Astral Pet Store Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Mutations

Looking back at the small skull in front of him, Su Ping bit his finger according to the method of the ancient spirit beast contract, and slowly depicted the blood on the small skull's forehead.

The small skull was still sitting in a daze, seemingly ignorant of everything around it, but when he smelled the blood on Su Ping's finger, a scarlet color faintly appeared in his empty eye socket, and his body reacted.

Just as it slowly raised his hand and grabbed at Su Ping's finger, Su Ping had drawn the contract quickly and took back his hand.

An intricate blood pattern was engraved on the forehead of the small skull.

As Su Ping closed, the blood lines gradually disappeared, and seemed to be absorbed by the small skull.

At the next moment, Su Ping suddenly felt an extra line in his consciousness, which was connected to the outside of the body and connected to another consciousness.

This is a very weak consciousness, erratic like a candlelight, and will go out at any time.

From this faint consciousness, fear and dazed thoughts came.

"Is this its consciousness?" Su Ping looked at the small skull. Through the power of the contract, he could clearly feel the small skull's emotional changes.

The small skull slowly raised his head and stared at Su Ping in a daze for a long time, still at a loss about his own changes.

Su Ping touched its small head. After all, this little skeleton was just bred, and there was no inherited memory. It was ignorant of everything around it, but it was normal.

He went to pull the door open, and when the sunlight hit the store, he suddenly felt a fear in the thoughts of the little skull.

Turning his head to see it, he saw that the small skeleton had fallen off the counter, and the bones slowly shrank into the darkness in the corner of the counter, reorganizing the body, curling up with his legs shaking.

"Are you afraid of the sun?"

Su Ping was stunned, knowing that he was negligent. Most demonic beasts liked the dark environment. A few of them were afraid of the sun and could only stay in the dark.

Su Ping immediately returned and carried the trembling little skull into the pet room at the back of the shop.

Seeing the vacated foster care, Su Ping stepped forward and placed the small skull in the stone tooth formation.

"System, your free foster care will cost ten yuan an hour, is there any effect?" Su Ping asked curiously.

Ten dollars an hour, the price of foster care on this day is not cheap.

"The free foster care place is made of spirit stone waste, which has weak spiritual power and complex and disordered waste mine rays. It has a weak growth help for the beast and a high probability, which will cause the beast to mutate." The system solution Said.


Su Ping froze.

In addition to evolution, pets will also have a low probability of mutation along with the different growth environments.

And mutation is alienation into another species.

Perhaps it is a stronger and better new species, or it may be a degenerate failure species.

In some war zones with extremely harsh environments, it is devastated and full of technological waste, which is the easiest to breed mutant beasts.

Most of the mutant beasts carry unknown diseased bacteria, which is very likely to cause plague or form a large-scale virus attack.

This is extremely fatal to ordinary people, therefore, "variant beast" is a panic word in most cases.

However, in the research of pet animals, the pace of promoting pet animal mutation has never stopped. Many well-known ninth-order pet animals in the Federation are all derived from scientific catalytic mutations. Brand new species!

"Is the beast mutated here good or bad?" Su Ping asked the system.

"The mix is mixed, it is recommended that the host be upgraded to a primary foster care position as soon as possible to avoid affecting the reputation of the store." The system briefly said.

Su Ping's mouth twitched.

Yes, it's okay to ask.

When the system talked about the radiation of waste mines, he felt bad, and indeed it was cheap and not good.

"Then upgrade."

Without much consideration, Su Ping directly chose to upgrade.

Not to mention the tenfold increase in the price of the lease after the upgrade, which has many benefits. He cannot afford the mutation alone.

If the beast of the guest is broken, it will overwhelm the reputation of the store. The system will send him a free foster care position. It is clearly a sinister bomb buried here!

Fortunately, he made money quickly, and the business in the store was not good these days.

-20 energy.

The two ancient stone teeth arrays in front of Su Ping suddenly glowed with a hazy white light. When the white light dissipated, the stone teeth array was renewed. Although it was the previous sharp stone teeth array, the color of each stone tooth was completely different.

It used to be like ordinary rough stones, dull and dull, but now it is like a white jade ivory, full of aura.

"Sure enough, it's a bit decent."

Su Ping is quite satisfied.

However, the thought of this junior foster care site requires one point of energy every day to maintain, his heart is faintly painful.

Spend money like running water.

His previous 315 points of energy were less than 100 in a blink of an eye.

"Still have to pay close attention to earn energy, and the chaotic spirit pool has not been upgraded."

At the thought of the effect of the level 3 chaotic spirit pool, Su Ping's heart is a burst of fiery, if he can breed a beast of king beast blood, just throw it at the door for publicity, it can also attract a steady stream of customers!

"anyone there?

At this time, the sound suddenly came from outside the shop.

Su Ping heard the sound a little familiar, and quickly exited from the pet room at the back and returned to the front.

I saw two beautifully dressed girls standing at the door, looking around with a probe, feeling a little cautious.


Su Ping saw one of them and immediately recognized it, the one who had taken the Lightning Mouse from here before.


"The boss is away?"

The girl at the door was Su Yanying, and she looked at the shop with her probe, a little puzzled.

"Yingying, are you really sure it is here?"

Next to it was Lan Lele, who was wearing a soft tulle skirt. She accompanied her friend and looked at the gray-faced lonely small shop in front of her. She looked suspicious, and she couldn't believe it. .

"right here!"

Su Yanying was very determined, "My Lightning Mouse must be related to here!"

After the preliminary round, she gradually sobered up and realized that her lightning rode was in serious trouble.

Especially after her teachers and class teachers visited and asked, she realized how terrible the demon she was.

If it is just to comprehend a kind of advanced pet skills, it can be said that it is a coincidence, but if both are used at the same time, no one will think that it is just a coincidence.

Faced with the teacher's inquiry, she vaguely passed. After all, she didn't know herself, but she realized that this might be related to the pet shop she fostered.

After all, the Lightning Mouse has been mediocre before this, and she has not been exposed to anything else before her foster care, so after inference, she thinks that the only variable is this beast shop!

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