Astral Pet Store Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Killing Intention

"Why are you here?" Su Yanying asked.

Su Ping smiled softly and said, "Come here to do something, aren't you in a deserted area, how can you be lazy here?"

Su Yanying was stunned, thinking that Su Ping is a mentor of the college, and most of them have extensive connections. It is not uncommon to appear in this barren area. After all, the other mentors in the college also have the status of pioneers.

"Mr. Su, we have already practiced in the barren area, and we just came back to rest." This boy was no one else, it was Lu Pengfei who frequented Suping's shops. He didn't expect to see Su Ping here, and he was surprised and quickly explained Road.

Su Ping nodded and glanced at his sister Su Lingyue among several people.

Su Lingyue saw Su Ping's complex face and gritted her teeth slightly. She wanted to talk to Su Ping about the previous things. After all, she had seen Su Ping's strength in the academy, which was stronger than the captain this week, but came After the desolate area, after the matter just now, she suddenly saw something clearly.

This world is too complicated, and the truth alone may not work, and the power is also the same. Sometimes the network and power are also extremely terrible weapons.

She doesn't want to cause trouble to Su Ping. After all, this team is a senior pioneer. Su Ping is strong. As the saying goes, the dragon does not suppress the head snake. In this barren area, most of them have to suffer.

Su Ping saw Su Lingyue's eyes flickering, a little surprised, he was still waiting for her to speak, but she didn't think she could hold back.

Su Ping still thinks he understands Su Lingyue's character. This is a jealous and arrogant girl who is also hot-tempered and can't tolerate sand in her eyes. She was treated so unfairly before. Come cry.

Could it be that someone next to you would not want to lose face?

Or is there any other concerns?

Su Ping glanced at her eyes and slowly retracted her gaze, saying: "How are you doing in this barren area, is there anything you don't like?"

Lu Pengfei glanced at Captain Zhou and the others next to him, and he continued to laugh, and finally said: "Fortunately, I saw a lot of things." When it comes to "a lot of things," the tone is slightly weird, obviously another. Point.

The long-legged woman standing next to him just looked at Su Ping curiously and didn't speak. She was the first time she saw this mentor in the college so close, and it felt very fresh.

Su Yanying shook her head slightly, she did not want to cause trouble to Su Ping because of her own affairs, said: "It's very good in the barren area. Speaking of it, I have to thank the boss Su for helping me raise the Lightning Mouse and saved me several times."

Su Ping glanced at them, but they didn't expect them to hold back. It seems that this short period of time has completely grown up.

However, even if they didn't say it, but someone bullied him on his sister's head, he could not be regarded as not seeing it, although this sister was a bit naughty and troublesome and was not a pair of pants with him.

"I heard from you before about the merits and the uneven distribution. Tell me about it. I will take care of this for you." Su Ping said directly, looking at Su Lingyue.

All four were stunned, but Su Ping had already heard their conversation.

Thinking of Su Ping's strength, the four of them suddenly relieved. With Su Ping's combat power, it is easy to observe them without their awareness.

Lu Pengfei looked at the long-legged woman and hesitated. He did not want to cause trouble to Su Ping. He was also worried that Su Ping would take the lead for them this time, but in the future others will stumble over them. After all, the indicators dont cure the problem. Help is meaningless.

Su Lingyue saw Su Ping's eyes, and immediately knew his thoughts. Although she often didn't deal with this abominable guy, she looked at his eyes and knew what he was thinking.

"Brother, this is the case. We were entrusted to the Night Wolf team by the academy, followed them into the deserted area to exercise, and then in the deserted area..." She said the story quickly.

Su Yanying, Lu Pengfei, and others nearby were stunned when they heard her first claim.


They looked at each other, looked at Su Ping and Su Lingyue, and suddenly thought they had the same surname.

And after looking at it a few times, they found that their eyebrows were similar.

These two people are actually brothers and sisters? !

All three were a little stunned, and immediately felt speechless. What kind of blood is this family? The elder brother's talent is already like a monster. The younger sister is also the first grade. It is too jealous!

Captain Zhou and the others next to him were a bit gloomy. After Su Ping appeared, they felt uncomfortable. Especially when they heard several people call Su Ping "Su Mentor", they felt a little strange. At the moment, they heard Su Ping, and Su Lingyue's title, knowing what just subsided, is in trouble again.

All five were looking at Su Ping, his eyes cold.

After Su Lingyue finished speaking, before Su Ping spoke, Zhou Feng said: "I just said, this matter has passed, and you have been given meritorious compensation. Are you sure you want to continue to investigate?"

Since the matter was repeated, Su Lingyue couldn't bear it anymore and said angrily: "A total of 3.67 million merits have been sold, you will give us 1,000 for each of us, and Sister Su is 2,000, which adds up to 5,000 merits. Is it called Hanako? The few Tier 7 monsters killed by Sister Su's Lightning Mouse are worth millions of merits!"

Zhou Feng's face changed slightly, and his eyes gleamed with Sen Han's rays. "Some are good for you. You are looking for death. Your name is Su Lingyue, I remember!"

"You!" Su Lingyue was furious.

Su Ping began, smiling: "You remember, what do you want?"

Zhou Feng's eyes turned to Su Ping, and he already knew that they were brothers and sisters, but Su Ping's age was here, he sneered: "Are you her brother? Graduated, when will you come to the deserted area, I will teach you What do you want!"

"Then teach it now." Su Ping chuckled lightly.

The sneer on Zhou Feng's face was suddenly received, and his eyes were bursting with the murderous intention of Sen Han, the starry power was surging, and a strong guts came out. This is the strong murderousness that often only fought in the barren areas, just like the evil beasts. In general, some perceptive monsters, unaware of the murderousness in him, will flee by themselves in shock.

"I don't know what to do!"

"Huh, the students at school are getting less and less ridiculous!"

"It's just looking for death. I really thought it was in the college. I really don't know how to write dead words!"

"When you enter a deserted area, there are a hundred ways to kill you, dare to pick things up here, and don't inquire."

Several of the team members beside Zhou Feng all sneered, looking at Su Ping and Su Lingyue sarcastically. They felt pity and disdain for this stupid white sweet who just came out of the ivory tower.

Su Ping still had a faint smile on his face, but his eyes were cold, looking directly at Zhou Feng, and the killing desire suppressed by his heart gradually released a trace, and his eyes became as deep as ink, exuding endless Killing.

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