Astral Pet Store Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Transaction

Su Ping froze.

The two of them face each other with big eyes and small eyes.

After a brief silence, Su Ping suddenly felt a sense of murderous attack coming from the cold, the girl's finger poked in her delicate nostrils had stretched out, and a golden light burst from the fingertips, like a laser. Su Ping's body.


Su Ping didn't care to finish his speech and hurriedly dodge.

After a few days of cultivation and training, his own reaction ability has become extremely fast, and the star power in the body has also broken through the fourth-order upper level, reaching the fifth-order lower level, and in conjunction with the increase in the prism star core, the seventh-order upper star power .

At the moment, through the body, coupled with the explosive power of the blood of the Jinwu Gods body, the moment the girl lifted her finger, he quickly dodged a position, and at the same time quickly opened the summoning space, the body of the small skull took the lead and emerged. The sky was full of magical energy, and it was halfway between Su Ping and the girl. The scarlet eyes flashed extremely dangerous light.

The golden light burst into the room behind Su Ping, causing the whole room to tremble slightly.

Su Ping wanted to cry without tears in his heart, what is this called.

He has long been accustomed to the instability of random resurrection, sometimes sometimes directly resurrected to the monster's mouth, but unexpectedly, this time actually resurrected in a violent girl's room.

"you again!!"

The girl stared at Su Ping, gritting her teeth.

Su Ping stunned.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that the girl looked familiar.

Looking back carefully, Su Ping suddenly remembered that this girl was the goddess he met on the first day he sent to this half-god.

Is it actually him again?

What the **** is this...

Su Ping smiled bitterly in his heart.

"Misunderstandings are all misunderstandings..."

The girl ignored Su Ping's grievances and took a hook with her finger. She had pulled the bedding and covered her body.

She looked at Su Ping angrily, but beyond her anger, she was shocked in her heart. But her room was covered with enchantment. Even if she was a master god-level strongman, it would be very difficult to attack, this human race could actually Appeared out of thin air...

The light flashed in her eyes when she thought of the other person's last false death.

The last time she went out, she did not find the trace of Su Ping, and failed to return. She could only stop this matter, but this time, Su Ping's reappearance confirmed her speculation at the time and confirmed another. Horrible things.

Behind this human race, there is really a great existence to control the power of space and time!

"What the **** are you!"

The girl's face was extremely gloomy, she didn't shoot again, and the last thing proved that she couldn't really kill this human race. If she shot too fiercely, or used her real power, most of them would provoke this human race. The great existence behind came forward.

At that time, even she would not be able to retreat...

Su Ping smiled bitterly, this is another problem.

You have to ask the bottom, but he is nothing special.

"Man? Good little citizen? For you, maybe I'm a stranger..." Su Ping looked at her, wondering if this answer would satisfy her. If not necessary, he really didn't want to spoil his energy.

And now it's almost time to end the connection, he doesn't worry about being imprisoned, but if the chat comes, it's better not to be imprisoned.

The girl also expected that Su Ping did not relax so easily. Her eyes flickered slightly and she said in a deep voice: "The last time you said you came from another world, what is your world called, where is it, and what are the coordinates?"

"Where is Blue Star? Where is the solar system? I don't know the coordinates." Su Ping said honestly. In fact, even if he knew the coordinates, he couldn't report it out. The ground is not far from the star territory where the Federation is located, and they were really found by them. That is a disaster for the entire Federation.

The girl sneered slightly and said, "What purpose do you get close to me repeatedly?"

"...This is a misunderstanding."

"Huh, honestly, I know you are not afraid of death, you can borrow the power of time and space to resurrect, but if I want you to be wanted with the highest reward, I believe that in this central **** realm, no matter how many times you are resurrected, you are dead!" The girl threatened with a sneer.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, which is indeed a problem.

But the big deal is that he will not come later. Anyway, there are still many planes of the Divine Department. If it is not possible, save some energy in the future and go directly to the ancient God Realm to cultivate the beast.

Moreover, he was thinking about whether to use the resurrection ability to kill the goddess on the spot?

"What are you thinking?" The girl's eyes immediately became alert. Although it was only a short moment, she sharply captured a killing intention, which made her cold hair slightly raised.

She is not afraid of Su Ping, but is worried that Su Ping calls his great existence behind him.

Su Ping didn't expect her killing thought to be caught by her, surprised in his heart, he looked at the girl and fell into contemplation.

The girl saw that Su Ping didn't speak a word, but she felt a little dignified in her heart. The body gathered divine power and quietly put on a set of armored suit. Her eyes were slightly pondered, and her mind had calmed down, thinking about how to deal with it once the battle was over. .

There was a moment of silence and silence in the room. After a moment, Su Ping said: "Actually we don't have to be enemies. Since you know you can't kill me, why bother with me?"

The girl was slightly silent.

It stands to reason that when she encounters a piece controlled by such a great being, she does not need to target it, but instead should approach and make good friends, and there is no need to make enemies to God Realm.

It's just that the timing of this human race is too tricky, and it came out when she was most embarrassed. In addition to the previous one, she has been taken advantage of twice...


Her back molars clenched slightly, and her fingers were tight.

However, despite her anger, she refrained.

Su Ping saw that she hadn't spoken, she turned her eyes and said, "Otherwise, how about we make a deal?"


The girl looked up at him and narrowed her eyes slightly. Was this human race coming here for purpose?

"What deal?" she asked.

Su Ping grinned and showed an innocent expression, saying: "You didn't say last time, if you can let you stay in Taigu God Realm, can you practice speed? If I tell you, I can take you there What about Swire God Realm?"

The girl's pupils shrink.

For the four words "Ancient God Realm", here is almost a ban.

Only these pure-blood gods know how heavy and dignified these four words are!

However, Archaic Divine Realm has long been closed, rejecting all aliens, even the Supreme God, it is difficult to break the barriers of the Divine Realm and enter the Archaic Divine Realm.

Otherwise, they have long opened the channel to the ancient **** realm here, and let this broken place return to the ancient **** realm, which is also their hometown...

"What do you want?"

After a brief silence, the girl asked.

She stared at Su Ping with her eyes. If someone else said so, she would have scoffed. But this human being is a little weird. The great existence behind it can control the time and space. Maybe there is a way to enter the ancient God Realm.

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