventh-order upper-level pet strategist. And his main favorite beast is also extremely powerful. It is the eighth-order median demon beast and can easily defeat them.

When she heard the burly middle-aged man speak, the girl who had kept silent inside raised her head, and her body stepped forward slightly, blocking the other three people. She looked directly at the burly middle-aged man.

Seeing her attitude, the middle-aged middle-aged man frowned, although the girl's perverted thunder-light mouse made him a little bit worried, but after all, he was a lower-level blood beast, and he didn't look enough in front of his eighth-order pet.

"You new pioneers, don't understand the rules at all. Just come to the pioneers for the first time and follow the leader's knowledge. If you want to be greedy, do you really want it? Do not think about the future, do you want to be in this pioneering circle? Mixed!" The burly middle-aged man with a cold face admonished him as an elder.

Hearing this, all four people's faces changed slightly.

Three of them were a little silent. They were not the first to jump out and ask questions because they were worried about this. After all, they have graduated and will soon enter the deserted area to become a formal pioneer, unlike the other one. First grade.

"This time the harvest is very rich, and the merits of the exchange are also quite pleasing. Don't forget, can you come back alive without us?" The middle-aged burly middle-aged man shocked a few people and sneered. .

Seeing a few people still did not speak, his face softened slightly, saying: "However, you did have some effect on this pioneering, at least did not drag too much hind legs, this merit, you three thousand each, classmate Su Yanying, you Take two thousand, and that's all for now."

The faces of the four people changed, and it was a bit ugly.

Although they were very dissatisfied with the distribution of merits, they had no choice.

The girl gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, and wanted to speak, but she knew that she was stronger than others. At this moment, she suddenly knew that even if she learned all the knowledge in the college, it would be difficult to gain a real foothold in this world. .

Only boxing has the right!

"Yo, where are you?" Suddenly a light laughter came.

The nine people were all startled, turned around, and saw a young man walking at the street.

The burly and strong men frowned slightly, and were a little puzzled. They did not know the person, but when they saw the person's age, they immediately knew that the other party was mostly a school student, and they knew each other.

Su Yanying and others next to them couldn't help but widen their eyes when they saw the appearance of this teenager.

It's him?

All four were stunned.

Among them, the girls reaction was the most stunned. She did not expect that she would see him here. Isnt this **** brother looking at the store?

"Su, tutor Su?"

The boy shouted stunnedly with another long-legged woman. I didn't expect to see the famous Su Ping in the college here. The world is too small.

"Boss Su?" Su Yanying was stunned. She also didn't expect that she would meet Su Ping in the barren area. In her mind, although Su Ping is strong, she will only live in a small shop.

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