Astral Pet Store Chapter 231

Chapter 231: King Beast Skill

The Tianxiang pig is a low-level monster of the third-order blood, and its appearance is pink and tender, and looks harmless to humans and animals.

Moisturized by the spiritual energy in the foster care, it has just been promoted to the fourth level, and it has just landed, and is still in a state of confusion. Suddenly, it was awakened by several breaths of terror. Must scream like a pig.

Whether it is the dragon gas shock of the purgatory candle dragon beast, or the more terrifying desert monster, it is too far away for it.

It's just a low-level monster.


Tianxiang Pig turned and ran, crashing and running.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, the killing intention skills were instantly released, and through the transfer of contractual power, the instantaneous arrival, strong killing intentions poured into the head of this day's sweet pig.

Tianxiang pig's limbs immediately stopped, and a pair of black pig eyes turned red, turned around and stepped on the ground with pointed trotter feet a few times, hummed heavily, and followed Su Ping's instructions to the battlefield. Rush away.

kill! kill! kill!

Tianxiang pig is full of ideas of killing.

With a loud bang, the ground in front was suddenly beaten by a scale whip, chopping a gully four or five meters wide, and raising countless dust.

squeak! !

Tianxiang pig was full of brain killing intent, woke up immediately.

The pig's teeth, which had been brutal and bruised, immediately shrank under the lip of the face, and looked at the war in front of him, his limbs were a little soft, but after a pause, he turned around and hurried away again.

Su Ping looked shocked.

The killing skill is actually... unlocked?

He is a little speechless. The pig's courage is too small to exaggerate.

Looking at its figure running away, Su Ping had to release a killing skill again.

Tianxiang pig was activated again by intention to kill, roaring and turning to rush into the battlefield.

Su Ping was not at ease. When he was close to the battlefield, he showed him another killing skill, double killing madness!

This time, Tianxiang Pig successfully rushed into the battlefield, and then... was instantly crushed into pork stuffing.

Su Ping resurrected it in situ, continued to display his killing skills, and allowed it to continue to attack. Although its attack did not have any impact on the battle, nor did it have the effect of training the battle, but such a battle did not train its battle. Skills, but to force its potential, and exercise its will and courage.

Don't look at the dark dragon dog and the purgatory candle dragon beast he cultivated are very afraid of death, but in fact they are cautious. In countless battles and deaths, they have a very brutal side, but they will not be easily exposed.

In the situation of desperation, even the king beast, they dare to fight desperately, instead of just terrifying and trembling, even if they faced the Protoss girl before, they did not leave the battle, which is courage!

On the same day, the sweet pig entered the "right track", and Su Ping's attention was mostly divided into the purgatory candle dragon beast and the dark dragon dog. In this high-cultivation **** plane, the Tian Xiang pig was raised to the upper middle class. Qualifications, even if the task is completed, it is not difficult for him. If you can bring the qualifications of the dark dragon dog, the purgatory candle dragon beast, and the small skeleton to a higher level, then it is a big profit!


The small skull flashed in the air, attacking the weakness of the desert monster.

The purgatory candle dragon beast and the dark dragon dog are pinned in front and have repeatedly died more than ten times, and although the small skull has been crushed several times, it has not really died once, if it is to escape, even this king beast A desert monster of the level, it takes a lot of effort to leave it.

"Undead enslavement!"

Su Ping sees the bones of other giant beasts around the ground, allowing the small skeletons to exert their undead enslavement skills.

At a glance, some of these giant beasts are extremely beast-level. Su Ping did not know whether the small skeleton could be enslaved, but his order was issued, and the small skeleton would always follow his instructions, regardless of difficulty.


Under Su Ping's order, the body of the small skull flashed to the side immediately, appearing over a huge white bone of hundreds of meters, it surging full of dark energy, quickly venting, and gradually turned into a dark cloud. .

Under the dark cloud-like energy, the white skeleton on the ground trembles faintly.

At this time, without the restraint of the small skulls, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast and the Dark Dragon Dog quickly died, unable to resist the offensive of this desert monster, and even the resurrection was too soon.

Su Ping had to jump from the head of Ziqing Gun Python, and let it also be put into battle.

Without the protection of Ziqing Gun Python, while Su Ping commanded the battle, he also divided some of his thoughts and guarded his surroundings.

Ziqing Gun Python was still killed instantly after joining the battle. In front of this desert monster, Zi Qing Gun Python and Tianxiang Pig were indistinguishable from each other. Both were fatal. The only difference was that Zi Qing Gun Python occasionally needed two attacks. Before being killed, but this is only because the desert monster did not seriously attack it.

For Ziqing Gun Python, this desert monster is an unmatched monster. It has a strong sense of oppression, which makes it tremble with snake scales, and secretes hormones in the body to maintain its most prosperous state.

