Astral Pet Store Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Beast

Each time you take the next divine crystal, there is a probability to increase the divinity value by 1~2 points.

At present, the dark dragon dog has swallowed a dozen.

Not all of these Nether Zerg have God Crystals in their bodies. Su Ping found that some of them are more ferocious and have a higher probability of containing God Crystals in their bodies.

Su Ping still does not know what this divine value is, but if it is increased to 100 points, it is estimated that the effect can be seen.

This wormhole is a low-level wormhole. The zerg's combat power is generally around 7th to 9th order. Some insects containing **** crystals are only about 9th order limit, and there are several worms in the wormhole. The power is extremely cruel, comparable to the king beast.

Su Ping's reliance on his hideous hiding, coupled with the infinite resurrection of the beast, killed all these Zergs, which took him a long time.

"The god-man in this half-god is not a pure blood protoss, but a sub-species of the protoss. It has a mixed blood line of gods and humans. An untrained adult has a natural combat power of about 5 points, which is comparable to the fifth-order battle. Beloved..."

"And some of the trained Protoss are mostly 8th or 9th ranks. The elite Protoss inside are all king beasts, and some of the more famous strong men are kings..."

"On the level above the king, there is the Lord God, on the Lord God, there is the Supreme God..."

Such a distribution of combat power, although not as good as the chaotic necromantic world Su Ping entered earlier, is also a terrible world.

If Blue Star is close to such a world, it will immediately be enslaved and become a colonial planet.

After all, the strongest on Blue Star is only equivalent to an'elite office worker' here.

After the break.

Su Ping slowly sat upright, allowing the dark dragon dog and the Tianxiang pig to collect the **** crystals from the corpse.

A zerg corpse was torn, exposing the green slurry and the black blood inside, exuding a smell.

The dark dragon dog is already very familiar with Shenjing, and skillfully cuts away the corpse of the Zerg and looks inside.

Half an hour passed.

The dark dragon dog drew the found divine crystals one by one to the Su plane, and hundreds of them had already been piled up.

Su Ping let Tianxiang Pig and the small skull continue to look for Shenjing, and then summoned the dark dragon dog in front of him, let him lie down, and touched its head.

The dark dragon dog was flattered by the sudden intimacy, and a pair of dog eyes looked at Su Ping in surprise.

Su Ping chuckled, grabbed the God Crystal on the ground, handed it to his mouth, and let it eat.

The dark dragon dog smelled the fragrant smell of Shen Jing, and the nervous dog's eyes relaxed a little, chewing and eating Shen Jing one by one, like eating a bone, and enjoyed it very much.

For this eclipse, it was still quite happy in his heart. The small skull and the Tianxiang pig, the purple-green scorpion python were very greedy, but Su Ping did not give them to eat, but gave it to him. What does this mean?

It shows that the owner's love for it is much higher than that of several other angry guys.

After eating a few divine crystals, the dark dragon licked Su Ping's palm, somewhat pleased.

Su Ping smiled slightly, touched his head, and continued to feed him.

The divine crystals decrease one by one, and Su Ping looks at the divine value in the attributes of the dark dragon dog, increasing a little bit, sometimes increasing by two points, sometimes a little.

In an instant, the divine crystals piled up on the ground were about to bottom out, and at this time, the divine value of the dark dragon dog also reached more than 90, nearly one hundred!

Immediately know the role of this divine value!

Su Ping's eyes lightened slightly, and he looked at the dark dragon dog seriously, and when his divine value reached 99, he fed him another one.

When the dark dragon dog chewed and swallowed, Su Ping saw that its divine value was instantly full.

At the moment of full value, the divine value was instantly cleared again.

At the same time, under its attributes, Su Ping saw a new attribute-Divine Power!

Divine power: 1 point.

Su Ping has some doubts, can God?

He thought that when the divine value accumulates to a full number, it can make the dark dragon dog's combat power increase, or the bloodline changes, but he didn't expect to just add a divine attribute.

Suddenly, Su Ping noticed that after all the skills of the Dark Dragonhound, a bracket option appeared behind him.


Earth's Shield (Divine Skill: Divine Power 3)

Tearing Dragon Claw (Shenhua: Magic Power 2 points)

Wind shield...


In addition to these skills, Su Ping also saw an additional attribute below its quality, called Gods Vein.

The current number of divine pulses is 0.

"What's the situation?" Su Ping couldn't help asking the system.

The system was silent for a moment before saying: "Spiritual energy is the crystallization of divine energy, which can enhance the beast's skill strength, and can also be converted into bloodline energy, so that the bloodline is deified and transformed into a divine beast!"

Su Ping was stunned.

Didn't expect the system to answer his question, but did not expect that this thing could actually turn the beast into a beast? !

"Is there any difference in Beastization?" Su Ping couldn't help asking.

Compared to the nothingness of quality, Su Ping is more concerned about the improvement of actual combat strength, and combat strength is king.

"The benefits of Divine Beastization are many, the lifespan is increased, and the method of cultivation is also different from that of ordinary monsters. Cultivation is faster, and the specific effect will be known when you exchange the Divine Beast Identification." The system said.

"...Half-talk, isn't it seduce me, how much energy does this mythology appraise?"

"One hundred thousand."

Su Ping almost spurted blood when he heard it.

To deliberately say half, it turned out to be his appetite. One hundred thousand energy is a huge sum of money for him now.

However, the system's words still gave Su Ping some help and direction. In this way, this **** crystal naturally needs more benefits. Whether it is to enhance skills or make pets beasts, they need to be used. It is a treasure.

"Unexpectedly, it is right to come to this plane of the **** system." Su Ping secretly said.

He suddenly thought of the original Chaos Necromancer and asked the system: "Since there are gods and beasts, are there any necromancers?"

"There are ghost beasts, creatures with the same blood line as **** beasts, which are common in the Chaos Necromancer." The system said.

Su Ping's eyes glared, "So, when I was in the world of Chaos Necromancer, I could also find something similar to Mingjing, and let the beast become a beast?"

The system said indifferently: "Chaotic Undead Realm is a complete world. This abyss starry zerg can't invade. Without them, it can't form a nether crystal without preying on undead creatures. Even if you know this, you can't get it unless you go to Chaos to death yourself. The deepest place in the spirit world..."

Su Ping continued to listen and saw that it suddenly disappeared, a little speechless.

However, from the system, it seems to understand this Zerg.

"Ming Jing was made by this Zerg predator necro creature? Then this **** crystal is..." Su Ping moved, asking.

"The Protoss corpse, or the demigod's corpse," the system said, his tone a little cold.

Su Ping's face changed slightly.

He looked at the Zerg corpses everywhere, as well as some of the God Crystals left at his hand. His brows were slightly wrinkled. So, these Zergs with the God Crystals in their bodies were all eaten by the Zerg?

A **** crystal is a **** clan?

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