Astral Pet Store Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Cultivation Ground.. Demigod Plane

The communicator was successfully connected, and Su Lingyue compiled a reason for his mother Li Qingru to visit the store.

A moment later, Li Qingru hurried to the store. He looked at Su Ping as soon as he entered the room. When he saw him sitting in the store, he was surprised and said to Su Lingyue: "You didnt mean that your brother was unconscious and suddenly comatose. Is it?"

"Just awake." Su Lingyue said blushingly.

Su Ping rolled her eyes at her and saw that her mother was okay, and she was relieved in her heart. They thought that if those people were to investigate his identity, they should not take the lead against his family, but directly find his head. .

After all, with the energy of the forces behind this secret realm, it is easy to investigate his identity. Under the circumstances of knowing his civilian identity, he can directly find him without coercion by his family and force him to follow him.

"What's going on?" Li Qingru looked at the brothers and sisters, wondering.

Su Ping couldn't explain this to her in detail. After thinking for a while, she said: "Mom, I plan to expand the facade of our shop. This is a big deal after all, so please come over and take a look in person."

"Expand the facade?" Li Qingru froze.

Su Lingyue, who was next to me, was a little puzzled, and looked at Su Ping in a speechless manner. He walked around to his mother's back and gestured to him with his eyes and mouth. Don't bullshit, think about how to run!

She is even more nervous about the unknown enemy that Su Ping is afraid of. The enemy will come to the door at any time. Now there is still time here to lie with her mother and discuss how to expand the store.

Moreover, don't you need money to expand the store, just open your mouth?

However, thinking of Su Ping's huge merits, she suddenly choked with so many merits, Su Ping obviously would not be short of money, let alone anything else, just let Su Ping's previous hot business, let him Daily fighting gold.

Go away-Su Lingyue gestures and gestures with lips.

Su Ping gave her a look and signaled her to be calm.

Su Lingyue spitting blood when she saw the appearance of the old **** Suping.

Didnt you have been anxious in the past, the speed on the road was soaring, why is it now sitting like a buddha in the shop, buttocks sticking to the chair?

Su Ping didn't look at Su Lingyue, who was angry and angry again, and sat indifferently behind the counter.

When he returned to the shop, one of his hearts was relaxed. Now that his mother and Su Lingyue are beside him, his heart is completely calm. No one can threaten him again. This small shop is the most safe place!

However, he knew that they could not stay in this small shop forever, especially the size of the shop. If it accommodated three people, it would be too crowded.

What's more, he still has some system functions that are not visible. If he stays with them in the same store and he is going to nurture the plane, he suddenly disappears and suddenly comes out, and he can't explain to them, so I will upgrade the store first and expand the facade. Territory is the most correct way!

With his current financial resources, the shops in this entire street are enough.

Once these stores are under his name, they belong to the field of systematic stores. At that time, his security activities will be added to the entire street. At that time, he can transform other stores into one. Set up a separate house, dedicated to the mother and sister, so that they dont have to worry about their accident and being hijacked.

"You want to expand the store? But expanding the store requires funds..."

Li Qingru looked at Su Ping, and she was surprised and a little relieved that Su Ping wanted to expand the store. At least this was an active struggle. At the same time, the store income that Su Ping handed to her during this time was also very expensive. Su Ping had a good revenue from the store.

"I'm ready for the funds. You don't have to worry about it, mom. You just have to sit here and help me to examine it." Su Ping said deliberately, and she looked so confident that she could see her confidence.

Seeing Su Ping's attitude like this, Li Qingru didn't say anything anymore. She thought she was sitting here anyway. Su Ping really wanted to mess up, and she could stop it in time.

Su Lingyue saw that Su Ping really wanted to expand the store, but couldn't help but be anxious and angry, and said: "When is it all the time, and still expand the store, do you think about it?"

"I have my own measure." Su Ping also pointed out.

Su Lingyue saw his calm gaze, and the anxiety in his heart decreased a little, but he still frowned, saying, "You are going to expand the store now?"


"How to expand?"

"Find someone."

"Who are you looking for?"

"Housing agency."

At the same time as Su Ping said, on the computer that was just turned on, open the webpage, enter the URL of the pioneer, then log in, enter the exclusive page of the pioneer, in the living area here, find the company that rents and transfers the house.

Companies that can be listed on the Pioneer website are extremely reliable, and most of them are dedicated to the Pioneer.

Li Qingru couldn't understand this, thinking that Su Ping was just looking for an ordinary intermediary on the Internet and said, "If you want to expand the facade, it is still a good idea. The online intermediary is not reliable. Or will I ask you for the first few days?"

"No mom, this thing is all over me, just exercise me." Su Ping laughed.

Li Qingru saw him saying this, and after thinking about it, he said nothing.

Su Lingyue leaned over to the counter and saw that Su Ping was looking for a real estate company on the pioneer's website. She was a little surprised and said, "Is there still these functions?"

She has just registered as a trainee pioneer, and hasnt had time to visit the pioneers official website. She didnt expect that there are so many functions here, even the real estate lease and transfer can be done on this, which is too convenient.

Soon, Su Ping contacted seven or eight real estate agents, paid a deposit, and asked them to send someone over to negotiate with other shops on the street.