Its limits and potential are also squeezed out of death and resurrection.

On the other side, the dark cloud energy above the small skull's head gradually drifted into the white skeletons on the ground. Gradually, the wasteland trembled. This huge white skeleton of hundreds of meters slowly shook and climbed up from the sand. .

When its bones crawled out of the sand, it revealed a larger part of the body, like a giant elephant beast, with a huge body.

Roar! !

After climbing out of the sand, the giant bone suddenly roared at the small skull above his head, seeming to resist.

The skeleton of the small skull was trembling, overflowing with bright red energy. Under this roar, two strong scarlet flames appeared in its eye sockets, and suddenly a louder roar was heard.

As it roared, in the void space behind it, an illusory skull appeared, with boundless coercion.

The huge bones on the ground trembled slightly, suddenly collapsed to the ground, and the skeleton was scattered.

But the rest of the skeletons are still hard, gradually forming a half body, crawling towards the desert monster.

Su Ping felt from the idea of the little skeleton that it had reached its limit.

To his surprise, the small skeleton actually enslaved the giant skeleton. Although only half of its body was enslaved, the giant skeleton is obviously king-beast-level and can be enslaved across the ranks. This is simply too powerful.

You know, the current real level of the little skull is only level six!

It has crossed the three realms of seven, eight, nine, and enslaved the bones of the king beast, which is simply incredible and dare not imagine!

However, Su Ping can see that this is due to the blood of the Skeleton King in the small skeleton, and the blood of the Skull King is oppressed, which only subdued the skeleton of this king beast.

"It's against the sky!"

"However, the qualifications are so low that I'm falling behind. I don't know what the evil skeleton kings are since the ancient times!"

Su Ping secretly said, a little shocked.

At this time, with the addition of giant bones, desert monsters were facing the enemy, feeling the oppression of the same level of breath. The will and energy of the undead in this giant skeleton are awakened and controlled by the small skeleton, which is considered to be a half king beast.


The desert monster turned around and attacked the giant skeleton.

The purgatory candle dragon beast is resurrected, chasing behind with the dark dragon dog to kill.

They exhibit their strongest attacks, but when they hit the desert monsters, they are like tickling. When the attacks are invalid, several pets are also anxious and deeply aware of their shortcomings.

In front of such monsters, even if they are allowed to attack, they can't help it.

Roar! !

The purgatory candle dragon beast roared unwillingly, and the whole dragon scales stood up. As a proud dragon beast, it has the dignity of the dragon beast. At this moment, under the rage of anger, he exhausted the energy of the body in one breath and ejected the whole body of purgatory flame. .


The flame is like a pillar, sweeping out. This is the purgatory flame, which is itself a king-beast-level fire. At this moment, with its roar, it is compressed to the ultimate purgatory fire, and a faint atmosphere of real purgatory flame is born faintly.

The desert monster felt it, and the huge roulette-like eyeballs turned and glanced.

The flames of purgatory erupted and touched the tail of the desert monster, burning.

The desert monster controls the ground covered with sand, but the sand is also burned into a rock stream. The temperature of this flame is terrifyingly high, such as the year of the tarsal bone, and it is firmly attached to the tail of the desert monster.

The desert monster was roaring with rage, the claw-like pliers slammed the ground, and there was a huge shock in the sand. A violent shock wave blasted out.

Seeing the attack of the desert monster, Su Ping expected it. His pupils shrank slightly, and he was too late to instruct several pet beasts to evade. He only hurriedly raised his body to mid-air, and a wave of sand shock swept through. The purgatory candle dragon beast and darkness The dragon dog and other bodies burst suddenly, as if being cut off by the waist, covered with blood, and fell into the sand.

However, this sand shock had no effect on the giant bone. Under the control of the small skeleton, it still waved its white claws and fangs and killed the desert monster.

Su Ping escaped the disaster and was relieved to resurrect several beasts and continue to attack.

"The incendiary candle dragon beast's flame attack seems a little different." Su Ping saw the flame still burning on the desert monster's tail, his eyes moved slightly, and looked at the infernal candle dragon beast with identification.

Suddenly, I saw a new skill appear under its skill bar.

Inferno Dragon Flame (Level 1)

Su Ping looked startled.

The "Infernal Flame" skill previously mastered by Infernal Candle Dragon Beast has been changed to "Infernal Dragon Flame", a word has been changed, and there is an additional display of "level 1", which has never been seen in other skills. .

"What does this level mean, can it be upgraded?"

Su Ping was puzzled.

He thought a little and threw the problem to the system.

In terms of pets, the system has never avoided it. If it is avoided, it means that energy is needed...

"Growing king-beast-level skills will have a level display, and you will be introduced when your appraisal skill is improved to intermediate level." The system said indifferently, adding a sentence at the end, "Do you want to upgrade the pet animal appraisal skill now?"

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