Astral Pet Store Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Communicate With

In countless battles, protecting Su Ping has become the instinctive consciousness of Infernal Candle Dragon Beast!

Even if you will sacrifice your life!

Roar! !

A dragon flame roared out and sprayed like a volcanic rock column towards the girl. At the same time, the body of the purgatory candle dragon sprinted out, blocking the Su plane, and then the body suddenly split, from the position of the chest, the most The hard dragon scale, in front of the golden crescent moon cut, had no resistance and was easily torn and cut!

Su Ping's pupils shrank, but the girl was so terrible.

However, the two beasts gave him a chance. The star power surged in his body. Through the increase of the prism star core, the star power of the fourth-order upper limit reached the median of the seventh order in an instant. His body dodged past.

Boom! !

A deep ravine was cut into the garden floor.

Su Ping felt a numb arm and looked down, his left hand flew away!

"I didn't mean it..." Su Ping cried bitterly. He didn't want to waste such a chance of death. After all, this is 120 energy!

He was speechless in his heart.

What's this called, I died right after I arrived, and I was so wronged.

"Wow, despicable imitations are actually mixed with dirty undead creatures and dragon slaves, and indeed they are despicable inferior races, go to die!!"

The girl was so angry that she lifted her finger and swept again, and two golden energies flew out again.

The small skeleton that had just been cut off, the body quickly reorganized, and the instantaneous killing greeted him.

Su Ping reinvigorated the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast that had just been beheaded. Fortunately, the resurrection of the Beast does not consume the number of deaths, otherwise it will really not be able to cultivate.

Roar! !

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast resurrected in place has not yet figured out the situation, and it feels that a killing intention has poured into his mind. This is the killing skill released by Su Ping to help it enter the battle for the first time.


Seeing the resurrected Inferno Candle Dragon Beast, the girl was a little surprised.

The skeleton was resurrected, and she could still accept it. After all, this is the trick of a dirty creature, but I didn't expect this dragon beast to be resurrected in place, and this is a real resurrection.

As a Protoss, her reaction to life energy is extremely obvious. The previous Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is definitely dead and her soul is extinguished.

Moreover, when the dragon beast was resurrected, she also faintly felt a terrifying energy, as if time and space were turbulent...

But the existence of time and space has long been silent.

The anger in her mind had dissipated and her heart was stunned.

At this time, the newly resurrected Infernal Candle Dragon Beast once again used his body to resist the golden **** slash, and was again slashed into two sections.

The small skull rushed to the girl in a blink of an eye and waved a bone knife to her face.

The girl woke up from her doubts and saw the bone knife that was cut on the face. She suddenly felt that this bone knife contained a trace of terrifying energy fluctuations. It was hidden very deep. This bone seemed to be some kind of extremely horrible bone.

However, the terror consciousness on this bone has long since dissipated.

She was more and more shocked in her heart. This undead creature was too simple, and she also felt that there was some terrible sound roaring in the body of this undead creature, and that sound seemed to be hidden in its blood, which was very shocking.

She raised her hand, patted the small skull with a palm, and snatched the bone knife in her hand.

She looked closely and looked at it, and found that it was a fragment of a bone.

She tried to scratch her finger and immediately shed a drop of golden blood, which easily cut her!

There was a little shock in the girl's eyes. She looked up at the small skull on the ground that had been smashed and stood up, and the dragon beast that also recovered and recovered from the wound.

"What the **** are you?"

Su Ping saw that she was finally no longer attacking, she was relieved and smiled bitterly: "I didn't mean it."

When the girl heard this, thinking of the previous things, there was a slight blush on her cheeks, and she gritted her teeth and said: "I didn't tell you this, who the **** are you, how did you break in here, you tell me honestly, otherwise I will let you live Better to die!"

Hearing life is better than death, Su Ping had some concerns in his heart.

He is not afraid of being killed, he is afraid of being imprisoned, which will waste his cultivation time.

However, with his current strength, he can achieve suicide with a thunderbolt.

And there is also the cooperation of small skulls, which is more convenient for suicide...

Hmmm... this doesn't seem to be a cause for pride.

From the girls two shots, Su Ping has seen countless powerful creatures experiences, and feels that her combat power should be around the king beast level. If it is the kings superior, there is no need to do it at all. One eye can confine him and crush him broken.

This is why he didn't commit suicide and escaped in the first time. In front of the king beast level, he could not beat him, at least he could fight a wave of suicide first.

"This, are you a Protoss?" Su Ping asked the girl curiously.

"Of course." Without thinking, the girl's complexion fell, "Answer my question first."

Su Ping got the answer, and he was even more surprised. I didn't expect that the girl was really a Protoss. The legendary **** actually looks like this. It looks very similar to humans... but his body is not quite the same.

This goddess is too'sturdy'.

Moreover, in Su Ping's mind, the Protoss is supreme, but this goddess, also the king beast-level combat power, in this way, the God does not seem so terrible.

"What are you twitching your brains for!" The goddess groaned when she saw Su Ping silent for a long time.

Su Ping came back to God and said, "This, your question is too complicated. I answered it, and it is difficult for you to understand. In short, I sent it from another world. Do you believe it?"

"Of course."

Said the goddess.

Su Ping stunned.

"This is my garden. With your weak combat ability, there is no other way to mix it in except for being directly sent over by someone, unless you are a bug that breeds from the weeds in my garden." The goddess sneered.

Su Ping was speechless and said quietly: "But the point of my words is not transmission, but other worlds..."

"What's so strange about this."

The goddess looked at Su Ping contemptuously, seemingly well-informed, and said indifferently: "This world is vast and boundless. In addition to our central God Realm, there are many small worlds inhabited by lower races like you, saying Well, which small world did you send from, and who sent you here, what's the purpose?"

Su Ping was dumb.

It seems that the education received by the Protoss and the Humans are different.

For such a huge brain, you can accept it logically, instead of telling a blue star, most people will think he is a lunatic.

With a deep emotion in his heart, Su Ping said: "You just said Central God Realm? Have you ever been to Taigu God Realm?"

Judging from the introduction of this half-god meteorite, the formation of this place has been countless years, at least longer than the existence of Blue Star. How does this goddess look like it is not like an old monster that has lived for so long?

"Ancient God Realm?"

The goddess stunned and looked at Su Ping carefully, squinting: "I didn't expect you to be a poor imitation, but you still know the ancient God Realm, hum! But you know too little, and the ancient God Realm has long been closed. , Prohibit the entry of creatures outside of God's Domain. If I can go to the Ancient God Realm, even if I only practice there for a few days, I can kill you with one look!"

"Close?" Su Ping froze.

He recalled the situation on the breeding list when selecting breeding sites.

Not closed.

It's just that the entrance ticket is a little more expensive.

However, the closure of the goddess's mouth is obviously not to speak. Either the ancient **** realm has been opened for a long time, and she does not know, or that is, the way the system transmits into is not the same as the ordinary way.

"In this way, this half-goddess is the central **** realm in your mouth. It can be worthy of this title. The area here should not be small?" Su Ping asked.

"Half God Meteorites?"

The goddess was shocked again.

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