He is only responsible for paying the money.

Although the shops next to them are not qualified to hang their facades on these real estate tycoons on the pioneer website, and some people even dont want to sell them, this does not affect him to buy these shops through these real estate companies. .

This is the power of money and power.

However, Su Ping did not intend to force a purchase, and the opening price was subject to three times. Even if these stores were not originally intended to be sold, they would be moved at such a high purchase price. After all, the store is not an ancestral house, and there are very few nails dead. support.

If you really meet the kind of nail household that is trying to blackmail, you can get around, you can't get around, Su Ping is not a good man or a woman.

After paying online, Su Ping felt more relaxed. He didn't have to step out of the shop himself, so he could let these housing agents do it for him. Next, he only had to wait for the title deeds of these shops to be delivered to him.

"It's one of the first to expand to a third-level store. The second is to complete a professional training. I received the task of professional training before. It lasted for one month. At present, most of the months have passed and I should do it."

Su Ping was thinking.

If he wants to do his job, he will inevitably enter the breeding plane. In this way, he can only enter the breeding ground from the beast room. Fortunately, without his permission in the store, others cant enter the beast room without permission, so he is not afraid. In the middle, the mother and Su Lingyue broke into, and they were surprised.

Thinking of this, Su Ping turned off the computer, looking solemnly, looking at Su Lingyue and his mother, and said, "I will stay in the beast room for a few hours later, you are in the store, no matter what happens, Remember, never step outside the store!"

Li Qingru wondered, "No matter what happens? What will happen?"

Su Lingyue is also a little puzzled about Su Ping's behavior. It's all about this time, even if it's time to find a housing agent. Now I still have to stay in the beast room to cultivate pets? Even if it is cultivated now, can it be within time?

"Remember my words." Su Ping looked at Su Lingyue with very serious eyes. Although he had a headache for this younger sister, he knew that she was cautious in her character, but she could distinguish clearly.

For the first time Su Lingyue saw Su Ping's so serious look, she froze for a few seconds and looked at him for a few seconds, she couldn't help but looked away, her heart pounding twice, and said, "I know. "

"If you have a business, or someone tells you to go out, don't pay attention, no matter who tells you, don't listen." Su Ping said.

Su Lingyue nodded. Although she didn't know, if someone really called them, it would make no sense for them not to go out, but Su Ping said so seriously, although she was puzzled, she chose to obey.

Since she learned that Su Ping is a senior mentor of the college, and a series of performances by Su Ping, she has changed the feeling of Su Ping greatly, and has put a lot of trust in his words.

Seeing that Su Lingyue had listened in, Su Ping was relieved to let them move in the shop hall. He went to pull the roller shutter door down, then entered the pet room, and took the door backhand.


Su Ping exhaled lightly, but did not expect to go to the secret realm this time, actually confusing himself to an unknown enemy, which made him more eager to improve his combat power.

Fortunately, this time the harvest in the secret realm is extremely rich, whether it is money or merit, it has reached the title level of savings, and these are only the smallest part of his harvest, the most precious are those that are not open and sold. Secret treasure.

"I still have to improve my combat power as soon as possible. If the small skull can reach the top qualification, with its current bloodline, it should be able to explode its combat power beyond the limit of the ninth order..." Su Ping secretly said, but this needs to be cultivated The difficulty is too great, the small skull is now the blood of the half-skeleton king, and the qualification has fallen from the upper middle class to the lower middle class.

Waiting for the full turn of the Skeleton King bloodline, it is estimated that they have to fall into the lower qualifications.

As the blood vessels of many Skeleton Kings from ancient times to the present, there are too many things that small skeletons have to work hard on.

Su Ping shook his head and didn't think about some of them again. Right now, expanding the store first, adding safety territory is the most important, followed by finding his own body refining materials and trying to improve the combat effectiveness of the small skull.

And this time professional cultivation, small skulls can also be brought along, nurtured by the way, as to how much can be cultivated, it depends on the situation and luck.

"It was originally planned that for this professional cultivation, I would choose a medium cultivation level and enter a few more times. It would not take much time, but this can save energy, and it can also barely cultivate the entrusted Tianxiang pig to middle and high qualifications. But the situation is urgent..."

Su Ping brings up the cultivation list.

After flipping on it for a while, I chose to skip this medium cultivation plane and move to the higher cultivation plane.

In this higher cultivation plane, the door fare is about 500 to 1,000 energy.

Su Ping flipped for a moment, and suddenly saw a plane.


Door fare, 1200 energy.

This is already the price of some low-ranking top nurturing planes.

Su Ping took a look at the introduction of this nurturing plane. The broken land of the ancient God Realm was ruined by the God King Sun Wheel, falling off the ancient God Realm and scattered in the void space...

"The Broken Land of Archaic God Realm?"

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, so it seems that this is also a fertile ground for God Realm.

If you go directly to the cultivation of Swire God Realm, Su Ping's energy savings are a bit overwhelming. After all, he has to resurrect at his own expense. Each resurrection is one-tenth of the ticket, which is calculated based on the 9000 fare of Swire God Realm. One hundred deaths.

It's too expensive to die.

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