Astral Pet Store Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Ancient Spirit Beast Contract

Su Ping feels his body carefully, and now he is already a pet master.

I have to say that there is a huge difference between the darling master and ordinary people. Su Ping has already felt the obvious difference in physical fitness alone.

The body is lighter, and the sense of sight and hearing is almost twice as sharp!

"The Federation's pet masters are divided into nine levels!"

"Levels 1 to 3 are junior tacticians, levels 4 to 6 are intermediate tacticians, level 7 is advanced tacticians, and level VIII is a tactical master, and has a high status enough to be a professor at a prestigious school. ."

"As for the highest ninth-tier pet strategist, it has already received the title and has its own nickname, which is respected by thousands of people!"

"Further up, it is the legendary king beast warfare master. Each one is a legend. His life experience has been made into countless movies and novels. Even if one hundred years after death, some people will still remember!"

"For now, I have just awakened the proto-nuclear talent. I haven't carried out the training of the Pet Warrior, and the star power has not yet gathered in my body. Even the first-order War Pet Master is not counted."

"Teacher Pet Practice..."

Su Ping suddenly felt a headache when thinking about cultivation.

At his current age, it is obviously impossible to have any chance to take a chance to study at Xing Chong Academy.

The primary source of training knowledge for primary pet pet masters is the various star pet academies.

Although some cultivating methods of pet masters have been circulated on the Internet, they are all superficial, and there are no examples of specific practical operations.

"It's impossible... want me to go back and ask my sister for advice?"

When he thought of the arrogant face of sister Su Lingyue, Su Ping immediately dismissed the idea.

The latter will be willing to teach him the probability, how to calculate... all zero, no, it should be negative, he will also be ruthlessly mocked!

Su Ping shook his head. Anyway, since he was a pet master, he concluded a pet beast first.

Su Ping still understands the basic knowledge of concluding beasts. This is not a mystery. Anyone who knows a little about pets will know.

"The number of pet beasts concluded by pet war masters is linked to spiritual power. The stronger the spiritual power, the more and stronger pets that can conclude contracts!"

"Generally speaking, war pet masters can't conclude beasts that are higher than their own ranks, otherwise spiritual oppression will make people crazy and irrational, and even become an idiot!"

Su Ping is currently not even a first-order war pet master. The beasts he can conclude are extremely limited, but fortunately there is one in the store.

Thinking of the little skull, Su Ping hesitated.

This little thing is of little value. If it is concluded, it will occupy a place.

After all, the more beasts that conclude a contract, the greater the mental pressure on the owner.

"If you buy other beasts, most of the beasts of higher descent will stay in the first order for a short time. If my strength is not improved in time, it will involve the beasts and inhibit their growth."

Su Ping frowned slightly, so it seemed that he had no choice but to choose a low-level beast.

Fortunately, when the strength improves in the future, you can rescind the contract. Although rescinding the contract also has a heavy mental burden and loses combat effectiveness within three days, but the shelter of the pet shop is not a sequelae.

After making up his mind, Su Ping stopped tangling and came to the front hall.


The small skull seemed to be scared, rolled off the front desk chair, fell to the ground, and shattered into a pile of skeletons, but it slowly reorganized again.

Su Ping is a little speechless. This little skull seems to be very timid. As a devil-like beast, this is a bit strange.

"Little fellow, you will be my beast in the future."

Su Ping walked over, picked up the small skeleton from the ground and placed it on the counter.

The small skull sat blankly, staring at Su Ping in a hollow eye socket.

Su Ping was very satisfied with seeing it so obedient. The only advantage of a pet with a timid personality is that it is easier to tame.

He was about to conclude a contract. At this moment, the system suddenly issued a prompt: "Host, did you choose to purchase the ancient spirit beast contract?"

"The Ancient Spirit Beast Contract?"

Su Ping was shocked.

"The ancient spirit beast contract is a kind of star pet contract. It has all the characteristics of the current star pet contract. The only difference is that the ancient spirit beast contract can perceive the pets emotions and can be petted at any time within a certain range. The beast recalls the space of the beast, but the premise is that the beast is not bound and sealed." The system explained that it was particularly patient.

Su Ping was dumbfounded.

The contract concluded actually has different effects?

In his memory, the star pet contract seems to be one kind. No one has ever thought that there is another contract besides the concluded star pet contract!

Moreover, the pet can be recalled at any time, the effect of this contract is too strong?

If this is the case, once the beast is aware of the danger, it can be recalled at any time to avoid sacrifice, which is simply a magic skill for the war pet master!

Thinking of this, Su Ping was suddenly vigilant and asked, "How much energy is needed?"

"One hundred energy is enough," the system said.

Su Ping was stunned.

Just a hundred energy?

Such a strong thing, actually sold so cheap?

You know, the low-level trapping ring in the shop is only 100 energy!

"This contract is a semi-gift, the actual price is far more than that." The system said indifferently.

"Is it?" Su Ping suspiciously, is this a gift, but deliberately blackmailed me?

"Attention, curse people for the first time!"

"Humph, did you admit it?" Su Ping sneered.

The system did not respond anymore.

Su Ping said a few words in his heart. Although he was reluctant, he still bought his teeth.

Although at present, the benefit of this contract is not obvious to him, but there is no doubt that this ancient spirit beast contract is extremely valuable, and this contract is not one-time, but can be reused, for all Beasts are available and can be used for a long time.

If he saves the life of a high-level beast for him in the future, this hundred energies will definitely not be lost!


"The purchase was successful, your ancient spirit beast contract has arrived, please pay attention to receiving." The system prompts.

Not waiting for Su Ping's distressed energy, suddenly a complicated mark appeared in his mind. The structure of this mark, like a line, was drawn in his memory stroke by stroke, until it was memorable and could not be forgotten.

"With blood as a guide, with formation as a contract?"

In a trance, Su Ping recovered, and his thoughts moved. The method of concluding the ancient spirit beast contract in his mind appeared again, which shocked him a little.

This method of conclusion is not made with star power, but with its own blood as the deed, and then the formation method described by the complex mysterious stripes as the content of the contract. The contract concluded is extremely strong. Unless the owner actively terminates the contract, it is impossible. The contract was cut off.

"In addition to being able to recall the beast at any time, it is indeed the same as the Star Force contract, including the termination of the contract. It will lose its combat power within three days." Su Ping felt it carefully, knowing that the system did not deceive itself.

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